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  • Open PHYSICAL STANDBY, flash back and restore test in read write mode


    Most of the following are executed in STANDBY, and the main library executes (twice) the meeting prompts. [STANDBY read write mode to open the test]Check standby statusSQL> SELECT NAME,DATABASE_ROLE,OPEN_MODE,SWITCHOVER_STATUS FROM V$DATABASE; NAME DATABASE_ROLE OPEN_MODE SWITCHOVER_STATUS——— —————- ——————– ——————–testdb PHYSICAL STANDBY MOUNTED NOT ALLOWED FLASHBACK_ON to be turned on for flash backSQL> SELECT FLASHBACK_ON FROM V$DATABASE; […]

  • Database Read-Write Separation Master-Slave


    Database Read-Write Separation Master-Slave   With the passage of time and the increase of users, the operation of database will be slowed down. At this time, we need some effective optimization methods to improve the execution speed of database, such as SQL optimization, table structure optimization, index optimization, engine optimization and read-write separation optimization. 1. […]

  • Subordinate Library of Part Library of Instances Built by Mysql-5.5 Version


    Because business needs to create slave libraries of some libraries in Mysql instances, the existing version of Mysql instances is mysql-5.5.49, which is a very old version. This document involves running multiple instances in the server and building slave libraries of some libraries in instances. The server MySQL port function Server 1 3306 Main library […]

  • Data Recovery of MySQL Bilog


    I. Recovery Programme1. The amount of data is not very large. The data backed up by mysqldump command can be restored by MySQL client command or source command.2. Use Xtrabackup to complete the physical backup and recovery of the database, during which the database service needs to be restarted.3. Use LVM snapshot volume to complete […]