• MySQL auth_ Working principle of socket verification plug-in


    auth_socketThe authentication method is: the client is enabled bySO_PEERCREDThe socket of option is connected to the MySQL server, and the server detects from the socket whether the system user name running the client is the MySQL user name to log in. If the user name is the same, log in; if it is different, refuse. […]

  • Update git version of CentOS (GIT 2. X)


    Because the GIT version of CentOS is too low, there will be problems such as timeout when connecting to the remote warehouse during use, so you need to upgrade the GIT version. Reference linkhttps://computingforgeeks.com… Check git version git –version** Delete Git yum remove git* Install the latest version yum -y install https://packages.endpoint.com/rhel/7/os/x86_64/endpoint-repo-1.7-1.x86_64.rpm yum install git

  • Install MySQL for Ubuntu


    This article is continuously updated to record the MySQL installation pit encountered 1. Uninstall MySQL sudo rm /var/lib/mysql/ -R sudo rm /etc/mysql/ -R sudo apt-get autoremove mysql* –purge sudo apt-get remove apparmor 2. Installation 2.1. Method 1 sudo apt update //Install mysql5.7 sudo apt install mysql-server -y 2.2. Method 2 dev.mysql.com/downloads/repo/apt/Copy download link //Download curl […]

  • Dry goods big data analysis language dolphin DB Script Language Overview


    Developing big data applications requires not only a distributed database that can support massive data and a distributed computing framework that can make efficient use of multi-core and multi-node, but also a programming language that can be organically integrated with distributed database and distributed computing, has high performance, easy to expand, strong expression ability and […]

  • Several problems and solutions of GIT are summarized


    preface Originally, when I learned git, I only knew a few basic usages. When I encountered problems, I got confused. This time, I summarize several problems encountered in history and countermeasures. Clone error The first is a project that downloaded GitHub this week. The package error is shown in the figure above. The general meaning […]

  • 7400 Star! A database operated with git command!


    [introduction]: the “child” of GIT and MYSQL, a database that can be operated using GIT. Recently, it has dominated the GitHub trend list for three consecutive days, adding 4K + star. brief introduction Dolt is an SQL database. We can use fork, clone, branch, merge, push, pull and other functions, just like operating a git […]

  • Install MySQL 8.0 for Ubuntu 16.04


    Install via path The versions installed through apt are the latest versions. After installation in this way, the startup and self startup have been configured, and the environment variables on the command line do not need to be configured manually. mysql-apt-config.debDownload address 1. Unpacking $ sudo dpkg -i mysql-apt-config_0.8.14-1_all.deb 2. Update system installation source After […]

  • Mysql8 initialization settings


    Reference environment: Ubuntu 20.04 + mysql8.0.23Installation: apt install -y mysql-server mysql-client 1、 General operation1. Initialize root password sudo mysql_secure_installation 2. Login to MySQL: #Login to MySQL: mysql -u root -p 3. Let’s look at the encrypted password: #mysql> use mysql; select host, user, authentication_string from user; 2、 Remote root access (not recommended): 1. After logging […]

  • Phpstorm2020 automatically synchronizes the local code to the remote server in real time


    Series articles: Laravel queue installation supervisor configuration Phpstorm2020 automatically synchronizes the local code to the remote server in real time When maintaining a website, you often encounter the need to modify the website code. Generally, you use SFTP to transmit it to the local area first, and then upload it after modification. Or you can […]

  • Read the source code weapon: gitlens unlock


    Discover gitlens The gitlens plug-in of vscode is a very powerful tool and a sharp tool to look at the source code. Let’s explore gitlens. For the entire project GitLens Explorer As shown in the figure. The following functions can be obtained View the submission history of the current local branch (the current local branch […]

  • Automatic interaction of shell with expect command


    background There are many scenarios in Linux script for remote operation, such as remote login SSH, remote copy SCP, file transfer SFTP and so on. The input of security password is involved in these commands. In normal use, it is necessary to manually input the password and accept security verification. In order to realize automatic […]

  • Building PHP website with Ubuntu


    The original is in my own blog, small partners can also pointRead the original textJump to see, there are good background music Oh~ I have written two articles about building PHP environment with Ubuntu system before Linux server domain name binding specified directory (APACHE 2 binding multiple domain names under Ubuntu) One click installation of […]