• Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) v1 3.6 release, open source online education solution


    v1.3.6(2021-06-04) to update Clean up unused references Optimize interface and CSS Styles Optimize the processing logic of video unable to obtain duration Optimize video transcoding processing logic Optimize the review mechanism of comments Optimize the data update logic related to comments Optimize articles, Q & A, comments, data update Optimize the update logic of content […]

  • Golang’s GC recovery mechanism


    Golang’s GC recovery mechanism Conditions triggered by GC Threshold: double the default memory size and start GC Periodic: default2minTrigger GC once,src/runtime/proc.go:forcegcperiod Manual:runtime.gc() v1. 3 version mark removal method The first step is to find out the unreachable objects and mark them. The second part is to recycle unmarked objects. Disadvantages: STW (stop the world) will […]

  • Predict exercise of common functional interfaces


    package LambdaTest. LambdaTest05; import java. util. function. Predicate;/** * Filename: predicatetest * Author: LPS * date: 2022 / 4 / 7 11:54 * sign: Liu Pinshui Q: 1944900433 * default predicate and (predicate super T > other) * return one short circuit logic represented by predicate and another* Static predicate isequal (object targetref) * returns […]

  • Analyzing the working mechanism of hystrix from the source code


    1、 What problem did hystrix solve? There are many dependencies in complex distributed applications, and each dependency will inevitably fail at some time. If the application does not isolate each dependency and reduce external risks, it is easy to bring down the whole application. Take a common example in e-commerce scenarios. For example, the order […]

  • React explanation – parent component calls child component content [updating]


    preface This article belongs to react communication > parent-child communication > parent component calling child component.Scenario of parent component calling child component: Sub components are used in multiple places and need to be encapsulated separately The logic of sub components is heavy, and the cost of using fully controlled mode is high Using parent components […]

  • How to record the operation log gracefully?


    Operation logs widely exist in various b-end and some C-end systems. For example, customer service can quickly know who has done what to the work order according to the operation log of the work order, and then quickly locate the problem. The operation log is different from the system log. The operation log must be […]

  • . net AOP micro framework release — cleanaop


    Cleanaop – Introduction Author: Li di (Owen) Email: jarvin_ [email protected] Microblog: site J Introduction:   AOPIt is the abbreviation of aspect oriented programming. Aspect oriented programming. Divide the logging, performance statistics, security control, transaction processing, exception handling and other codes from the business logic code, separate these behaviors into the methods that do not guide the […]

  • Mybatis source code – the use and principle of plug-ins


    preface MybatisThe plug-in in is also calledInterceptor, through the plug-in, you canMybatisIntercept and change a behavior when it is executed. Usually,MybatisThe plug-in can act onMybatisThe four interfaces in areExecutor,ParameterHandler,ResultSetHandlerandStatementHandler, summarized in the following table. Actionable interface Actionable method Interceptor purpose Executor update(),query(),flushStatements(),commit(),rollback(),getTransaction(),close(),isClosed() Method in intercepting actuator ParameterHandler getParameterObject(),setParameters() Intercept processing of parameters ResultSetHandler handleResultSets(),handleOutputParameters() Intercept […]

  • Map + functional interface replaces the strategy mode to solve if else more perfectly


    This paper introduces the specific application of strategy mode and how map + functional interface can “better” solve the problem of if else. Article catalogue demand Strategy mode Map + functional interface Finally, what does this article say demand Recently, I wrote a service: query the distribution method granttype and collection rules according to the […]

  • Look at animation algorithms: doublylinkedlist


    brief introduction Today, let’s learn a more complex LinkedList: doublylinkedlist. Compared with LinkedList, the node in doublylinkedlist not only points to the next node, but also has a node before prev. So it is called doublylinkedlist. Doublylinkedlist is a two-way linked list. We can traverse the list forward or backward. Today, let’s learn the basic […]

  • Learn more about tidb SQL optimizer


    Sharing guests: Zhang Jian, technical director of pingcap tidb optimizer and execution engine Editing and sorting: Druid China user group’s 6th big data Meetup Production platform: datafuntalk Reading Guide:In this report, Mr. Zhang mainly gives you an in-depth understanding of the key modules in tidb SQL optimizer in principle, such as the logical optimization part […]

  • Mybatis source code – execution process of executor


    preface It has been known in the mybatis source code sqlsession acquisition article,MybatisGet inSqlSessionThe actuator is created whenExecutorAnd stored inSqlSessionThroughSqlSessionThe dynamic proxy object of the mapping interface can be obtained. The generation of dynamic proxy object can refer to mybatis source code – loading mapping file and dynamic proxy, which can be summarized in the […]