• C + + | C + + introductory tutorial (III) operator


    3 operator effect:Operations used to execute code 3.1 arithmetic operators Function: used to deal with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division +- * / addition, subtraction, multiplication and division /Division: when two integers are divided, the result is still an integer, and the decimal part will be removed %Modulo (also known as remainder): it can only […]

  • Spring cloud gateway one-time request call source code analysis


    Introduction: Recently, through in-depth study of spring cloud gateway, we found that the architecture design of this framework is very simple and effective, and the design of many components is very worth learning. This paper makes a brief introduction to spring cloud gateway and a detailed analysis of the processing flow of a request for […]

  • Design pattern – simple factory pattern and factory pattern


    Simple factory mode (not belonging to 23 design modes) Reference blog: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/390926587 。 Mode definition: Define a factory class, which can return different instances according to different parameters provided, and the created instances usually have a common parent class. UML classes are as follows:               In short, product is an abstract […]

  • Tars | Part 5 Java JDK implementation based on tarsgo subset routing rules (Part I)


    catalogue preface 1. Modification Tars protocol file 1.1 go language modification 1.2 modify local logic 1.3 automatically generate code through protocol file 2. [core] add subset core function 2.1 go language modification 2.2 logic of new places 3. Methods of adding constants and obtaining coloring keys 3.1 go language modification 3.2 modify local logic 4. […]

  • Practice of Domain Driven Design (DDD) in Baidu aifanfan


    *Reading guide: Domain Driven Design (DDD) originated from Domain Driven Design Published by Eric Evans in 2004. Compared with its reputation and effectiveness in foreign it circles, few people in domestic it circles understand DDD and practice it. In recent years, with the popularity of micro service architecture and the rise of China’s DDD, WeChat […]

  • The current mainstream framework of Java Web and the emerging framework collection


    Reprinted from: https://blog.csdn.net/kingsco… (2017-12-18)Understanding what a framework is Mature framework introduction Hibernate Framework Hibernate is an ORM framework, fully called object relative database mapping, which establishes a mapping between Java objects and relational databases to achieve direct access to Java objects (POJOs). ORM framework is another ideological framework different from MVC, and its scope of […]

  • Loading of webpack


    Webpack is commonly used in front-end development, but many people only stay in the understanding stage of webpack and some configuration operations, and don’t know more about the running process of webpack. I hope this article will bring you more knowledge. In general, webpack packaging only generates JS files called bundles. The bundle file may […]

  • On angularjs template


    As one of the most popular MVVM (model view model) frameworks, I believe most front ends are familiar with angularjs, and I have heard a lot about it. It has to be said that the changes brought about by angularjs are huge. It is not too much to be called the model of future browser, […]

  • SQL rewriting Optimization: implementation of simple rule reorganization


    We know that SQL execution is a complex process, from SQL to logical plan, to physical plan, rule reorganization, optimization and execution engine. In particular, the optimization section has a wide range of contents. So, are we going to discuss this issue in this article? The answer is no, we only have specific optimization problems […]

  • “Distributed technology topic” analyzes the parsing and execution process of an SQL


    The omnipotent program ape spits out a magic [SQL]. In an instant, IO is like thousands of troops and horses running, the memory is like whale sucking cattle drinking, the sea contains hundreds of rivers, and the CPU is running at a high speed with 360% load. In an instant, a wonderful figure appears Behind […]

  • R language uses logistic regression, decision tree and random forest to classify and predict credit data sets


    Original link: http://tecdat.cn/?p=17950 Source: official account of tribal data In this paper, we use logistic regression, decision tree and random forest model to classify and predict credit data sets, and compare their performance. The dataset is credit=read.csv(“german_credit.csv”, header = TRUE, sep = “,”) It seems that all variables are numeric variables, but in fact, most of them are factor variables, > str(credit) […]

  • Liteflow component process engine framework


    preface Product requirements: Take Jingdong of Dongge’s house as an example. Now I have a group of good guys who only need 998 Every 618, there will be a big promotion 668, double 11 888, double 12 180 Primary development See the demand shout, so simple look down on me? So the meal was as […]