• The personal blog built with Vue + node. JS + mongodb can be used as a reference for those who want to do front-end projects


    introduce A front and back separated personal blog based on Vue + node.js + mongodbAddress: https://github.com/xmie233/vu…Welcome to star. Thank you first~ environment vue-cli 4.5.0 node.js 14.16.0 mongodb 4.4.5 Technology stack Front end: Vue cli, Vue router, vuex, Axios, bootstrapBack end: node.js, mongodb, express major function Front desk: article details, article list, article classification, article search, […]

  • 1 Introduction


           Statistical learningIt plays a key role in many areas of science, finance and industry. Here are some examples of learning problems:        ■   Predict whether patients hospitalized for a heart attack will have another heart attack. The prediction will be based on the patient’s demographic, dietary and clinical measurements.        ■   Predict the stock price in the […]

  • Springboot sends mail from multiple mail sources


    preface    recently, due to business needs, it is necessary to use e-mail to notify users, but there is a sending limit for a single mailbox. When the push volume is too large, failures often occur. Therefore, it is considered to use multiple mailboxes for sendingspring-boot-starter-mailIt does not support configuring multiple mail sources at the […]

  • Think php5.1 reports an error using phpmailer under php7.3


    Thinkphp5.1 using phpmailer under php7.3 reports an error: unable to select [11]: Resource temporarily unavailable (max_fd=592)   1. Open the mailbox for authorization and obtain the authorization code First, open SMTP authorization in mailbox 163 (I have both IMAP and pop)     2. Install phpmailer composer require phpmailer/phpmailer Write a public method in common.php: […]

  • My blog development (027)


    Update in comment / views. PY_ The code of sending email notification is added in the comment method. First of all, it depends on whether to reply to my comments or comment on the blog. The distinguishing method is to see whether the parent: reverse is used to parse the variable backward to get its […]

  • Laravel mail alarm, send mail


    The first step is to modify the configuration file MAIL_DRIVER=smtp MAIL_HOST=smtp.exmail.qq.com MAIL_PORT=465 MAIL_ User name = email address MAIL_ Password = email authorization code MAIL_ENCRYPTION=ssl MAIL_ FROM_ Address = email address MAIL_ FROM_ Name = mailbox name (self defined) Here is the SMTP driver of Tencent enterprise mailbox, which can be changed according to the […]

  • How to use color mark to distinguish the importance of mail in MAC mail system


    When we read e-mail, in order to distinguish the importance and classification of e-mail, we usually mark the e-mail. But Mac users can’t do this, because the marking method in mail is relatively simple, and most users add flags to the mail. Today, I’d like to share a tip with you. Specific steps: After selecting […]

  • NLog: send logs to mail


    background NLog can output logs to different media. E-mail is one of them. Through e-mail, we can receive information at the first time. Use the SMTP protocol to send log messages by e-mail. It is well combined with fallbackgroup target to create a fallback with multiple SMTP hosts. Configuration syntax parameter general option Name – […]

  • Thinkphp5 + spool to realize asynchronous mail group sending (SMTP mode)


    1. Environmental description Alibaba cloud centos7thinkphp5.0.11swoole2.0.8 2. TP to send mail Create the following file directory under the project: Sendmail.php is the file that we actually call to send mail. Here are the main codes: namespace app\library\utils\mail; use app\library\utils\mail\PhpMailer; use app\library\utils\mail\Smtp; use think\Log; error_reporting(E_STRICT); date_default_timezone_set(‘Asia/Shanghai’); class SendMail { static function postmail($to,$subject = ”,$body = ”){ […]

  • Two methods of sending email attachment in Linux command line


    It is very useful for system administrators to attach backup files, log files / system running reports or any related information and send them to remote computers by sending mail from Linux command line.demandThis paper uses centos7 operating system. You need to have a working email system. This article will not describe how to configure […]

  • Questions on leetcode database


    1. Find duplicate email Own idea (wrong) SELECT a.Email FROM Person a,Person b WHERE a.Email = b.Email Results: all of them appeared in the tableSolution: calculate the number of times each email exists SELECT Email FROM Person GROUP BY Email HAVING COUNT(Email)>1 Solution 2: create a temporary table SELECT Email FROM( SELECT Email,COUNT(Email) as num FROM Person […]