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  • October CMS – quick start 19 – form validation


    Add validation for the form in the previous section File:plugins\raiseinfo\contact\components\ContactForm.php use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Validator; use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Redirect; … public function onSend() { $validator = Validator::make( [ ‘name’ => Input::get(‘name’), ’email’ => Input::get(’email’) ], [ ‘name’ => ‘required|min:5′, ’email’ => ‘required|email’ ] ); if($validator->fails()){ return Redirect::back()->withErrors($validator); }else{ $vars = [ ‘name’ => Input::get(‘name’), ’email’ => Input::get(’email’), ‘content’ => Input::get(‘content’) […]

  • Big data cluster installation — Hadoop


    Ready to install Hadoop Hadoop download address: https://archive.apache.org/dist/hadoop/common/hadoop-2.7.2/ install Unzip the installation file to / opt / servertar -zxvf hadoop-2.7.2.tar.gz -C /opt/server/Check whether the decompression is successful Add Hadoop to environment variables Open the / etc / profile file vi /etc/profileAdd JDK path at the end of profile file: (shitf + G) HADOOP\_HOME export HADOOP\_HOME=/opt/server/hadoop-2.7.2export […]

  • [HDFS 12] ha high availability – hdfs-ha cluster configuration


    Just keep your rhythm going Hdfds-ha cluster configuration (1) Environmental preparation Modify IP Modify the host name and the mapping between host name and IP address Turn off firewall SSH password free login Install JDK, configure environment variables, etc (2) Planning cluster We can see that we distribute namenode to two machines to ensure the […]

  • Using zookeeper to realize Hadoop ha


    1. What is ha? The so-called ha, that is, high availability, in actual operation, is 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted service.The key to ha implementation is to eliminate single point of failure. What is single point of failure? There is no replaceable node. Once the node is down, the whole service will be paralyzed until the […]

  • How to “Encrypt” your email address


    Now be careful on the Internet, whether it is to protect your user name and account number, or our email address. There are a lot of crawlers on the Internet that are dedicated to our email addresses. If they get caught in one volume, then your email will be a pile of spam, but we […]

  • . net core – email sending (synchronous, asynchronous) underlying code (welcome to leave a message for discussion)


    using MailKit.Net.Smtp;using MimeKit;using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.IO;using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace ConsoleApp2{ class EmailEntity { /// ///Send mail synchronously /// /// mailbox /// Title /// text /// Attachment path collection /// Upload attachment or not public static void Send(string email, string subject, string message, List filesPath, bool IsPostFiles=true) { var emailMessage = new MimeMessage();/ / sender emailMessage.From.Add(new MailboxAddress(“Name”, […]

  • Week 25, 2018 – Hadoop’s Mr program – weather data analysis


    Weather data Through FTP, I get the weather data under the directory / Pub / data / NOAA / from the address of ftp.ncdc.noaa.gov. I write an FTP grabbing program to grab the weather data. For example, the weather data excerpt of 1950 is as follows: 0171999999939931950010100005+36000-094167SAO +038399999V02015859001550042749N008000599+01174+01065102474ADDGF108995999999999999999999MA1999999097934MW1455EQDN01 07000JPWTH 1QNNG11 1 00014K11 1 00051L11 1 […]

  • EWS: An Open Interface Service for Mailbox


    https://3gstudent.github.io/3gstudent.github.io/Exchange-Web-Service(EWS)%E5%BC%80%E5%8F%91%E6%8C%87%E5%8D%97/ EWS is an open interface service for mailboxes. It can get all kinds of information from mailboxes, such as mailbox sending and receiving, meeting and date arrangement. First you need to introduce Microsoft. Exchange. WebServices. DLL references   class Program { /// <summary> /// exchange service object /// </summary> //private static ExchangeService _exchangeService = […]