• How to set up locking computer in win7 system


    I believe that many users know that if they don’t operate the computer for a long time, the computer will automatically enter the locked state. But recently, a win7 system user said that he didn’t want the computer to automatically enter the locked state. How to set the win7 system locked computer? Today, I’d like […]

  • Application Analysis of Locking in SQL Application in 2008


    First, the basic concept of lock: locking(Locking)It is aRelational typedata baseThe routine of the systemAnd necessityPart ofIt prevents the same data from being made Concurrent update Or view data during updates, To ensure that it is updatedData Integrity。It can also preventUser Read is being modifiedData 。Sql ServerDynamicallyAdministrationlockingHowever, it is still necessary. understandTransact– SQL queryHow to influence in SQL Serverlockset。 Here, […]

  • Examples of Several Methods to Realize Locking in redis


    Preface This article mainly introduces several methods of redis locking, sharing them for your reference and learning. Next, let’s not say much. Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction. 1. redis locking classification The list of lock commands that redis can use is INCR, SETNX, SET 2. The first lock command INCR The idea […]

  • SQL Server Learning Note Transaction, Locking, Blocking, Deadlock Usage


    This paper illustrates the transaction, locking, blocking and deadlock usage of learning notes by SQL Server. Share for your reference, as follows: 1. Affairs Implicit transaction /*================================================================== When created, dropped, fetch,open, revoke,grand, alter table,select,insert,delete,update,truncate table When the statement is first executed, the SQL Server session automatically opens a new transaction. If the implicit transaction mode […]