• Modify user information changeinfo


    When judging the persistence layer: Problem: there is such a problem when modifying user information. For example: the user’s email is not required. It was not empty originally. At this time, the user deletes the mailbox information and submits it. At this time, if it is not empty to judge whether it needs to be […]

  • Send an email to Python


    Python SMTP send mailSMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the simple mail transfer protocol. It is a set of rules used to transfer mail from source address to destination address, which controls the transfer mode of mail. Python’s SMTP lib provides a convenient way to send e-mail. It simply encapsulates the SMTP protocol. Python creates […]

  • Gitlab build and configure mail service


    Gitlab built in centos7 Install in docker mode: mkdir /opt/gitlab $ docker run -d -p 443:443 -p 85:80 -p 2222:22 –name gitlab –restart always \ -v /opt/gitlab/config:/etc/gitlab \ -v /opt/gitlab/logs:/var/log/gitlab \ -v /opt/gitlab/data:/var/opt/gitlab gitlab/gitlab-ce #- D: background operation #- P: Map container internal ports outward #– Name: name of naming container #- V: mount the […]

  • Send mail using SMTP Lib


    I saw a lot of tutorials about smtplib a few days ago. The code of almost all tutorial examples is very complex (I don’t feel very friendly to smtplib novices). Therefore, I want to teach you how to send email in the simplest way. Introduction to smtplib SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the simple […]

  • RT thread record (7. Mailbox and message queue of IPC mechanism)


    After talking about the mechanism of thread synchronization, we will start the study of thread communication, The mailbox message queue in thread communication also belongs to the IPC mechanism of RT thread. catalogue preface 1、 Mailbox 1.1 mailbox control block 1.2 mailbox operation 1.2.1 create and delete 1.2.2 initialization and disengagement 1.2.3 sending email 1.2.4 […]

  • 【GO】gomail


    reference material[1] Send mail using gomail[2] Golang uses the gomail package to send mail In the actual project, you may encounter the need to send e-mail, so I tried to implement it. Maybe we haven’t actually met this requirement yet, but we can also start to implement it first. Maybe this requirement is on the […]

  • VBS gets the IP address of the external network and sends it to the specified mailbox


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: Function GetIPAddress()  Dim Flag, Source  Set GetIPObj = WScript.GetObject(“http://ipseeker.cn//”)  Flag = 0  For i=1 To 10     If GetIPObj.readyState = “complete” Then     Flag=1     Exit For     End If     WScript.Sleep 500  Next    If Flag = 0 Then   GetIPAddress = “Get IP Address Time Out …”  Else […]

  • Git modifies the user name and mailbox of the warehouse, the global user name and mailbox, and the user name and mailbox of the submitted content


    Modify the user name and email of this warehouse git config user.name ‘new username’git config user.email ‘new email’ Modify global user name and mailbox git config –global user.name ‘new username’git config –global user.email ‘new email’ Modify the user name and mailbox of submitted content 1. Open the terminal 2. Copy and paste the script and […]

  • Alertmanager of Prometheus


    summary Prometheus itself does not support the alarm function. It mainly realizes the alarm through the plug-in alertmanage. Alertmanager is used to receive the alarm sent by Prometheus and send it to the specified user after a series of processing.The alarm rules of Prometheus monitoring system are configured in Prometheus.Prometheus supports two types of rules: […]

  • The background provides mail sending verification code service


    demand My blog needs to add login verification code. I want to send verification code by email I hope to provide an HTTP service. Other services and programming languages don’t have to write an email method realization package main import ( “encoding/base64” “errors” “net” “net/http” “strconv” “time” ) func main() { http.HandleFunc(“/Captcha”, Captcha) http.ListenAndServe(“localhost:8080”, nil) […]

  • Configure startssl certificate for nginx server


    summary SSL FoundationServer operating system: aliyun Ubuntu 12.04Web server: nginx 1.4 xFree SSL authentication service: startssl Overview of SSL / TLS protocol operation mechanism Baidu Encyclopedia explains: SSL (secure sockets layer) and its successor transport layer security (TLS) are a security protocol that provides security and data integrity for network communication. TLS and SSL encrypt […]

  • Use acme script to add HTTPS certificate to the project and check an example of error


    Use acme script to add HTTPS certificate to the project and check an example of error Step 1: first, install Put the official website documents first:github.com/acmesh-official/acme.sh…The above is an overview in Chinese github.com/acmesh-official/acme.sh…The above is the most important certificate issuing instructions. You may need to surf the Internet scientifically. In short, you can get master […]