• Event preview | Aicon Global Conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology


    Event preview | Aicon Global Conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology From November 25 to 26, 2021, the global conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology will be held at Crowne Plaza Beijing. Cheng Kwai, vice president of the fourth paradigm and vice president of technology, Wang Zhongyuan, chief scientist of HUAWEI […]

  • The browser’s code function with a plug in the front is invalid


    Function The reason why we are among the first people in the world to be the first to be the first to be the first to be the first to be the first to be the first to be the first to be the first to be the first to be the first to be […]

  • Improve AI intelligence and create new intelligent experience


    Content source: Huawei Developer Conference 2021 HMS core 6 AI technology forum, keynote speech “improving AI intelligence level and creating new intelligent experience”. Speaker: Shen Bo, product director of ML kit for the whole scenario of Huawei consumer AI and intelligence Today, I would like to share with you how Huawei’s machine learning service (ML […]

  • Tensorflow introduction


    Tensorflow introduction This section will briefly introduce tensorflow from five aspects. It includes what tensorflow is, why tensorflow is selected, the development of tensorflow, what tensorflow can do and the core concept of tensorflow. What is tenosrflow Tensorflow is an open source software library for machine learning for various perception and language understanding tasks—— Wiki […]

  • P2P download — implementation of fragment download server golang


    P2P download — implementation of fragment download server golang There are many kinds of P2P downloads. The simple one is that after the file is downloaded, the whole file is provided to others for download. This practice can be used as the source only after the file download is completed.I’ve seen the file transfer system […]

  • Apline cannot upload git LFS to gitlab


    1 background In k8s, when performing git LFS push operation based on alpine as the container of the underlying system, it is found that an error is reported and cannot be uploaded successfully Fatal error: Server error: http://git.ops.xxxxx.com/xxxx/yyyy.git/gitlab-lfs/objects/b6f9dd313cde39ae1b87e63b9b457029bcea6e9520b5db5de20d3284e4c0259e/3 error: failed to push some refs to ‘http://git.ops.xxxx.com/xxxx/yyyy.git’ Git clone, commit and other operations are normal, and […]

  • IOS Packaging Optimization


    Background: some time ago, the test colleagues reported that the packaging machine was too slow, almost an hour. This time can be said to be a disaster for the test colleagues. Imagine that if a R & D changes a small bug and pushes it up, the test has to be packaged again and again […]

  • Introduction to elastic job lite and analysis of Architecture Principle


    Introduction to elastic job Lite Elastic job is an open-source distributed task scheduling system of Dangdang. It is based on the secondary development of quartz. It is composed of two independent sub projects elastic job lite and elastic job cloud. The former is mainly positioned as a lightweight and decentralized distributed task scheduling solution, which […]

  • Since elastic job Lite is decentralized, why should we elect a master node


    Opening remarks The last article introduced the introduction and architecture of elastic job Lite. Using and some processes, it is mentioned that elastic job Lite is a decentralized and lightweight task scheduling framework. Why should elastic job Lite select the master node when starting? Am I wrong? Haha, it’s impossible. Later, elastic job Lite is […]

  • Implementation method of MySQL master-slave replication


    Prepare two machines with MySQL installed (installed on different machines). If it is a machine for virtual machine replication, you need to modify the UUID in the / var / lib / MySQL / auto.cnf file to ensure that the UUIDs of the two machines are different Backup the data from the primary database to […]

  • When. Net encounters machine learning


    Ml.net is for. Net developersOpen source cross platform machine learning framework, you can use c# or f# to create custom ml models without leaving the. Net ecosystem. Ml.net enables you to add machine learning to. Net applications in online or offline scenarios. With this feature, machine learning applications use patterns in the data to make […]

  • Ansible quick start


    What is ansible? Ansible is a configuration management and configuration tool. It uses SSH to connect to the server and run the configured tasks. SSH only needs to be enabled on the server, and ansible on the client side is responsible for all work. When we need batch deployment, we can write our own scripts, […]