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  • Linear model of machine learning basis


    Linear model for regression linear regression What is linear regression? The general model of regression problem is as follows:$$y = \sum w[i]*x[i]+b$$As shown in the figure below, for one-dimensional data, linear regression is to fit a straight line $$y = a x + B $$according to a given point $(x_i, y_i) $, that is, to […]

  • Tensorflow end to end whirlwind tutorial


    Because at present, I am doing a project of equipment anomaly detection for my elder martial brother, and I began to have access to TF. This tutorial is not only the notes of this period, but also a quick index for other partners or latecomers of the project team. The so-called “end-to-end” refers to the […]

  • Is machine learning equivalent to algorithms?


    In the current recommendation system, many use machine learning, some have used deep learning. So, is machine learning equivalent to a bunch of algorithms? The answer is: machine learning ≠ algorithm. Machine learning ≠ algorithm When we open a textbook or university syllabus, we usually see a bunch of algorithm lists. This leads to the […]

  • The principle of the simplest and most detailed naive Bayesian algorithm


    The basic principle of naive Bayes is to use prior probability to calculate posterior probability. For prior probability and posterior probability, please refer to the simplest understanding of prior probability and posterior probability. 1. Suppose there is a data set X, including X1 to xn pieces of data. Each piece of data contains M features […]

  • (general) deep learning environment construction: tensorflow installation tutorial and common error resolution


    Different from the “handgrip” of other introductory tutorials, this article emphasizes “cause” rather than “effect”. The reason why I add “general” is that after you understand the development environment, you will not make those very low mistakes.We all know that deep learning involves a large number of models and algorithms. Looking at those messy formula […]

  • Establishment of Maven private server nexus


    Establishment of Maven private server nexus The rationality of the existence of private service The dependencies in Maven are downloaded from the server warehouse. There are only two types of Maven warehouses: 1) Local warehouse 2) There are three kinds of remote warehouse: central warehouse, private server and other public warehouse. Maven users directly connect […]

  • Hey, OCR word recognition!


    Welcome to Tencent cloud + community to get more Tencent technology practice dry goods~ This article is published by cloud + community operation team in Tencent cloud + community Preface On March 27, 2018, Tencent cloud + community and Tencent cloud intelligent image team jointly held Tencent cloud OCR character recognition – intelligent image sharing […]

  • Arbitrary extraction of video frames by ffmpeg Python


    ▶ environmental preparation 1. Install ffmpeg Audio / video tools ffmpeg easy installation document 2. Install ffmpeg Python pip3 install ffmpeg-python 3. [optional] install opencv Python pip3 install opencv-python 4. [optional] install numpy pip3 install numpy ▶ video frame extraction Prepare video material Jitter video material download: https://anoyi.com/dy/top Extracting any frame based on the number […]

  • Learning notes tf059: natural language processing, intelligent chat robot


    Natural language processing, voice processing, text processing. Speech recognition enables the computer to “understand” human speech and “extract” the text information of speech. Japan’s Wells Fargo life insurance company spent $1.7 million to install artificial intelligence systems, convert text to customer language, and analyze positive or negative words. Intelligent customer service is the research focus […]

  • Kubernetes Nvidia GPU Monitor & Grafana Dashboard


    ▶ Export Metrics 1、Prerequisites NVIDIA Tesla drivers = R384+ (download from NVIDIA Driver Downloads page) nvidia-docker version > 2.0 (see how to install and it’s prerequisites#prerequisites)) Optionally configure docker to set your default runtime to nvidia NVIDIA device plugin for Kubernetes (see how to install) 2、Create PVC apiVersion: v1 kind: PersistentVolumeClaim metadata: name: prometheus-gpu-pvc namespace: kube-system spec: accessModes: – ReadWriteMany volumeMode: […]

  • Learning note tf060: image and voice combination, speaking with pictures


    Professor Li Feifei, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Stanford University, realizes three elements of artificial intelligence: syntax, semantics and inference. Language, vision. By using Grammar (language grammar analysis, visual three-dimensional structure analysis) and semantics (language semantics, visual special action meaning) as model input training data, reasoning ability is realized, training learning ability is applied to work, […]

  • Analysis of hotel data in Dalian


    This project is from the 6th issue of “building + data analysis and mining practice” of the experimental building. “Building + data analysis and mining practice” is a course content customized for the junior engineer of data analysis or data mining in the experimental building. It includes 35 experiments, 20 challenges, 5 comprehensive projects and […]