• Python one click to get mail attachments


    Here, take my corporate QQ email as an example. The code is as follows: # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- Original text:bgods.cn/blog/post/54/ This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article

  • A small clever use of label


    A small clever use of label Everyone knowsA labelIt is hyperlink jump, email, call, anchor and page Jump Hyperlink jump Attribute of target: _selfBy default, the current page is loaded _blankA new window opens _parentThe parent window is open. If there is no parent frame or browsing context, the behavior of this option is the […]

  • Spring boot implements mail tasks


    Import key jar packages: <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-mail</artifactId> <version>2.2.6.RELEASE</version> </dependency> Add mail configuration in application.properties: #Sender’s mailbox [email protected] #Mailbox key spring.mail.password=nxnoashhoanvdfaf #Mailbox host spring.mail.host=smtp.qq.com #Open the security authentication of QQ mailbox spring.mail.properties.mail.smtp.ssl.enable=true Test the simple mail task in the test class @SpringBootTest class SpringbootShrioApplicationTests { //Import mail implementation class @Autowired JavaMailSenderImpl mailSender; @Test void contextLoads() { […]

  • Sending mail by multithreading in Django


    Copyright notice: This article is original by the author. No reprint is allowed without permission. To send mail in Django, you can use Python’s native SMTP lib module or django.core.mail module encapsulated by Django. Using multithreading, sending mail does not block the main thread. Examples are as follows: 1、 Using the SMTP lib module <send_email_thread.py> […]

  • “MAC uses GitHub”


    1. Install Git Enter at the command linebrew install git 2. Check whether there are SSH keys ① Inputcd ~/.ssh② InputlsView the details in the folder. If you see the following three files: id_rsa id_rsa.pub known_hosts Then back up:inputmkdir key_backupCreate a new folder to hold the old ID_ rsainputcp id_rsa* key_backupMove old ID_ RSA to […]

  • Git common commands and problems


    Common commands Configure user name Git config — global user. Name ‘user name’ Configure mailbox Git config — global user.email ‘mailbox’ Generate secret key SSH keygen – t RSA – C ‘mailbox’ Connect to remote warehouse Git remote add origin ‘warehouse address’ View remote warehouse git remote -v Delete remote warehouse Git remote RM ‘warehouse […]

  • Sending mail using Google


    [TOC] Sending mail using Google Let’s review what we said last timeGo verification code case Sort of verification code Installation of verification code library Verification code library source code introduction Practice, coding Verification code effect display If you want to see how go makes the verification code, please check the articleGo verification code case In […]

  • C # send mail


    Take the SMTP service of QQ mailbox as an example. Before writing the code, you need to enter QQ mailbox for configuration, start the SMTP service, check the authorization, get the authorization code, record the SMTP server address and port, and write the code after the configuration is completed Net framework has integrated the functions […]

  • CentOS 7 mailx mail sending


    1、 Install mailx Install client software yum -y install mailx 2、 Modify profile Scheme 1: use QQ email vim /etc/mail.rc Add the following under the configuration file set bsdcompat set from=”[email protected]” set smtp=smtps://smtp.qq.com:465 set [email protected] Set SMTP auth password = QQ mailbox password set smtp-auth=login set ssl-verify=ignore set nss-config-dir=/etc/pki/nssdb/ Scheme 2: use enterprise mailbox set […]

  • Jsp + Servlet combat cool blog + chat system


    Project introduction This project uses JSP + servlet + MySQL architecture to build a cool blog system that can chat. The interface is very nice. In addition to logging in and registering in the personal Center for modification, the blog also adds background music. You can make friends and chat online, publish trends, comment on […]

  • Python 3.6 automatic mass mailing


    How to match recipient names one by one This article is suitable for Daoyou who will automatically send e-mail. It is for reference only. The pit is limited.Prerequisite, my interpreter isIDLE 3.6(used to it, don’t want to upgrade)Take two mailboxes as an example. to_emails=[‘[email protected]’,’[email protected]’] to_ Names = [‘strange thief Kidd’, ‘Shangshan painted pear clothes’] For […]

  • How to set win10’s own mailbox to Chinese?


    As we all know, the win10 system has its own mailbox function, but recently, when a user opened the mailbox, he found that it was all in English and couldn’t understand it at all, so he didn’t know how to use it. In fact, we can also set the mailbox to Chinese. How to set […]