• Enterprise security to do a good job of these three points, the fence is not afraid!


    Like the final exam, the students are usually afraid of hanging up. In the student’s time, the teacher will be asked to set the key points before the exam, and to cram temporarily so as to pass the exam. Close to the guard net, do these three points well, can let us pass the guard […]

  • Write a simple mail template using HTML


    Today, I want to write a “low-tech” question. So I subscribed to a lot of newsletters, like JavaScript Weekly. Receive an email every week to learn about this week’s events. One day, I was thinking, can I also do such an email? Then, I found it was not so easy. Despite the background and editorial […]

  • EWS: An Open Interface Service for Mailbox


    https://3gstudent.github.io/3gstudent.github.io/Exchange-Web-Service(EWS)%E5%BC%80%E5%8F%91%E6%8C%87%E5%8D%97/ EWS is an open interface service for mailboxes. It can get all kinds of information from mailboxes, such as mailbox sending and receiving, meeting and date arrangement. First you need to introduce Microsoft. Exchange. WebServices. DLL references   class Program { /// <summary> /// exchange service object /// </summary> //private static ExchangeService _exchangeService = […]

  • A Method of Notifying Administrators by Email when 404 Errors Occur in WordPress Site


    This article gives an example of how to notify the administrator by mail when a 404 error occurs on WordPress site. Share for your reference. Specific analysis is as follows: This is a more practical function, when our website has errors, we will notify the administrator by email, add the following code to the top […]

  • Method of Closing Message Notification for New User Registration in WordPress


    In this paper, an example is given to illustrate the method of closing the notification of registered mail for new users of WordPress. Share for your reference. Specific analysis is as follows: Every time a new user registers on WordPress blog, we will send an email to our management mailbox to tell you that a […]

  • Detailed Use of Mail Command under Centos


    1. Basic grammar of mail H | headers display the current mailing list L | list displays the list of currently supported commands ?| help shows the usage of command parameters for viewing multiple mailing lists D Delete the current message, pointer and move down. D 1-100 Delete 1 to 100 emails T | type […]

  • Command Use Guidelines for Common Built-in Tools in Unix Systems


    Print documentIn UNIX systems, before you print a file, you may want to reformat it to adjust its margin, highlight some words, and so on. Most files can also be printed without reformatting, but unprocessed printing may not look good. Many versions of UNIX systems contain two powerful text formatting commands, nroff and troff. They […]

  • Perl’s Mail:: POP3Client module and Gmail communication example


    I. Preface Recently, I was writing a program to download attachments from Gmail in batches, using Mail:: POP3Client and MIME:: Parser modules. II. Relevant Documents CPAN:Mail:: POP3Client moduleMIME:: Parser moduleInstallation, Unloading and Viewing of Strawberry Perl Module Three, implementation use Mail::POP3Client; use MIME::Parser; my $U = ‘User.Name@gmail.com’; my $P = ‘uSeR.pAsSwORd’; my $X = new […]

  • How to clear the redundant email attachments in the Mac system?


    Cleanmymac is very good at cleaning up the Mac operating system. During the whole cleaning process, the software will clean up all aspects of the operating system. It can effectively clean up the garbage in the MAC system. This is why many users like to use this software very much. Today I’ll show you how […]