• How to add or delete control center in MacOS Big Sur menu bar?


    Big Sur moves the control center function to the menu bar. How can I move it? How to move the control center function to the MAC menu bar? 1、 The control center function moves to the menu bar 1. Click on the control center and place the cursor on the function to be moved to […]

  • MacOS Big Sur 11.1 RC preview (20c69) officially updated


    Foreign media macrumors reported that apple today released the candidate version of MacOS Big Sur 11.1 RC, with the version number of 20c69. The update is a new version one week after the release of the second beta. Don’t miss it. Developers can download MacOS Big Sur 11.1 beta by using the software update mechanism […]

  • What’s new in MacOS Big Sur 11.1? MacOS Big Sur 11.1 official update


    As we all know, in addition to the official versions of IOS 14.3, iPad 14.3 and watchos 7.2, Apple has also released the official version update of MacOS Big Sur 11.1. Don’t miss it. MacOS Big Sur 11.1 brings support for airpods max, video app enhancement and privacy information in the app store. The update […]

  • How to modify MacOS default ime? Method of modifying MacOS default input method


    How to modify MacOS default ime?There are small partners want to modify the MacOS default input method, small compiled for you to modify the MacOS default input method of detailed graphics and text method, interested in small partners to operate it. How to modify MacOS default input method: The first step is to click on […]

  • How to update MacOS Big Sur 11.2 developer preview beta?


    This morning, Apple released the first developer preview version of MacOS Big Sur 11.2 for developers. Please don’t miss it. Many MacOS Big Sur applications have been redesigned, including mail, photos, notes and Iwork. Apple has also introduced new search features for messages, including a new photo selection interface. Previously, Apple released an official MacOS […]

  • How to update MacOS Big Sur 11.2 beta 1?


    As we all know, after launching the developer preview beta 1 yesterday, Apple released the first public beta version of MacOS Big Sur 11.2 today. Please don’t miss it. Users can download MacOS Big Sur beta description file through Apple Developer Center. After that, users can get subsequent test versions in “software update” in “System […]

  • MacOS to modify the default way to open pictures tutorial


    How can MacOS modify the default opening mode of images?The operation process of modifying the default opening mode of pictures is actually very simple. The following editor will explain it in detail for you. MacOS tutorial for changing pictures to default open mode: Step 1: right click the file and selectShow profile“Option. Step 2: find […]

  • Apple’s MacOS Big Sur 11.2.2 officially released to prevent MacBook from being damaged by a third-party incompatible base


    Apple today released MacOS Big Sur 11.2.2, the fourth update to the MacOS Big Sur operating system launched in November. MacOS Big Sur 11.2.2 was released two weeks after the release of MacOS Big Sur 11.2.1. This is an error repair update. Don’t miss it. According to Apple’s release notes, the MacOS Big Sur 11.2.2 […]

  • MacOS local golang environment to build a detailed tutorial


    Install golang Use homebrew to install golang. Homebrew is a software package management tool on MacOS platform, which has the functions of installation, uninstall, update, view, search and so on. Developers don’t need to care about dependencies and file paths. If homebrew is not installed in the system, execute the following command to install homebrew […]

  • Installation and configuration of MySQL 8.0.16 under Mac OS


    In this paper, we share the installation and configuration tutorial of MySQL 8.0.16 under MacOS for your reference. The specific content is as follows 1. Setup Download Open MySQL official website Select downloads, community, and nysql community server. Drag to the bottom of the page and select the operating system, here 8.0.16. The package is […]

  • Apple pushes MacOS Catalina 10.15.7


    As you all know, Apple released MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 today, which is the latest update of MacOS Catalina software. MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 fixes several major errors encountered by Mac users, and it’s only one month away from the latest release of MacOS Catalina. Don’t miss it. Users can download the “MacOS Catalina” 10.15.7 update from […]