• How LuaJIT works – explain mode


    Previous“How does Lua code run”In , we introduced how the standard Lua virtual machine runs Lua code. Today we introduce LuaJIT, another virtual machine implementation of the Lua language, which uses the lua 5.1 language standard (also compatible with lua 5.2). It means that the same code that complies with the lua 5.1 standard can […]

  • How LuaJIT works – JIT mode


    PreviousWe said that JIT is the performance killer of LuaJIT. In this article, we will introduce JIT. Just-in-time just-in-time compilation technology, the specific use in LuaJIT is: to compile Lua byte code into machine instructions in real time, that is, it is no longer necessary to interpret and execute Lua bytecode, and directly execute the […]