• How does the MAC scan files? Apple Mac scanning files using a scanner tutorial


    After the user installs the scanner, how to use the scanner to scan files? This article discusses scanning through an image capture application located in the applications folder. Scanning through other applications (such as preview) is a similar process.   Note:Because in order to intuitively let users know how the MAC scanner scans files, Xiaobian uses […]

  • How do MAC systems share scanners? Mac set up network sharing scanner tutorial


    Sometimes, under special circumstances, many places need to share some devices. How can the scanner on the MAC be shared with others through the network? Xiaobian has written a very simple tutorial for you. I hope you can solve some practical problems through this tutorial.   First: how to share scanners connected via USB on the […]

  • How can Mac OS X hibernation mode be turned off to free up more memory


    The hibernation mode of MAC is very annoying to many users with small hard disk, because it will occupy a lot of our hard disk space. How to prohibit the hibernation mode has become a difficult problem for many users. After looking for a long time, Xiaobian finally found a way to solve this problem. […]

  • How Mac OS X delays or timing screenshots


    Screenshots are a common operation in our daily work, but sometimes we don’t need to take screenshots right away, but we need to take screenshots after a period of time. So how can we make MAC delay or timing screenshots? Let me help you solve this problem. In addition, if you forget how to take […]

  • How to force Mac OS X memory cleanup to make your computer run faster


    The more computer memory is released, the faster the computer will run. How can your Mac completely release all memory? Many novice users must have this question. Here is a solution for you. I hope it will help you. How Mac OS X cleans up memory: First open terminal (Application – utilities) Enter the following […]

  • Detailed sorting of 24 mistakes easily made by novice Mac users


    Some users have just transferred from windows system to MAC system. Due to the great differences between the two systems, MAC novices often make some mistakes. In order to let more MAC novice users learn from it, Xiaobian specially sorted out 24 mistakes that novice users are easy to make. 1. Close the window of […]

  • Steps to test Bluetooth signal strength with Mac OS X


    Some users find that there seems to be a problem with their wireless mouse and keyboard connection, and some users feel that their Bluetooth device connection is unstable. How to solve this problem? Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to solve this problem. resolvent: In the apple menu in the upper right corner of the […]

  • Mac goes on to get rid of Youku ads for more than a minute


    Are you very tired of Youku’s longer and longer advertisements? I think many users must want to block Youku’s advertisements that are always more than one minute. So I specially sent this benefit to you. Let’s go and see the specific methods. Methods of shielding Youku advertisements under MAC system:   Step 1:Add the following to […]

  • How does the MAC modify the QQ message ringtone? The default sound is very harsh


    The default ringtone of QQ in Mac version sounds very harsh, and everyone’s is the same, so that users can’t tell whether their QQ is ringing, so how to replace their QQ ringtone? Now let Xiaobian help you solve this problem. Replace QQ ringtone: Find the QQ application in the finder, and then select “display […]

  • How does the MAC turn on ACDSee and similar features to process pictures


    When novice Mac users need to process pictures, they always think of ACDSee in Windows system. They think it would be good if ACDSee software were available. In fact, although ACDSee is not available in MAC, it has many similar functions. Now let Xiaobian introduce you. Common functions of ACDSee: Batch name, rotate pictures, adjust […]

  • Mac uses maps to view traffic conditions and avoid traffic congestion


    With the increasing popularity of cars, we often worry about traffic congestion when we travel. But now Mac users can avoid this worry. The “map” Application of OS X Mavericks can help you understand real-time traffic conditions and avoid traffic congestion. Now I’ll teach you how to use this little function. usage method: Open the […]

  • Method for automatically logging off MAC in inactive state and automatically shutting down system


    Some users sometimes leave the computer suddenly during use, making the MAC inactive. In order to better protect our Mac, it is a good way to automatically log off the system in an inactive state. What Xiaobian brings to you today is a method to automatically log off the system when the MAC is inactive. […]