• Open a webpage that requires IE to open on a Mac system


    method install virtual machine Install the winebottler software safari built-in browser install virtual machine https://www.jianshu.com/p/941… Installing a virtual machine takes up too much memory, and it’s too time-consuming to just use IE browser. I found a tutorial from the Internet and thought it was pretty good (please let me know if there is any infringement) […]

  • Mac computer browser cleaning tutorial, how to clear cache, history and cookies in Safari, Chrome and Firefox


    How to clear the browser’s cookie cache? The notifications of many websites, the user remembers the account password login status, is through the browser cookie cache, regularly clearing the cache, history and cookies in Safari, Chrome and Firefox can keep the browser in a good state, and can also protect Our Privacy. macw brings you […]

  • How to beautify the Windows scroll bar like macOS?


    Welcome to pay attention to my public number:front-end detective As we all know,WindowsandmacOSThe scrollbars are inconsistent by default, the most notable difference beingmacOSThe scroll bar does not occupy the screen size, as follows andWindowsThe following is like this Many designers will complainWindowsThe scroll bar is not very beautiful, can it be customized asmacOSWhat about that? […]

  • Macos Catalina Beta causes the JetBrain series to be unable to select the folder to open the project


    The upgrade of Macos Catalina 10.15 Beta (19A526h) caused the JetBrain series to fail to select the folder to open the project. This is a known bug, which can be viewed on the bug tracking website of jetbrain:https://youtrack.jetbrains.co…This bug will be fixed in a subsequent update. Jetbrain software includes PhpStrom, GoLand, Intellij Idea, etc.Temporarily, we […]

  • Mac installs memcached extension to support sasl


    Mac installs memcached extension to support sasl Memcached does not support username and password by default in services and extensions, but you can provide username and password services by opening sasl if necessary. Therefore, sasl needs to be enabled during memcached expansion and server installation. The process is as follows: Install libmemcached Download the latest […]

  • PhpStorm 2019 for mac (Chinese version) PHP integrated development tool


    Name]: PhpStorm 2019 for mac [Size]: 339.89 MB [language Chinese [Test environment]: Mac OS 10.15.x [download link]:https://www.macdown.com/mac/2… Introduction Phpstorm Mac is a commercial PHP integrated development tool developed by JetBrAIns, known as the best PHP IDE! JetBrAIns is a technology-leading software development company specializing in the development of productivity-enhancing intelligent software. The company is known […]

  • UNIX/LINUX common command line operations


    Introduction: In view of getting started for a whileMacThe frequency of using the terminal operation behind the computer is increasing, mainly because it is eager to learn. The following terminal operation commands are organized by the system. Macsystem andLIUNXsystems are based onUNIXThe developed ones are basically universal. Below I will use theMacAs the center, summarize […]

  • Getting Started with Objective-C


    1. Introduction to Objective-C Objective-Objective-C is a strict superset of the C language – any C language program can be directly passed through the Objective-C compiler without modification, and the use of C language code in Objective-C is also completely legal. Objective-C is described as a thin layer over the C language, because the original […]

  • Two years adrift


    Ah~ Another year has passed, time is so fast! Self introduction I graduated from Shuangfei University in 2018. From the internship until now, I have been engaged inJavadevelopment. I went south from the northernmost part of Anhui to Hangzhou with my classmates. Let’s count the lucky ones. At the end of 2018, Hangzhou’s Internet economy […]

  • Shell Tools and Scripts: Study Notes


    Written up front: This article comes from the MIT course: The Missing Lesson in Computer Education, which introduces the command line, the use of powerful text editors, the use of the many features offered by version control systems, and more. Chinese course homepage:https://missing-semester-cn.github.io/。 This article is a note for learning the second lesson. The topic […]

  • How to create txt file on Mac? How to set the shortcut key for new txt?


    How to create a TXT file on a mac computer? Maybe many novice friends don’t know how to create a TXT file when they just come into contact with a mac computer. Today, this article will introduce you how to set the shortcut key for creating a new txt document file. Friends who don’t know […]

  • maven instructions for use


    Maven, translated as “expert” and “expert”, is an open source project developed by pure Java under Apache. Based on the project object model (abbreviation: POM) concept, Maven utilizes a central piece of information to manage a project’s build, reporting, and documentation steps. Maven is a project management tool that can build and manage dependencies for […]