• Git practical skills 31 moves


    This article is suitable for use as a quick reference manual. If you want to know more about git, please go toPro git Chinese versionDownload the pro git manual for learning As a rookie programmer, cherish read the first and second chapters of Pro git carefully when he first came into contact with GIT and […]

  • Transferring files from hyper in windows to Linux virtual machine


    CentOS is installed in hyper in win. JDK needs to be installed locally. Upload files to the virtual party Upload and download via commands SZ and RZ 1. Connect CentOS system remotely Download and install an xshell remote software or other SSH software. Connect to the Linux server. Win I use a virtual machine connected […]

  • Git notes 1


    Git origin and master analysis http://lishicongli.blog.163.c… First of all, it should be clear that the operation of Git is carried out around three major steps (in fact, almost all SCM are like this) Get data from git (GIT clone) Change code Return changes to git (GIT push) These three steps involve two repositories, one is […]

  • [git] pull encountered an error: error: your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:


    In this case, how to keep the local changes while merging the remote ones? First, it depends on whether you want to save local changes.(yes / no) yes git stash git pull origin master git stash pop During git stage, you will take a local snapshot, and then git pull will not stop you. After […]

  • Use of version management tool git (III) – git branch


    Almost all version control systems support branching in some form. Using branches means that you can separate your work from the development main line so as not to affect the development main line. In many version control systems, this is a slightly inefficient process — often a complete copy of the source directory needs to […]

  • Secure file transfer using SFTP protocol in Java


    This article introduces how to use SSH based file transfer protocol (SFTP) in Java to upload files from local to remote server, or transfer files safely between two servers. Let’s look at these agreements first SSH is a reliable protocol designed to provide security for remote login sessions and other network services. For example, the […]

  • Clickhouse installation and remote login on


    1、 Installation of Clickhouse 1. Add Yum source yum-config-manager –add-repo http://repo.red-soft.biz/repos/clickhouse/repo/clickhouse-el6.repo 2. Installation yum install clickhouse-server clickhouse-client clickhouse-server-common clickhouse-compressor 3. Start service /etc/init.d/clickhouse-server start 4. Login test [[email protected]_server_yayun_01 ~]# clickhouse-client ClickHouse client version (official build). Connecting to as user default. Connected to ClickHouse server version 20.5.2 revision 54435. VM_0_15_centos 🙂 VM_0_15_centos 🙂 VM_0_15_centos […]

  • Restart remote request menu after antd Pro V5 login


    Because routing existsinitialStatethisHooksIn, as follows: const { initialState, setInitialState } = useModel(‘@@initialState’); Therefore, you only need to use this code in the login logic: //Write your own remote request interface import { R_Menu } from ‘@/services/builder’; //Import system default menu import SystemRoutes from ‘@/../config/routes’; //Rewrite the logic of the login page const fetchUserInfo = async […]

  • Rsync of Linux file synchronization tool


    Learning background 1. Recently, the company’s projects are using Jenkins for automatic construction. Because Jenkins consumes performance during construction, a separate server is used as the construction server. However, I feel that the cost is too high. I use a single server to build it, and the server configuration cannot be too poor. I wanted […]

  • Git upload code to remote warehouse (attach: generate secret key)


    1. When using git at the beginning, you may need to use the relevant key Method of generating secret key: (1) SSH keygen – t RSA – C “registered email name of GitHub” After that, just enter all the time. You will be prompted to enter the password. You can enter it or not You […]

  • React + ant D + TS handles complex forms gracefully


    No more nonsense. Let’s start with the codehttps://codesandbox.io/s/wild… Realize form configuration in lowcode mode (I don’t know if my understanding of lowcode is correct. I think lowcode is divide and conquer, isolation and decoupling. Make logic replaceable, restrict and combine components. It doesn’t matter whether the combination is through configuration or UI interaction) The core […]

  • Git merges code from different remote libraries


    Merge two remote library codes, the same project, but developed by different people in different libraries. Now merge the two together, and the command is as follows:1. Locate the local project directory and switch to the development branch dev 2、git remote add origin_ test http://xxxxxx/origin_ Test.git first establishes a link between the local warehouse and […]