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  • Redis 15 master-slave replication


    Reference source https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1S54y1R7SB?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0 edition This article is based onRedis 6.2.6 summary Master slave replication refers to copying data from one redis server to other redis servers The former is called master / leader and the latter is called slave / follower. Data replication is unidirectional and can only be performed from master node to slave […]

  • How to configure oracledataguardbroker?


    Comparison of main library environment Make full use of the original environment of the main database, and only do not make too many modifications to the parameter configuration of the main database. Recreate password file su – oracle $ orapwd file=’/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1/dbs/orapworcl’ password=oracle entries=10 force=y Modify the configuration lisener listening file Note: add dgmgrl static listening […]

  • Docker builds MySQL 8 master-slave


    environment MySQL 8.0.27 docker 20.10.11 technological process 1. prepare the configuration file catalogue –mysql_master —-data —-conf ——my.cnf –mysql_slave —-data —-conf ——my.cnf My cnf [mysqld] #Set the server ID, unique value, and identify the host, which must be inconsistent with the slave database server_id=1 #To enable binary logs, the primary database must be enabled log-bin=mysql-bin #Set […]

  • DDIA study notes


    Chapter I reliability, scalability and maintainability ​ Reliability: System inAdversity(hardware failure, software failure, human error) can still work normally (complete the function correctly and reach the expected performance level. ​ ReliabilityIt means that the system can work normally even in case of failure. Failures can occur in hardware (usually random and irrelevant), software (usually systematic […]

  • Developing MySQL binlog synchronization tool demo using golang


    background This is a binlog parsing tool developed by golang, which is more demo oriented and research oriented. To put it simply, it simulates the MySQL binlog protocol and develops a service as the “slave library” of Mysql to obtain binlog, which is a bit like the canal developed by Java. practice Process and structure […]

  • Refer to the MySQL internals manual and write a simple binlog parsing program using golang


    The original content of greatsql community shall not be used without authorization. For reprint, please contact the editor and indicate the source. Mysql, as the most popular open source relational database, has a large number of fans. Its ecology has been quite perfect, and there are a lot of studies on its characteristics in the […]

  • Basic master-slave synchronization of mysql8.x database


    The master-slave synchronization of MySQL has always been on the surface of understanding. It may be used in the future. Therefore, I have learned the principle of lower synchronization after preparing for practice A MySQL master-slave synchronization principle The synchronization principle of MySQL is relatively simple The master server opens the binlog log. The slave […]

  • MySQL master-slave replication summary


    MySQL replication process On standby database B, set the IP, port, user name and password of primary database a through the change master command, and where to start requesting binlog, which contains the file name and log offset In this case, the start command of slave is executed on the two slave libraries in the […]

  • Construction of MySQL master-slave database


    Note: ensure that the same version of the database is installed on the master-slave database. Because the roles of the master-slave database may be interchanged and the probability of error may be reduced, it is recommended to install the latest stable version when possible. The version used in this article is 5.7.36 Build main library […]

  • Necessary for Architects: principle and application of MySQL master-slave synchronization


    In daily work, MySQL database is essential storage, in which read-write separation is basically standard configuration. Behind this, MySQL needs to turn on master-slave synchronization to form a master-slave or master-slave multi-slave architecture. Mastering the principle of master-slave synchronization and knowing how to apply it in practice are the necessary skills of an architect. The […]

  • MySQL MHA high availability technology


    The specific construction environment of MHA is as follows: Role IP address host name VIP                          manager                                    […]

  • MySQL high availability architecture


    1. Why do you need high availability? High availability ha (high availability) is to solve single machine failure. There is no service or machine in the world that is absolutely safe and reliable, but we can achieve high availability of the system through certain schemes, so as to reduce the unacceptable risk of destruction of […]