• Python interpreter and IPython


    brief introduction Today, I’d like to introduce a very powerful interpreter of python, IPython. Although Python has its own interpreter, IPython is relatively more powerful. Python interpreter Python has its own interpreter. We can enter Python’s interpreter environment by entering Python on the command line: $> python Python 2.7.15 (default, Oct 2 2018, 11:47:18) [GCC […]

  • A PHP pipeline plug-in League \ pipeline is recommended


    Pipeline design pattern The water pipe is too long. As long as one part is broken, it will leak, and it is not conducive to the use in complex environment. Therefore, we will divide the water pipe into very short sections, and then maximize the size of the pipe, adjust measures to local conditions, and […]

  • How to gracefully use enumeration definitions in JS


    How to use enumerations gracefully in JS Why use enumeration De magic number Enumeration semantics Definition integration: enumeration values and enumeration descriptions are written together and are not scattered Easy to use: no additional filter is required How to explain De magic number See the following code // bad < span V-IF = “status = […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with linux010104


    What is the soul Recalling last class We were in the system last time You can also view various information, such as cpuinfo cd /proc ls cat cpuinfo command How many commands have we learned now? cd pwd ls cat uname Statistics How many commands does Linux have? 1. Switch to bash first bash 2. […]

  • Python is the most magic method, I think it is!


    stayIn the last articleI have a core discovery:Special methods of Python built-in types (including magic methods and other methods) are implemented independently by C language, and there is no calling relationship at Python level. However, there is an exception: a very mysterious magic method. This method is so humble and narrow-minded that I almost never […]

  • Master these Python special skills! Python data analysis work is not as you choose!


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time This article comes from Tencent cloud Author: Python learning tutorial This article lists some skills […]

  • Leetcode interview question 08.03. Magic index | Python


    Interview question 08.03. Magic index Source: leetcode https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/magic-index-lcci subject Magic index. In the array a [0… N-1], there is a so-called magic index, which satisfies the condition a [i] = I. Given an ordered integer array, write a method to find magic index, if any, find a magic index in array a, if not, return […]

  • Why can Python support arbitrary truth judgment?


    This article is from the “why Python” series, please check out the full article Python is involved inTruth value judgment(truth value testing). For example, when judging whether an object is not none or whether the container object is not empty, it is not necessary to write out the judgment condition explicitly, but to write the […]

  • leetcode481. Magical String


    Topic requirements A magical string S consists of only ‘1’ and ‘2’ and obeys the following rules: The string S is magical because concatenating the number of contiguous occurrences of characters ‘1’ and ‘2’ generates the string S itself. The first few elements of string S is the following: S = “1221121221221121122……” If we group […]

  • Decomposition: the application of PHP magic method in laravel


    Original link: https://learnku.com/laravel/t… For discussion, please go to the professional laravel Developer Forum: https://learnku.com/Laravel Laravel takes PHP to a whole new level, providing you with a great development experience (DX) for your next project. Therefore, some people call it “magic“. Today, I’m going to show you one of laravel’s tricks,Magic Methods 。 What is magic? […]

  • One of ruby magic learning notes


    1、 Send message to object display We can send messages directly to objects:Ruby code Copy codeThe code is as follows: class HelloWorld def say(name) print “Hello, “, name end end hw = HelloWorld.new hw.send(:say,”world”) We usually use HW. Say (“world”), but send can work on private methods.Not only can send make the program more dynamic, […]

  • Cooperation in tornado


    When using tornado, you often write the following code: @gen.coroutine def func(): key = object() callback = yield Callback(key) do_work() ret = yield Wait(key) reutrn ret I feel like magic every time I look at it, so today I look at tornado’s code to see what happened First, we find out where the code is […]