• Springboot sends mail from multiple mail sources


    preface    recently, due to business needs, it is necessary to use e-mail to notify users, but there is a sending limit for a single mailbox. When the push volume is too large, failures often occur. Therefore, it is considered to use multiple mailboxes for sendingspring-boot-starter-mailIt does not support configuring multiple mail sources at the […]

  • Think php5.1 reports an error using phpmailer under php7.3


    Thinkphp5.1 using phpmailer under php7.3 reports an error: unable to select [11]: Resource temporarily unavailable (max_fd=592)   1. Open the mailbox for authorization and obtain the authorization code First, open SMTP authorization in mailbox 163 (I have both IMAP and pop)     2. Install phpmailer composer require phpmailer/phpmailer Write a public method in common.php: […]

  • My blog development (026)


    There are several ways to verify the mailboxAdd the button to send verification code in registration: register.htmlThe verification function of sending verification code is also added at the bottom of register.html (same as bind)_ email.html):The results are as followsBind in forms. PY_ Add the verification code to the email class def clean(self):         #Judge whether the […]

  • Notes on RT thread learning — (6) summary of communication learning process between RT threads


    The first two articles summarize the learning process of RT thread multithreading and multithreading synchronization. For the learning summary of the first two articles, please refer to the previous articles. This article continues to summarize the last important knowledge about RT thread: inter thread communication. The previous article mentioned many times that a large task […]

  • Laravel mail alarm, send mail


    The first step is to modify the configuration file MAIL_DRIVER=smtp MAIL_HOST=smtp.exmail.qq.com MAIL_PORT=465 MAIL_ User name = email address MAIL_ Password = email authorization code MAIL_ENCRYPTION=ssl MAIL_ FROM_ Address = email address MAIL_ FROM_ Name = mailbox name (self defined) Here is the SMTP driver of Tencent enterprise mailbox, which can be changed according to the […]

  • Thinkphp5 + spool to realize asynchronous mail group sending (SMTP mode)


    1. Environmental description Alibaba cloud centos7thinkphp5.0.11swoole2.0.8 2. TP to send mail Create the following file directory under the project: Sendmail.php is the file that we actually call to send mail. Here are the main codes: namespace app\library\utils\mail; use app\library\utils\mail\PhpMailer; use app\library\utils\mail\Smtp; use think\Log; error_reporting(E_STRICT); date_default_timezone_set(‘Asia/Shanghai’); class SendMail { static function postmail($to,$subject = ”,$body = ”){ […]

  • Xiaobai learn Python – using Django to realize mall mailbox verification function


    Add mailbox back end logic 1. Add mailbox interface design and definition 1. Request method option programme Request method PUT Request address /emails/ 2. Request parameters Parameter name type Is it necessary to pass it on explain email string yes mailbox 3. Response result: JSON field explain code Status code errmsg error message 2. Add […]

  • Smsforwarder (SMS forwarder) – monitors SMS and forwards them according to specified rules


    SMS forwarder monitors Android SMS and forwards them to other mobile phones according to specified rules: nailing robot, enterprise wechat group robot, enterprise wechat application message, email, bar, webhook, telegram robot, server, etc. Function list: Monitor short messages and forward them according to rules (rules: what content / source of short messages are forwarded to […]

  • Examples of GIT log command usage (2)


    usegit logThe commit hash value, author, submission date, and submission information are printed by default when viewing the submission record. If you want to view more content, you can provide different parameters to specify the information to view. Specific examples are as follows. Display committer information in Git log git logBy default, the command displays […]

  • Springboot send mail task entry (QQ mailbox code implementation)


    1. Introduce dependency <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-mail</artifactId> </dependency> 2. Find QQ mailbox, open the SMTP service, generate your password here, copy the third step with 3. Enter the password you got in the password (key: you must not make mistakes here) [email protected] spring.mail.password=******** spring.mail.host=smtp.qq.com #Enable encryption verification spring.mail.properties.mail.smtp.ssl.enable=true 4. Test in the email application tests class, […]