• Detailed steps for installing Ruby running environment under Mac OS X


    preface Ruby is a powerful object-oriented scripting language. It integrates the characteristics of Perl, python, Java and other languages. It has strong word processing ability, simple syntax, and is completely object-oriented. At the same time, ruby is an interpretive language, which can be programmed quickly without compilation. For new developers, how to install Ruby and […]

  • How does Mac OS X share folders other than public folders?


    On OSX, if we want to share folders other than public folders, how to set sharing? Non shared folders can be shared through settings. Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial below. Click on the laptop【Bootstrap】, click【Bootstrap】Yes【System Preferences】。 Click【share】, click【+】。 Click【desktop】, add a non-public folder, click【add to】。 Then the non-public folder can be added […]

  • How can deep Linux drag files to MacOSX virtual machine directly?


    Today, I created a virtual machine in my own deep Linux system using VMware 16, and installed the macosx11 system in it. Many files need to be used in the virtual machine, so it’s more convenient to configure the function of dragging and dropping files directly into the virtual machine. Let’s take a look at […]

  • Solution of post gresql start-up error after MacOS X Yosemite upgrade


    Recent users of MacOS X have reported PostgreSQL start-up error after MacOS X Yosemite upgrade, so how to solve this problem? Follow the editor to see how PostgreSQL startup error can be resolved after MacOS X Yosemite upgrade. How to resolve PostgreSQL start-up error after MacOS X Yosemite upgrade? After upgrading OS X Yosemite, start […]