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  • SQL Server deleting database table by mistake


    Not to mention the history of blood and tears, we used all kinds of stored procedures and settings described on the Internet, and finally solved them with third-party software, Premise: database full table backup, how to check the details of Du Niang, the software used is apexsqllog, the database is sqlserver2017, the next version has […]

  • IOS how to modify the build after creation


    When creating a version, the operation was accidentally misspelled. I thought it couldn’t be modified. It was here. Please see the figure below

  • The pit where docker publishes the. Net core program


    Two problems in docker Publishing 1:Could not resolve CoreCLR path. For more details, enable tracing by setting COREHOST_TRACE environment variable to 1 2:Error:An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest(****.deps.json) was not package:’runtimepack.Microsoft.NetCore.App.Runtime.linux-64′,version:’3.1.0′ path ‘createdump’ Last week, when publishing the docker program, we accidentally chose the wrong deployment mode and the target runtime. After a […]

  • Read-write NTFS partition under FreeBSD system


    1. Install ntfs-3g:   # cd /usr/ports/sysutils/fusefs-ntfs   # make install clean 2. Add fuse to load:   # ee /etc/rc.conf Add the following line:   fusefs_enable=”YES” Save out   # ee /boot/loader.conf Add the following line:   fuse_load=”YES” Save Exit. Note: One of these two lines is fusefs and the other is fuse. Be careful!   # shutdown -r now 3. […]