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  • Using docker to build MySQL master-slave replication on CentOS


    What is MySQL master-slave The master-slave database includes one master database and one or more slave databases. The data in the master database will be synchronized to each slave database. Principle of master-slave replication 1. When the master node performs insert, update, and delete operations, it will be written to the binlog in order. 2. […]

  • [MySQL] master slave replication


    It’s easy to feel it on paper, but you have to practice it. Master slave replication change master to master_host=’′, master_user=’slave’, master_password=’123456′, master_port=3306, master_log_file=’mysql-bin.000001′, master_log_pos= 1547, master_connect_retry=30; It’s easy to feel it on paper, but you have to practice it. summary Replication refers to the transfer ofDDL andDMLOperations are transferred to the slave server through […]

  • Master slave synchronization of MySQL data


    Environment construction Master server configuration [mysqld] #base configuration server-id=1 port=3306 #binlog-do-db=proxy_ heart_ Set the specified database to generate binary files basedir=/usr/local/mysql datadir=/data/dbfiles/mysql tmpdir=/data/dbfiles/mysql/tmp socket=/data/dbfiles/mysql/mysql.sock pid-file=/data/dbfiles/mysql/mysql.pid log-error=/data/dblogs/mysql/mysql.err #log-bin configuration log-bin = mysql-bin log-bin-index = mysql-bin.index binlog_format=mixed log_bin_trust_function_creators=1 expire_logs_days=10 Configure from server [client] port=3306 socket= /data/dbfiles/mysql/mysql.sock [mysqld] #base configuration server-id=2 port=3306 //There are two ways: first, the […]

  • Construction and principle of MySQL master slave replication based on docker


    Why build based on docker? Limited resources Virtual machine construction has requirements for machine configuration, and the steps of installing MySQL are cumbersome Multiple docker containers can run on one machine Docker containers are independent of each other and have independent IP, which do not conflict with each other Docker is easy to use and […]

  • Summary after reading MySQL (2)


    A series of articles: Summary after reading MySQL Summary after reading MySQL (2) Summary after reading MySQL (3) Display random messages correctly The home page of an English learning app has a function of randomly displaying words, that is, there is a word list according to the level of each user, and then each time […]

  • Redis master slave data synchronization process


    We often hear that redis has high reliability. What is the meaning of high reliability here?① Less data loss② Less service disruption ① Guaranteed by AOF and RDB② Through multiple instances to save data backup guarantee, that is, multiple machines save a copy of data, even if machine a is down, there are machine B […]

  • Summary of redis high availability: redis master-slave replication, sentry cluster, brain fissure


    The harder you work, the luckier you are,This article has been collected in GitHub Java community, which has interview sharing, source code analysis series articles, welcome to collect, likehttps://github.com/Ccww-lx/Ja… In actual projects, high availability of services is very important, such as whenRedisAs a cache service, it can relieve the pressure of database, improve the speed […]

  • Master slave replication of MySQL


    Why master-slave replication 1. In the complex business system, there will be a variety of lock competition scenarios, which greatly affect the ongoing business. Using master-slave replication, the master database is responsible for writing, and the slave database is responsible for reading, so as to ensure the normal operation of the business.2. Hot data preparation.3. […]

  • Replication mode of MySQL based on gtid


    Gtid definition Gtid (global transaction identifier) global transaction identifier. Gtid is a significant improvement on master-slave replication introduced in version 5.6. Compared with the master-slave replication based on binlog file + position in the previous version, the master-slave replication based on gtid has higher data consistency, more robust master-slave data replication, less error prone master-slave […]

  • [12C] DataGuard build physical standby database (cloud control mode)


    How to do itBuilding physical standby database by RMAN duplicateThis article will demonstrate how to use cloud control to build a physical standby database. 1 software environment Oracle Linux 6.9 Oracle Oracle Enterprise Management Cloud Control Main library: odd.oracle.com ,IP: Backup Library: even.oracle.com ,IP: 2 using cloud control to create standby database 2.1 […]

  • Master slave configuration of docker MySQL


    preface I have configured the master-slave of windows before. Now let’s review the master-slave configuration of docker Master slave principle Master library — curd operation — record to binlog log — store to ready log through IO thread — SQL thread — write to slave Library to configure Master configuration #Master configuration Server id = […]

  • JD Zhilian cloud MySQL read write separation best practice, easy to do high performance database expansion


    In the digital age, database is the core resource for any enterprise. MySQL as the most popular relational database, although it is open source software, but it is easy to understand, easy to deploy and manage, and has many advantagesAcid features, powerful SQL queryIt is used as the key core storage by various business systems. […]