• How does Apple Mac disconnect from the wireless network?


    For those who are using the Mac OS system, if you want to disconnect the computer from the wireless network, the most direct way is to turn off the wireless function. However, here is a simple and quick method, which allows us to directly disconnect the wireless network currently connected to the MAC without turning […]

  • How does Apple Mac OS X view hardware information?


    It’s said that Apple computer is very advanced, and the quality of hardware is one of the best. Let’s have a look at it. Then the question comes: how should we check the hardware? Take it down? Hee hee, specific how to do, let this experience tell you! Software name: MAC system optimization magican v1.4.8 […]

  • Apple Mac OS X system modify open document default program skills


    With the increasing demand for portable computers, more and more partners are using MacBook. This time, I will share Mac OS X skills with you and modify the default program for opening documents. This article takes PDF file as an example. PDF files on my machine are opened by default with adobe reader. I want […]

  • How does Apple Mac make mission control windows grouped by application?


    Mission control is a very convenient thing for Mac OS X users, because it can make the disordered windows orderly arranged. However, we sometimes find that the windows in mission control are still messy (not grouped by application, as shown in the figure). How can we operate to group the mission control window by application? […]

  • How to do with slow download speed of MAC thunderbolt? How to improve the download speed of MAC thunderbolt


    Many users reflect that the download speed of thunderbolt on MAC is very slow, sometimes even 0. But this situation has nothing to do with the network, how to solve it? The following small series will share with you a solution to this problem, need friends to have a look. Software name: Thunderbolt for Mac […]

  • How to set the resolution of Apple Mac OS X computer?


    Sometimes, our computer screen will be displayed on other monitors, but the resolution is different, so how can we change the resolution? Let this experience tell you! 1. Open the launchpad interface and open system preferences. 2. In the second column of system preferences, click display. 3. Enter the settings page. We can see that […]

  • How to delete Safari browsing records in MAC


    How to delete the browsing records of safari in Mac? Sometimes we don’t want to leave a trace when we use the browser to browse the web. What should we do? In fact, it is very simple. You can set the deletion on the browser. The following Mac version of safari browsing record deletion tutorial, […]

  • How to set scrollbar to always display in Apple Mac OS X system?


    By default, all scrollbars in Mac OS X system are displayed when the page is sliding, which may make users who are used to windows very unaccustomed. In fact, the display properties of scrollbars in Mac OS X system can be adjusted. How to adjust them so that the scrollbars are always displayed? Let this […]

  • How to restart the notification center in Mac OS X 10.8 to solve the problem of inaccessibility


    In Mac OS X 10.8 system, the notification center sometimes fails to access and stop updating. In order to solve these problems, it is a good method to restart the notification center. Next, let’s take a look at the specific operation method together with Xiaobian. resolvent: 1. Search for [activity monitor] through the upper right […]

  • How does Apple Mac make GIF images?


    How to quickly and conveniently make GIF pictures on Mac? We all know that making GIF on Windows system is very simple, and there are a lot of software, but Apple Mac system is different. Let’s see how to make GIF animation in MAC system, and friends can refer to it Software name: Picpick portable […]

  • How can I do if the MAC system of Apple laptop becomes slow after it is updated?


    Apple‘s computer system OS X has always been known for its stability and quick response, which is one of the reasons why its own computers are selling well. However, since the update to Yosemite 10.10.3, boot speed has been significantly slower. I’d like to share with you how to deal with this problem after updating […]

  • How to extract RGB value of color in Mac OS X notebook screen?


    Get RGB value of any color in computer screen under Mac OS X Digital colorimeter 1. Open launchpad in the system and open other folders in it 2. Find the digital colorimeter and open it. This is the application of the system 3. Where your mouse moves, the digital colorimeter will display the RGB value […]