• Redux design ideas and usage scenarios


    Welcome to my official account.Rui talk, get my latest article: 1、 Preface As an important member of react family bucket, Redux has been widely used under the support of many big bulls, and the star on GitHub has also reached 42K! However, when it comes to the most fundamental question, why Redux should be used, […]

  • [chat series] talk about mobile web resolution


    Welcome to watch and talk about the series. This series of articles can help front-end engineers understand all aspects of the front-end (not just the code) https://segmentfault.com/blog/frontenddriver Different from the PC era, the style of mobile web is more diverse, and due to the fragmentation of mobile phone resolution, the compatibility problem of mobile web […]

  • React setstate mechanism


    setStatecharacteristic Immutable value It could be an asynchronous update It may be merged stateTo define in the constructor Immutable value Functional programming ideas, pure functions, no side effects When to revise and when to correctstateOperation, do not operate in advance //Operation array this.setState({ list1: this.state.list1.concat(100), list2: […this.state.list2, 100], list3: this.state.list3.slice(0, 3), list4: this.state.list4.filter((item) => item […]

  • React advanced use


    Uncontrolled components unavailablesetStateUse uncontrolled components to get the desired results, such as file uploads Portal Function: let the component render outside the parent component Usage scenarios: overflow: hidden Parent componentz-indexThe value is too small fixedPut inbodyThe first level of ReactDOM.createPortal( <div className=”modal”>{this.props.children}</div>, document.body ); Context const ThemeContext = React.createContext(‘light’) <ThemeContext.Provider value={this.state.theme}> <A /> </ThemeContext.Provider> //Class […]

  • Become a contributor Series in ten minutes | add optimization rules for cascades planner


    Author: Cui Yiding Up to now, “become a contributor series” has launched a series of activities such as “support ast restore to SQL”, “add build in function for tikv”, “vectorization expression”, etc.Taking advantage of the opportunity of tidb to optimize the database, we can take advantage of this opportunity to optimize the database. As we […]

  • Exception handling in 11 springboot project


    Background analysis In the development of the project, whether it is the operation process of the underlying data logic, or the processing process of the business logic, or the processing process of the control logic, all kinds of predictable and unpredictable exceptions will inevitably be encountered. Handling the exception has a good protection effect on […]

  • Should an experienced Android learn to be a super RecyclerView.Adapter


    preface After five or six years, I can’t help but sigh: Once upon a time, I couldn’t extricate myself from being addicted to the framework. No matter what needs to be done, we had to find a framework. After using it for a period of time, we found many problems and had to make do […]

  • Unveiling tidb new optimizer: analysis of cascade planner principle


    Author: Mingcong Han In “ten minutes as a contributor series | adding optimization rules for cascades planner”, we briefly introduced the background knowledge of cascades. This paper will introduce the framework and principle of cascades planner, a new optimizer of tidb. Brief introduction of tidb current optimizer The function of query optimizer in relational database […]

  • Redis processes the business after the invalid time effective key to replace the scheduled task query


    Redis sets the invalid key, which provides a convenient function. After adding redis monitoring, it can partially replace the scheduled task; Take a simple example If the order is not paid, it will be cancelled after 30 minutes, and the order status will be changed. In general, regular tasks query orders that are not paid […]

  • Twenty minutes package, the implementation of HTTP interaction between the front and back of an app


    In the process of react native development, almost all apps need to use HTTP requests, so the encapsulation of fetch is essential. Because the request parameters, parsing rules and token mechanism of different apps are completely different, in most app development, the implementation of HTTP requests in the front and back platforms is encapsulated by […]

  • Tips | Flink sink schema field design tips


    Each article in this series is relatively short and updated from time to time. Starting from some practical cases, this article aims to improve the posture of small partners A kind of Potential level. This article introduces the Flink sink schema field design tips, reading time is about 2 minutes, do not say much, directly […]