• How to delete the repeated launchpad icon in Mac OSX 10.10 system?


    When the launchpad has duplicate icons due to MAC app store download error or other reasons, and the gray duplicate icons cannot be deleted, enter the following code in the terminal to reset the launchpad and eliminate the duplicate icons. 1. Duplicate icon or gray icon appears in Mac OSX 10.10 2. Open the terminal […]

  • Diagram of the operation method of editing picture


    Under the Mac, many little friends don’t know how to edit pictures with their own picture viewing application. Now let’s introduce the operation method of editing pictures with their own picture viewing application. Let’s have a look! Method / step First of all, we prepare a picture for testing, as shown below, we take this […]

  • How to take pictures in Mac OS X system


    Prevent HD image from losing its original resolution after being cut in OS X 1. A high-resolution picture. Double click it and click“previewOpen in 2. Move the mouse into the picture area, press the left mouse button, or touch pad“Three fingers”Gesture, drag the dotted line selection box to determine the size to be cut (resolution […]

  • A detailed tutorial of replacing files in MAC application


    This article will share with you how to replace the files in the Mac OSX system. In short, first delete the original file in the application package, then paste the downloaded file with the same name to the location of the deleted original file, and complete the replacement! Software name: Matlab (business mathematics software) v7.0 […]

  • How does the MAC system make the computer screen snow at Christmas?


    For the “terminal” Application on Apple Mac, you may not use it much at ordinary times, so you should be unfamiliar with it. In fact, this terminal application is used to allow users to directly input some system instructions and perform corresponding operations, such as simply displaying the files in the current directory, displaying the […]

  • How to set MAC keyboard customization? A tutorial of Mac OS X keyboard setting


    Apple also supports external keyboards, but most of the keyboards on the market are designed for windows. The key position is very different from OS X. let’s see how to define the keyboard according to your own preferences. 1. If an external keyboard is used, and it is not Apple’s original wireless keyboard, we will […]

  • How can Apple Mac open multiple finder tabs at the same time?


    For Mac users, I believe that they often open multiple folders in the system, and these folder windows may be frequently used. If every folder has a window open, it will make the screen full quickly and inconvenient to operate. In OS X 10.9 system and later versions, apple added the tag function to the […]

  • Can I change the default opening method of Mac OS X video and audio files?


    I don’t like Apple’s default player. I’m used to a third-party player. How can I change the default way of opening Mac OS X video and audio files? It’s very simple. Let’s share the detailed operation process. You can come in for reference if you need. 1. Right click a type of audio and video […]

  • How to get back to the desktop with one click in MAC system?


    In Windows system, you can press the shortcut key to return to the desktop all at once, which can also be set in MAC system. 1, clickLittle apple 2. Find System Preferences 3, clickmission control 4. Find the trigger angle below 5. Select a habitual location and add a desktop 6. I see that I […]

  • How to hide files in MAC


    How can MAC hide files? We know that it’s easy to hide files in Windows system. Right click and select “properties” and select “hide”. Then how can we hide files in MAC system? Hiding is just a way to protect files. It just makes files invisible under certain conditions, but there is actually a more […]

  • How does the MAC install and configure homebrew?


    When installing homebrew on the Mac, you may encounter the following error prompt: curl: (35) server about the SSL handshake. Here is a detailed introduction of how to install homebrew on the Mac 1, openCommand line tools in Mack 2. OnCommand line toolsEnter the following statement in: Copy content to clipboard ruby -e “$(curl –insecure -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)”   3. After executing […]

  • Basic tutorial of using fish shell on Mac OS


    English is a confusing language. For example, consider the words moon and good. For the layman, the two words seem to rhyme, but the pronunciation of the former is / Mun / (according to international pronunciation alphabet), and the pronunciation of the latter is / good /. It seems that the only rule in English […]