• Experience of using custom fields in WordPress


    Keyword Description: how to use the definition I have been using WordPress for a while. In the process of building my blog, I have accumulated a lot of experience. I like the custom fields of WordPress very much. With the custom fields, I can complete many custom functions. The custom fields will see each time […]

  • FreeBSD 5.4 apache-2.0.54+php+Zend Optimizer Simple Installation and Setup


    It is strongly recommended to install with ports. Next, we will post the installation and some simple settings. For other advanced functions, please post and discuss them (please Google first, many questions have already been asked by others).1: Install Apache cd /usr/ports/www/apache2 make install clean; 2: Install PHP4 cd /usr/ports/www/mod_php4 make install clean;Be careful not […]

  • Let Apache support ASP on UNIX / BSD


    I’m just discussing this issue here for research purposes. Personally, I don’t think it makes any sense for Apache to support ASP on unix.If you used to develop ASP on win, I think you should let it work well on win and transplant it to UNIX without any effort. I am testing the installation on […]

  • XML Foundation: What is XML?


    Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a platform-independent way to represent data. Simply put, data created using XML can be read by any application on any platform. You can even edit and create XML documents by manual coding. The reason is that XML, like HTML, is based on the same tag-based technology.An example For example, suppose […]

  • XML schema: XForms and customer invoices


    XForms The XForms XML standard defines the different components of a form (fields, radio buttons, lists, and other input controls) and the information validation that you want to provide in the form.XForms XML standards are very similar to HTML and XHTML form tags familiar to Web developers and will become part of the XHTML 2.0 […]

  • How does XML relate to Web services and SOA?


    Although many technologies can be used to implement Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the most commonly used one is Web Services, which means using XML. SOAP and REST are the two most popular ways to implement Web services, both based on XML.An example For example, by sending this SOAP document as a Web request, a request […]

  • XML schema: Dublin Core


    Dublin Core standard is an information classification method, which is often used in libraries. The Dublin Core standard has an XML Schema that defines how to use XML to describe such information. Dublin Core can effectively catalog various kinds of information and make them easy to modify, query and use.The current application of Dublin Core […]

  • XML schema: RDF


    Semantic Web (Semantic Web) and Semantic Grid (Semantic Grid) technologies rely on the flexible description language of Resource Description Framework (RDF). RDF format is actually a member of a standard family. It is used to describe information and resources, making it easy for systems to connect and associate different resources.RDF is another W3C-approved standard for […]

  • XML schema: vCard


    Recording contact information is very important for all business applications, and capturing this information through an effective XML structure can simplify the processing of such data.Contact information can vary greatly, so XML should be chosen. For example, some companies and individuals may have multiple addresses, phone numbers and e-mail accounts. It is easy to declare […]

  • XML schema: WSD


    Web Services Description Language (WSDL) provides a simple way to describe Web services (mostly using SOAP). WSDL allows you to describe services and interfaces provided using the SOAP standard.For example, a WSDL file describing services provided on a server can be created and distributed to Web service consumers who need these services. By reading and […]

  • XML schema: SOAP


    Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is actually a Web service technology, but the data exchange format between client and server in Web service is realized by flexible XML schema.The main advantage of Web services is the level of interoperability of information and data exchange between clients and servers through the network. The SOAP standard uses […]

  • XML syntax


    Related articles: What is it?XML? Look at a simple oneXMLFile: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″?><people><name>yufuzi</name> <sex>man</sex> <age>27</age><description>I am a good man! </description></people> XMLDocuments consist of oneXMLDeclare and consist of a root element or tag that contains some nested elements.   1. The declarative statement <? Xml…?> tells the browser or other processing program that the document isXMLFile. In […]