• Description of PHP configuration file


    0x00 file related   1、file_uploads = on           #Open upload   2、file_uploads = on      upload_max_filesize = 8M #Limit upload file size   3、upload_tmp_dir = #Set file upload temporary directory (if not filled in, the system will upload the temporary file to the system temporary directory( Windows:c \windows\Temp;Linux:/Temp))   4、open_basedir = .;/temp/     #User access to directory restrictions (users cannot view […]

  • Wondertrader releases version v0.5.1


    Today (August 14, 2020), wondertrader released version 0.5.1, along with wtpyv0.5.1 Wondertrader has made the following changes in v0.5.1: When the real disk engine (CTA, HFT, SEL) is started, the list of policies and the list of transaction channels are output to a configuration file, which is convenient for the monitoring service to read and […]

  • Using docker to build Hadoop cluster


    Create container #Create a custom network docker network create –subnet= mynetwork #Start container # cluster-master docker run -itd –privileged –name cluster-master -h cluster-master -p 18088:18088 -p 9870:9870 –net mynetwork –ip centos:latest /usr/sbin/init # cluster-slaves docker run -itd –privileged –name cluster-slave1 -h cluster-slave1 –net mynetwork –ip centos:latest /usr/sbin/init docker run -itd –privileged –name cluster-slave2 […]

  • Spring cloud microservice Practice II


    In the last article, we have set up a registry for spring cloud microservices, but only one registry is not enoughNext, let’s try to provide services Note: the development environment version of this series is java1.8, spring boot2. X, spring cloud Greenwich.SR2 , IDE is Intelli idea Service delivery Suppose we have a requirement now, […]

  • Installation and use of mosh


    Mobile shell is a kind of remote terminal software based on UDP. It includes two parts: client and server, which is used to replace SSH. Because mosh is based on UDP, it can provide uninterrupted connection, which is very suitable for remote terminal access in the network with poor network condition or long delay. For […]

  • Completed remote job information collection station using egg + Vue—— yuancheng.works


    Episode At first, I was very tangled. I bought one yuancheng.works Will domain names offend yuancheng.work stationmaster. I also consulted @ phodal and other elders in the group. A new domain name will be created, yuancheng.works Redirect to that domain name. Later, I thought about it. I’m just collecting remote work information. I don’t seek […]

  • RPC in chuck Lua


    Chuck Lua has built-in RPC support based on coroutine. All remote method calls are as simple as calling local methods. Let’s take a simple example. rpcserver.lua local Task = require(“distri.uthread.task”) local Distri = require(“distri.distri”) local Redis = require(“distri.redis”) local Socket = require(“distri.socket”) local chuck = require(“chuck”) local RPC = require(“distri.rpc”) local Packet = chuck.packet local […]

  • Using curl to call remote interface methods


    Recently, we redeveloped a Yii framework project. Because this project is too old to install yiisoft / yii2 httpclient plug-in, we have to use curl native implementation to call remote interface Here, I integrate curl method to realize the method of getting and post transferring parameters, calling remote interface and getting interface data. The specific […]

  • Some unusual git special operations


    Discard changes and force local code to be overridden git fetch –all git reset –hard origin/master git pull Light copy git clone –depth=1 https://…… Rebind remote warehouse git remote set-url origin https://gitee.com/***.git Roll back previous version git reset –hard HEAD^ Roll back previous versions git reflog git reset –hard COMMIT_ID //COMMIT_ID or git reset –hard […]

  • Summary: git common commands


    Here’s a list of my favorite git commands. The translation of some special terms is as follows. Workspace: workspace Index / stage: staging area Repository: warehouse area (or local warehouse) Remote: remote warehouse Local branch association remote: git branch — set upstream to = origin / beta beta 1、 New code base #Create a git […]

  • Oracle 12C single machine to RAC data migration


    background Previously, we published an article on data migration from Oracle 12C RAC to single machine, which introduced the data migration process of Oracle 12C from RAC to stand-alone. On this basis, this paper continues to introduce the migration process from single machine to RAC. Before reading this article, it is recommended to read Oracle […]

  • Rely on these pieces of code, take you to play the RPC communication protocol, do not believe you learn not to understand


    RPC (remote procedure call protocol) – remote procedure call protocol, it is a kind of protocol that requests service from remote computer program through network without knowing the underlying network technology. This protocol allows a program running on one computer to call subroutines of another computer without the need for programmers to program this interaction. […]