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  • Write a tool class that generates ID


    You can follow the blogger’s personal blog for more information.Author: surpasserLink address:https://www.surpass.org.cn As long as the table is involved in the project at ordinary times, you will be able to contact many kinds of ID numbers. Bloggers sort out some commonly used ID formats and integrate an ID generation tool class for your reference. If […]

  • How does luajit work – JIT mode


    LastAs we said, JIT is the performance killer of luajit. In this article, let’s introduce JIT. The specific use of just in time real-time compilation technology in luajit is to compile Lua byte code into machine instructions in real time, that is, it is no longer necessary to interpret and execute Lua bytecode, but directly […]

  • Working principle of browser and V8 engine


    Browser parsing process When the browser loads HTML resources, the following parsing process will be performed Meet HTML tags and build a DOM tree When meeting the style / link tag, call the corresponding parser to process the CSS tag and build the CSS style tree When encountering script tags, call JavaScript engine to handle […]

  • Go inside chrome and learn how the V8 engine works


    As a front-end programmer, the first thing I do at work every day is to turn on the computer and turn it on involuntarilychromeBrowser, or touch the fish for a while or enter the working state immediately. Next, the browser window will accompany you through the day. Normally, it will be seven or eight o’clock, […]

  • Teach you how to assemble debug


    First article on Compilation:Love, love, this article is a little interesting Hello everyone, I’m a programmer cxuan! We learned about the basic registers in the last article. In this article, let’s do the actual operation. Original link:Teach you how to assemble debug We will use many debug commands in the future. Let’s get familiar with […]

  • Android virtual machine


    Android virtual machine Android4. 4. We started using art virtual machine above, and Dalvik virtual machine we had been using before Dalvik 1. Basic concepts of Dalvik Dalvik virtual machine is a virtual machine of Android program. Its instruction set is based on register architecture and executes its unique file format – dex bytecode. It […]

  • [reprint] JIT introduction to new features of PHP 8


    Reprinted from brother bird’s blog, original address:   https://www.laruence.com/2020/06/27/5963.html Php8 alpha1 was released yesterday. I believe that JIT is the most concerned thing. How to use it, what to pay attention to, and how to improve the performance? First, let’s look at a picture: The left figure is the opcache flow diagram before php8 (Zend […]

  • How to generate the primary key in distributed system


    The evolution of databaseWhen the pressure bottleneck of the database comes, we can share the pressure of the database by sub database and sub table. In the case of sub database and sub table, how to set the primary key? Database primary key self growth Under normal circumstances, if every database grows by itself, there […]

  • Program compilation


    catalog The essence of procedure Memory & register The development of programming language Essential differences of programming languages https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1UV411B7qU?p=7 note The essence of procedure Compiler transforms program code into CPU instruction / machine code; Instructions are loaded into memory; CPU reads / writes memory; The CPU controls the hardware of the computer CPU is an […]

  • PHP 8, time is really fast


    According to the release plan, PHP 8 will be released on November 26 this year, and the first alpha version originally scheduled to be released on June 18 has been released today Download address: https://downloads.php.net/~po… PHP 8 is a new major version, which introduces some major changes, as well as many new features and performance […]

  • Can your Java project run without ide


    Computer can only identify machine code 0101… Programming language > executable machine code need to go throughPreprocess > compile > assemble > link > machine codeProcess. The schematic diagram of a language processing system is as follows: compilerYes, it willOne time translation of source language programIt is an equivalent program written in the target language. […]