• HMS core location service can automatically fill in the receiving address in the life service app


    In apps and applets involving group purchase, takeout, express delivery, housekeeping, logistics, moving and other life services, filling in the receiving address is a function that users use frequently. This function usually adopts a solution that allows users to fill in manually, such as pulling up and down to select Zhejiang Province — > Hangzhou […]

  • CSS positioning layout – relative, absolute, fixed and sticky positioning


    Document flow The default document flow refers to the flow arrangement of elements from left to right and from top to bottom during the layout process. Each block element has a row, and the elements in the row are arranged from left to right within the row until the current row meets the boundary and […]

  • CSS learning notes


    CSS learning notes 1. embedding method 1) CSS is embedded in the style tag of the HTML header <div style=”background-color:lightcoral; color: #fff; width: 300px;”> hello world </div> 2) CSS embedded in element style attribute Advantages: CSS rules are separated from HTML; Reusable <style> #one, #two{ background-color:lightcoral; color: #fff; width: 300px; margin-bottom: 1em; } </style> 3) […]

  • ❤️❤️ Recommended collection!! Nanny level python+selenium automation introductory materials, can’t learn, come to me!! Continuous update ❤️❤️


    @ catalogue preface Building web automation environment Software preparation Start environment construction Basic browser operations preface Import selenium module Basic browser operations Why learn positioning Common positioning methods id name class_name tag_name link_text partial_link_text Element group preface The contents of this chapter need to have a certain Python foundation. If you don’t understand it, please […]

  • How to quickly locate the application core?


    Reading guide: program core refers to the crash behavior that occurs when the application cannot maintain the normal running state. Relevant core dump files will be generated when the program is core, which is the data backup of the program state when the program crashes. The core dump file contains memory, processor, register, program counter, […]

  • 3. ordinary road – adding traditional mode


    Review: in the last lesson, we completed the environment construction of mybatisCore profileMapping fileAPI execution processHow to execute customized SQL statements We are testing “dead” data, so let’s use containers to transfer dynamic data Add operation transfer data theme 1. transfer data through map Mapping file code <!– <insert id=”add02″ parameterType=”java.util.Map”></insert> –> <insert id=”add02″ parameterType=”map”> […]

  • CSS learning notes – Basics


    CSS (cascading style sheet) 1. browser Browser Rendering Engine Chrome Webkit / Blink Safari Webkit Firefox Gecko IE Trident Opera Presto / Webkit / Blink 2. CSS insertion method Inline style / inline style: passing inside labelsstyleAttribute set element style problem: the style is only effective for one label, which is inconvenient to maintain(Never use […]

  • How to center a floating element vertically


    How to center a floating element vertically 1. height and width of known elements #div1{ background-color:#6699FF; width:200px; height:200px; position: absolute; // Parent element needs relative positioning top: 50%; left: 50%; margin-top:-100px ; // Half height, width margin-left: -100px; } 2. height and width of unknown element #div1{ width: 200px; height: 200px; background-color: #6699FF; margin:auto; position: […]

  • Lessons from the past: talk about the “pit” trampled on the landing desktop of nail flutter | Dutter


    Author: liutaiju (Yuliang) The “Dutter series of articles” will describe the technical practice and experience of nailing the cross four end application framework (code Dutter) built based on flutter, which is divided into two parts, the first part can be clickedScheme design and technical practice of Dutter 𞓜 nail flutter span four endsThank you for […]

  • CSS interview site horizontal vertical center alignment


    Parent is the class name of the parent element and child is the class name of the child element. 1. Absolute positioning The percentage of absolute positioning is relative to the width and height of the parent elementWith this feature, you can center the child elements,But the absolute positioning is based on the upper left […]

  • What is CSS


    What is CSS 1. What is CSS CSS selector (Key + difficult) Beautify web pages (text, shadows, hyperlinks) Box model float location Web page animation (special effects) 1.2 development history CSS1.0 CSS2.0 div (block) +css, the idea of separating HTML and CSS structure makes web pages simple Css2.1 floating, positioning Css3.0 rounded corners, shadows, animation… […]

  • Mobile end test


    Knowledge overview 1、 What is the mobile end test Mobile end testing refers to the testing of mobile applications, that is, the degree to which the characteristics of entities meet the requirements. 2、 Mobile end test classification 1. app function test Business logic correctness test: design test cases according to product documents, plus implicit demand […]