• Tomcat tutorial for IOS MAC configuration Tomcat tutorial for Mac environment configuration


    Tomcat tutorial is configured in MAC environment. The specific contents are as follows Tomcat configuration 1. Download Tomcat configuration package from the official website: http://tomcat.apache.org/download-70.cgi 2. After downloading, rename the whole folder after decompression: Apache Tomcat (the name is optional), and then put it in a file directory. I put it under / users / […]

  • How to restart MAC finder when it is stuck


    Sometimes when we use the Mac, we will encounter the situation that the finder is stuck. In the face of this problem, the solution is to restart the finder. So how can we restart the finder? Now Xiaobian will tell you two simple ways to restart.   Method 1: operate on the dock icon Press and […]

  • Solution of Apple ID deactivation in MAC system


    Some Mac users find that their Apple ID has been disabled. How to solve this problem? Now Xiaobian will analyze the causes of this problem and the solutions. The products affected include aperture 2. X, MobileMe, icloud, iPhoto 7. X, iTunes Store, photo service and so on. To protect your security, if you enter your […]

  • How does Mac OS X optimize Diablo 3


    Diablo 3 is a large-scale online game popular with many players. Most Mac users can play Diablo 3 smoothly, but some old users can’t run smoothly. In order to solve this problem, today I will introduce some optimization methods of Diablo 3. The first thing to be clear is that players can press in the […]

  • The specific method of cleaning IOS backup files by iTunes in MAC system


    After Mac users connect the iPad and iPhone to the computer, iTunes will automatically back up some data in the mobile phone, which takes up some MAC disk space. In order to increase the MAC disk space, how can we delete these unwanted backup files?   resolvent: 1. Open iTunes and click“Preferences”。 2. Switch to“Device”Module, select […]

  • Analysis of the process of installing mysqlclient on MAC


    Try to install via PIP in a virtual environment: pip install mysqlclient And then an error is reported: oserror: MySQL_ config not found Find official documents https://github.com/PyMySQL/mysqlclient-python , explaining that another module needs to be installed before installation: brew install mysql-connector-c But the report is wrong: Check the error information before installing mysql-connector-c brew unlink […]

  • How to use the expired MAC flash


    Some users always show that flash is out of date when they watch online videos or browse some websites on the Mac. They need to download a new version, but they don’t see the update information on the official website of adobe. Originally, for security reasons, Apple has remotely blocked all versions of Adobe Flash […]

  • Method of fast copying file path in Mac OS X


    File path represents the location of the file in the file system, whether it is Linux programmers operating with the command line or the majority of users using windows, it is inevitable that there will be such a demand There is a particularly convenient way to copy the path of the current directory on windows. […]

  • How does MAC find the location of data backed up by transmit by default


    Mac users like to use transmit to back up some important data in the computer before the system is reinstalled, but after the system is reinstalled, they can’t find where the data is backed up by transmit. How can we solve this problem? resolvent: 1. Open user 2. Click to enter the resource library 3. […]

  • How can MAC view the website software password saved after using automatic login


    When we log in to the website or software, some websites or software need to enter the login password, but for our convenience, we usually use automatic login to avoid repeated input. However, when we change the computer login, we will have some trouble because we forget the password. So, how to check these passwords […]

  • How to reset the battery of MAC notebook and some tips


    The battery is one of the important parts of the computer. If the battery of a computer is too worn out, it will indirectly affect the service life of the computer. Today Xiaobian will introduce some battery related information and some tips. “Power management unit” is an integrated circuit (computer chip), which is usually located […]

  • How does MAC make multiple hard disks have multiple sleep times of different lengths


    When we don’t use a computer, we usually choose to turn it off or hibernate. Hibernation is the first choice for many users. While hibernating the computer, we can also hibernate the hard disk. However, for users who have installed multiple hard disks, how to make these hard disks sleep differently? Today, Xiaobian will teach […]