• Lua OpenResty Containerization


    Original address:Lua OpenResty Containerization background The company has several “ancient” projects, which have always been relatively stable, but the project will always request QPS per minute to reach the peak at some time every day800KLeft and right, there are some bottlenecks in the performance of the machine. Every peak period, there will always be an […]

  • How Lua code runs


    Previous“How does C code run”In , we learned how the high-level language C language works. Although the C language is also a high-level language, it is a very “old” language after all (almost 50 years old). In comparison, the abstraction level of the C language is not high. From the expressive ability of the C […]

  • How LuaJIT works – explain mode


    Previous“How does Lua code run”In , we introduced how the standard Lua virtual machine runs Lua code. Today we introduce LuaJIT, another virtual machine implementation of the Lua language, which uses the lua 5.1 language standard (also compatible with lua 5.2). It means that the same code that complies with the lua 5.1 standard can […]

  • How LuaJIT works – JIT mode


    PreviousWe said that JIT is the performance killer of LuaJIT. In this article, we will introduce JIT. Just-in-time just-in-time compilation technology, the specific use in LuaJIT is: to compile Lua byte code into machine instructions in real time, that is, it is no longer necessary to interpret and execute Lua bytecode, and directly execute the […]

  • Redis Lua Tutorial


    lua–redis Introduction Using Lua scripts in Redis is a relatively common thing in business development.Advantages of using LuaThere are the following points. For sending multiple redis commands, use Lua scripts toReduce network overhead. It is especially critical when the network transmission is slow or the response requirements are high.Lua scripts can process multiple requests at […]

  • Pass parameters between Lua and C#


    1) Pass parameters between Lua and C#​2) There are screen problems when Unity releases the iOS version3) Android’s View becomes part of the Unity interface4) The Unity upgrade causes the project startup time to be too long5) Settings of Cascaded Shadows on the mobile terminal in Unity This is the push of the 258th UWA […]

  • Application and practice of plug-in arrangement in Apache APISIX


    The author of this article is Ju Zhiyuan, Apache APISIX PMC, the person in charge of products and large front-end technologies of mainstream technology companies. By reading this article, you can learn about Apache APISIX and basic usage scenarios, and how Apache APISIX integrates “drag and drop” plug-in orchestration capabilities under the low-code trend. What […]

  • Application of Apache APISIX in mobile cloud


    ApacheCon Asia 2021 will officially start on August 6, Beijing time. There are many projects in ASF related to API and microservices, such as Apache APISIX, Apache Dubbo, etc. In ApacheCon Asia 2021 – API / Microservices topic, you can not only learn about the cutting-edge technologies of API and microservices, but also learn the […]

  • How to view Overdraw under the URP pipeline


    1) How to view Overdraw under the URP pipeline​2) Lua local function call recovery mechanism3) How does AssetBundle use the secondary compression algorithm to reduce the package body4) The statistics of the number of triangles in URP is inaccurate This is the push of the 262nd UWA technical knowledge sharing. Today we continue to select […]

  • Why did APISIX choose the technology stack of Nginx + Lua?


    When the author shared at this year’s COSCUP conference, some viewers asked such questions, why do gateways such as APISIX, Kong, and 3scale use Lua to write logic? Yes, Lua is not a well-known language, and it is probably far away from the “mainstream programming language” circle. Even once, when I was communicating with someone, […]

  • [redis advanced (2)] fuzzy counting of large amount of data


    brief description HyperLogLog provides an inaccurate deduplication counting scheme for recording large amounts of data (eg, uv of a website). Although it is inaccurate, it is not very inaccurate, and the standard error is 0.81%. Instructions HyperLogLog provides two instructions pfadd and pfcount, which are well understood according to the literal meaning, one is to […]