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  • [javasscript] toss a smooth lottery page that is too basic to be basic


    preface The thing is, as a person with very low willpower, he has been looking for ways to improve his willpower recently.Then I decided to try the so-called “establishment of reward mechanism”, that is, give myself some rewards after completing a willpower challenge (the specific operation methods are not described here).Then, a silky “lucky draw […]

  • Fitness Yoga knowledge answer + lottery applet specific playing rules


    In the last issue, we talked about the importance of building exclusive answer applets, the reasons why many popular activity applets adopt the form of answer + lottery, and the communication means of activity operation. Take chestnuts for example. The question answering activity of how much do you know about fitness yoga built earlier is […]

  • Vue realizes large turntable lottery


    catalogue UI Initial reference value reference diagram Scheme analysis – parameter configuration Core idea: About rotation position Parameter configuration Implementation logic Component use Lottery effect epilogue UI As the old rule, first look at the static UI to have an image concept Initial reference value reference diagram Scheme analysis – parameter configuration Core idea: The […]

  • Application of five data types in redis


    Five data types and usage scenarios of redis String type String type is mostly used for caching Set key value (value can be JSON string) Setnx is mostly used for distributed locks (detailed later) Counter Incr article: {article ID}: readcount Get article: {article ID}: readcount Web Cluster session sharingRedis realizes session sharinghttps://www.cnblogs.com/cxx8181602/p/9759645.html Global serial number […]

  • The solution to the program (because of the problem of numbers) does not respond


    Problems encountered I spent half an hour writing a code yesterday, but I didn’t expect that onlyinputStatement. The following is a part of the code: import random After running,ifThe following statements are completely invalid. Solving process First, I checked all the statements below and found no problems, and python did not report errors.After that, I […]

  • PHP lottery function


    In project development, we often encounter the demand of money lottery. But the boss is always worried that users will win big prizes with small money. This will lead to loss of the project. The following code can effectively stop the lottery project from losing money. Individual prize pool: Language: ThinkPHP redis MySQL Table: desired […]

  • Dealing with high concurrent IO bottleneck and solving red packet program


    Solve the bottleneck of high concurrency and red envelope program This program simulates the red envelope lottery mode. The total amount of 100 yuan, random users get 1-10 yuan of red packets, until the red packets are distributed.Luckmoneymax in redis needs to be set in advance $r->set(‘luckMoneyMax’ , 100); text /** *Get red packets randomly […]

  • In order to give back to readers in SF community, free gifts are given without any routine, not advertising


    Here, push a memeda to all community staff, readers and authors of SF community I grew up a lot in SF community this year. I spent a lot of time in nearly a year, but the harvest was also full. I sincerely thank all the staff and small partners in SF community Buddies, I official […]

  • Front end lazy artifact — Lottie animation library use North


    Lottie introduction Lottie is a library developed by airbnb for Android, IOS, web and windows. It is used to parse Adobe After Effects animations exported to JSON using bodymovin and present them on mobile devices and networks advantage The best part of this solution is that it liberates the front-end developers and allows designers to […]

  • Demand analysis of [SKR shop] General lottery tool


    preface First of all, let’s reviewMarketing systemThe composition of the system is as follows: Marketing system Activity marketing system Sales marketing system What we bring today isActivity marketing systemThe first independent subsystem underUniversal lottery toolThis paper is divided into four parts as follows Common lottery scenes and classification Lottery demand allocation Common prize types Five […]

  • Vue nine palace lottery


    Suddenly want to write a thing about the lottery, draw lessons from the realization of other bigwigs. Make a probability type of lottery, CSS and data are fooling. I don’t want to optimize. Ha ha ha ha <template> <div class=”home_page”> <!– <headerPage />–> <content-page> < div > lottery test <div class=”choujiang”> <ul class=”ul”> <li v-for=”(item,i) […]

  • What are the difficulties of lucky draw? Highlights


    Business requirements Through the form of activities, attract users to draw credit for Jingdong finance, bring the number of users for car owner service, increase the number of car binding, and transform Jingdong financial users into car owner users.Through the lottery, we can use some incentives and incentives to encourage users to use our app […]