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  • Memory on SOC


    SOC has application based memory. These memories are semiconductor memory blocks for calculation. Semiconductor memory usually refers to metal oxide semiconductor memory cells fabricated on a single silicon wafer. Memory types include: Volatile memory: memory that will lose data after power failure. They require a constant power supply to store information. Volatile memory is faster and […]

  • Working principle and technology of MRAM


    Ram is a storage technology that uses electron spin to store information. Nonvolatile MRAM has the potential to become a general-purpose memory, which can combine the density of storage memory with the speed of SRAM memory, and always maintain nonvolatile and high energy efficiency. MRAM memory chip can resist high radiation and can operate under […]

  • The essence of MRAM technology that can save data even after power failure


    Memory technology has improved a lot in the development process of decades, but there is no substantial change. Because these memory products are based on dynamic random access memory dram, once there is no continuous power, the stored data will disappear immediately, which directly leads to the current PC must go through a period of […]

  • Ferroelectric random access memory fram and magnetic random access memory MRAM


    The new memory not only has the advantages of ram, but also has the characteristics of non-volatile. At the same time, it overcomes the disadvantages of non-volatile, such as slow writing speed and limited writing times. Ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM)The core technology of FRAM is ferroelectric crystal. This special material makes ferroelectric storage products have […]

  • Detailed explanation of nonvolatile flash


    Flash (flash or flash memory) was first introduced by Intel in 1988. It is a nonvolatile memory that can be quickly erased and programmed by electricity. Its speed is relative to EEPROM. Flash can be divided into nor flash and NAND flash from chip technology. Nor FlashNOR flash is characterized by on-chip execution (XIP), which allows […]

  • SRAM solution of battery powered game console


    Game console is a computer system mainly used for entertainment, using source code that is open only to licensed software developers, to television or other dedicated displays and dedicated input devices. The biggest difference between PC and PC is the closeness of source code and software. The mechanical and electronic devices that human beings use […]

  • Everpin MRAM optimizes system energy consumption


    Compared with EEPROM or flash memory, technologies such as MRAM can significantly reduce the total energy consumption of the system. For many wireless and portable applications, especially in the growing Internet of things, the energy budget (the total power consumed over time) is a critical component. When calculating the power budget of a design, engineers […]

  • Application of FRAM in intelligent electronic meter


    This paper provides an overview of smart meters or smart electronic meters, and explains the advantages of using nonvolatile serial fram instead of EEPROM in the design of smart meters. Figure 1 shows a simplified block diagram of an intelligent electronic meter. Nonvolatile memoryIt is an important part of an electric meter. The meter periodically captures […]

  • NOR flash memory begins the development of automobile field


    As cars become more intelligent and require more storage space, many technologies are struggling for the driver’s seat, but it is certain that the NOR flash can at least use a shot gun.With its programmable ability, nor flash exists in many applicationsEEPROMIt has found new opportunities in applications that require fast, nonvolatile memory, including communications, […]

  • Performance comparison between MRAM and common computer memory


    How to store and transfer the information in the new millennium? MRAM chip is a magnetoresistive random access memory. The discovery of GMR image in 1989, the development of GMR materials in the following years, and the manufacture and application of GMR head were all successfulMRAMThe research and development of memory has laid the foundation. In […]

  • Non volatile memory balancing method


    Nonvolatile memoryAs it becomes more and more complex on advanced nodes, the price and speed, power and utilization on advanced nodes are becoming some very application specific trade-offs to determine the location of the storage. NVM can be embedded in the chip or removed from the chip using various types of interconnection technology. But the decision […]

  • Fram’s future is higher density


    Many of the recent memory problems appear in the form of 3D xpoints on ReRAM, MRAM and PCRAM. But ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) has been successful in small niche devices.Last year’s annual report on emerging memory, touted the three key emerging memories of ReRAM, MRAM and PCRAM. But it also points out that fram has proven […]