• OCR Performance Optimization: from neural network to plasticine


    Abstract:In this era of computing power, on the one hand, our researchers are committed to constantly studying the common networks in different scenes, on the other hand, they are committed to optimizing the learning methods of neural networks, which are trying to reduce the computing power resources needed by AI. This article is shared from […]

  • [tcapsusdb knowledge base] data recovery function of tcapsusdb


    Tcapsusdb is a NoSQL database developed by Tencent. It is customized according to the development characteristics of the game. It has the characteristics of high performance, low cost, high availability and strong flexibility. This paper focuses on the data recovery function of tcapsus. Tcapsusdb uses master and slave as redundant backup of data. The roles […]

  • blackbox_ The use of exporters


    1、 Demand Sometimes, we want to monitor whether a certain port of the server exists and whether the HTTP request is correctblackbox_exporterTo achieve. be careful: Blackbox exporter can implement thehttp,https,TCP (can realize whether the server interface is online),ICMP (implement host detection),dnsIt’s a good detection. 2、 Bldeckbox_ Installation of exporter 1. Download #Download wget https://github.com/prometheus/blackbox_exporter/releases/download/v0.18.0/blackbox_exporter-0.18.0.darwin-amd64.tar.gz #Decompression […]

  • Machine learning notes


    machine learning Concept: Machine learning is a science of artificial intelligence. The main research object in this field is artificial intelligence, especially how to improve the performance of specific algorithms in empirical learning. Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that can be improved automatically by experience. Machine learning is the use of data […]

  • Six months as a machine learning / Computer Vision Engineer


    By Richmond alakeCompile FlinSource: to ward data science introduce I can’t believe it’s been six months since I wrote the first article that detailed my first day of professional life. Time past quickly. So, welcome to my online journal as a computer vision engineer again. In this article, you can see many details of a […]

  • In 2021, can we still start deep learning


    preface During the Chinese new year, I had nothing to do with my own blog. I happened to see an article I had written before An article to solve the machine learning, deep learning entry doubts This article was originally published in mid-2018, which would be exactly the sameDeep learning and neural network without brainWhen […]

  • Linux timing clear log and Catalina log segmentation


    Step on the pit In addition to the development work, I also have a trivial work, which is to check the Linux machine operation related to the website regularly every day.At the beginning, the Linux machines were running normally, so I had a lot of loose, from checking every day to checking once or twice […]

  • The problem of slow login in Oracle is solved


    Today, I received a feedback from my colleagues that the page access of the project is slow, so we need to check the reason. The front-end development colleagues looked it up and said that the page response time was relatively long due to the slow database operation. I log in to the database server and […]

  • Interview questions and answers of the latest Alibaba C / C + + Linux background development


    1. What storage engines does MySQL have? Please list the differences in detail? InnoDB: transactional storage engine with high concurrent read frequency Memory: storage engine, stored in memory, small amount of data, fast Merge: Archive: it has a good compression mechanism 2. How to design the database layer of high concurrency system? What are the […]

  • Google’s open source “model search” platform is suitable for various fields, saving time and effort


    Google recently released an open source “model search” platform, which can help researchers develop machine learning models efficiently and automatically. Google said that model search does not focus on a specific area and can find a model architecture suitable for data sets and problems, while minimizing coding time and computing resources. Based on tensorflow machine […]

  • Tianchi reading club, Professor Qiu Xipeng and other celebrities will study with you


    Introduction:Alibaba cloud Tianchi book club is coming in March. This time, we invited teacher Huang Jia, author of zero basic machine learning, Professor Qiu Xipeng, author of dandelion Book Neural Network and deep learning, teacher tusuo, author of data analysis general knowledge, teacher Nick, author of brief history of artificial intelligence (Second Edition), and Xie […]

  • Interviewer: what is bytecode? What is its biggest advantage?


    follow“Full stack of Java back end technology”** Reply to “interview” for full interview information What is bytecode? This question, the interviewer can derive questions, Java is compiled to execute the language, or explain the execution of the language. The concept of virtual machine is introduced in Java, that is, a layer of abstract virtual machine […]