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  • The most common word of leetcode


    order This article mainly records the most common words of leetcode subject Given a paragraph and a disabled word list. Returns the word that appears the most and is not in the disabled list. The title ensures that at least one word is not in the forbidden list, and the answer is unique. Words in […]

  • Go language uses import to import packages


    Define package # add/add.go package add //The protection function starts with a lowercase letter and cannot be accessed externally, but only with the package name func add(a, b int) int { return a + b } # sub/sub.go package sub //Public functions starting with capital letters can be accessed externally func Sub(a, b int) int […]

  • VIM plug-in that people hate to meet later: fuzzy search artifact leaderf


    When it comes to VIM’s fuzzy search plug-in, many people’s first reaction is Ctrl P Vim and Ctrl are well-known, but compared with other similar plug-ins, its only advantage is that it is written in VIML (which makes its performance the worst of all similar plug-ins). This article recommends a fuzzy search plug-in——LeaderF, both in […]

  • Centos7 install LNMP environment using yum


    Update Yum sourceyum update Install nginx using yumInstall the latest source of nginxyum localinstall http://nginx.org/packages/centos/7/noarch/RPMS/nginx-release-centos-7-0.el7.ngx.noarch.rpmyum repolist enabled | grep “nginx*”Install nginxyum -y install nginxstart nginx | service nginx start |Set nginx server to start automaticallysystemctl enable nginx.serviceCheck whether the automatic startup is set successfullysystemctl list-dependencies | grep nginx Install mysql5.7 using yumInstall MySQL sourceyum -y […]

  • [good luck eating bags tonight] 003 – decamelize


    brief introduction Convert a camelized string into a lowercased one with a custom separator. Look at the profile, we knowdecamelizeThis package is mainly used to separate strings. Official example: const decamelize = require(‘decamelize’); decamelize(‘unicornRainbow’); //=> ‘unicorn_rainbow’ decamelize(‘unicornRainbow’, ‘-‘); //=> ‘unicorn-rainbow’ directory structure Omitted. Main code ‘use strict’; const xRegExp = require(‘xregexp’); /** *@param {string} text […]

  • C practice topic 98


    Title:Input a string from the keyboard, convert all lowercase letters to uppercase letters, and then output it to a disk file “test” for saving. The input string is in! end. Program analysis:None. Program source code: 1 #include 2 #include 3 #include 4 5 int main() 6 { 7 FILE*fp=NULL; 8 char str[50]; 9 int i,len; […]

  • Crmeb knowledge payment system source code development specification


    crmeb3. 0 follows psr-2 naming specification and psr-4 automatic loading specification, and pays attention to the following specifications: Directories and filesUse lowercase + underline for the directory;Class libraries and function files are unified PHP is the suffix;Class file names are defined by namespace, and the path of namespace is consistent with the path of class […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 52 – # regular search


    Find details Recall the last lesson We studied file reading and writing last time Open yese,edit :e oeasy.txt :e . Read yes:r,read :1,3r o2z.txtRange reading :4,9r !ls -lahRead the result of shell command Write yes:w,write :w o3z.txtdirect writing :3,8w o3z.txtRange write :w o3z.txt >>Append write :w! o3zForced write Can batch replacement be performed on the […]

  • Online keyboard key detection tool


    Online keyboard key detection tool Online keyboard key detection tool The tool is only applicable to the equipment with keyboard. It will automatically detect after pressing the key. Clicking the value can quickly copy the decimal or hexadecimal code value. Because the case cannot be switched, the tool can only quickly detect lowercase letters, and […]

  • Node realizes multi line input without inputting the number of lines in advance


    Implementation scheme: temporarily store the input lines in the line event, and use debounce anti shake. When temporarily input for a period of time, the temporarily stored lines will be processed in batch Take a computer test question as an exampledescribePassword requirements:1. The length exceeds 8 digits2. Including upper and lower case letters, numbers and […]

  • MySQL FAQs


    reset password Close MySQL servicesudo /etc/init.d/mysql stopRun in MySQL safe mode and skip permission verificationsudo mysqld_safe –user=mysql –skip-grant-tables –skip-networking &Log in to MySQL as root with an empty passwordsudo mysql -u root mysqlUpdate passwordupdate user set Password = PASSWORD(‘root’) where User =’root’;update mysql.user set authentication_string=password(‘root’) where user=’root’ ;Refresh permissionsFLUSH PRIVILEGES;sign outquitThe password is too simple. […]

  • Online underline to hump, hump to underline tool


    Online underline to hump, hump to underline tool Online underline to hump, hump to underline tool This tool can convert string underscores to humps or humps to underscores for pure client calculation. Camel case, also known as hump naming, is a set of naming rules (conventions) in computer programming. As its name camelCase indicates, it […]