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  • JD Zhilian cloud MySQL read write separation best practice, easy to do high performance database expansion


    In the digital age, database is the core resource for any enterprise. MySQL as the most popular relational database, although it is open source software, but it is easy to understand, easy to deploy and manage, and has many advantagesAcid features, powerful SQL queryIt is used as the key core storage by various business systems. […]

  • MySQL main library cluster configuration


    1. View the database status2. In the configuration of Linux system, modify the core configuration of the main library2.1 modify the main library core configuration file my.cnf #Enter my.cnf Edit the file vim /etc/my.cnf The amendments are as follows2.2 modification my.cnf Restart the database after the file #Restart the database systemctl restart mariadb 3. View […]

  • [12C] database flashback and data guard


    In the data guard environment, the standby database can be opened in read-write mode by using the flashback feature of the database, which is used to perform some kind of test work on the primary database. After the test, the database can be flashed back to the previous state as a backup to continue to […]

  • An article to help you solve the problem of asynchrony between master and slave databases in MySQL


    The reason for writing this article is that there was a deletion operation before, which required batch deletion of data. At that time, the deletion speed was not well controlled, resulting in the delay of master-slave and a little accident. Today, let’s take a look at why there is master-slave delay and how to deal […]

  • [12C] DataGuard physical standby database (duplicate mode) construction detailed tutorial


    1 software environment Oracle Linux 6.9 Oracle Main library: sz.oracle.com ,IP: Backup Library: sh.oracle.com ,IP: 2 master database configuration 2.1 check and set up the database 1) First of all, the main database must be in the force logging mode, which is to prevent direct data modification without logging in the main database. Check […]

  • [12C] RMAN and DataGuard


    Due to the difference between the primary database and the standby database_ Name is the same, only dB_ unique_ Different from name, backup database can be used to reduce the burden of primary database backup. This article demonstrates the use of RMAN tools in DataGuard environment. 1 view the main database RMAN configuration [[email protected] ~]$ […]

  • [12C] DataGuard physical backup role switch


    In the data guard environment, there are two kinds of role switching of database, namely switchover and failover. According to the name, the former is a normal role switching between the primary and standby databases, which will not lose data; the latter is a failure switching, which means that the primary database cannot continue to […]

  • Summary after reading MySQL (3)


    A series of articles: Summary after reading MySQL Summary after reading MySQL (2) Summary after reading MySQL (3) There is something wrong with the master library. What about the slave library? The basic one master multi slave structure is as follows In the figure, the dashed arrow indicates the master-slave relationship, that is, a and […]

  • Master slave replication of MySQL based on log


    There are always people who ask me if I can separate reading from writing. Sometimes I really don’t know how to answer. Let’s say that technology itself is not difficult for you. The difficulty is whether we can meet such a large project. If there is such a big project, the separation of reading and […]

  • The foundation of MySQL detailed summary


    Introduction to MySQL database — common basic commands 1. Using help information mysql> help create; Many help items for your request exist. To make a more specific request, please type ‘help <item>’, where <item> is one of the following topics:    Create database # the simplest creation command    CREATE EVENT    CREATE FUNCTION    CREATE […]

  • Docker compose mysql5.7.30 master slave


    1、 Install mysql5.7.30 main library 1. Prepare docker and docker compose environment Docker official website installation tutorial: https://docs.docker.com/engin… Docker compose website installation tutorial: https://docs.docker.com/compo… 2. Create YML directory and mount relevant data #Directory where YML is stored mkdir -p /root/docker-compse/mysql #The mounting directory of / var / lib / MySQL data in the main database […]

  • Installing Nacos cluster in kubernetes environment


    Installing Nacos cluster in kubernetes environment 1. Configuration of NFS server #All k8s nodes execute yum install -y nfs-utils mkdir -p /usr/local/nacos/nfs-share mkdir -p /usr/local/nacos/mysql-slave mkdir -p /usr/local/nacos/mysql-master chmod a+rw /usr/local/nacos #Add Nacos, MySQL master, MySQL slave persistent folder vi /etc/exports /usr/local/nacos/mysql-master *(insecure,rw,async,no_root_squash) /usr/local/nacos/mysql-slave *(insecure,rw,async,no_root_squash) /usr/local/nacos/nfs-share *(insecure,rw,async,no_root_squash) systemctl restart rpcbind.service systemctl restart nfs-server.service showmount -e […]