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  • How to play multiple videos in HTML5 video loop


    Recently, the demand encountered in the development is: wechat scanning courseware QR code, playing its corresponding courseware video Design process 1. When scanning the QR code, save the video list into the model, and save the first one in order not to get the first video again in the HTML interface model.addAttribute(“playUrl”, videos.get(0).getVideoUrl()); model.addAttribute(“videoUrls”, JsonUtils.toJson(videos)); […]

  • Detailed explanation of banner example for IOS to realize automatic loop playback


    preface For banner rotation chart, I believe we will often use. Automatic looping banner is a very common UI component. How to achieve it? Now let’s give you a detailed introduction. Let’s learn together. 1. Realization ideas 1. Banner of horizontal rolling. UIScrollViw+UIImageView. UICollectionView+UICollectionViewCell. The former needs to reuse uiimageview by itself, while the latter […]