• This vs code plug-in is enough to develop react and rax styles


    We have developed a large number of front-end applications through react and rax. In the development of JSX file, based on code prompt and completion, code fragment, typescript and other ways, it can improve the efficiency of page logic development. However, we often neglect the efficiency of style development. I believe you will encounter many […]

  • Automatic driving high precision map – overview and analysis


    1.HD Maps: Structure, Functionalities, Accuracy And Standards In the functional system architecture of the automatic driving system, the high precision map is closely related to the positioning function, interacting with the perception module, and ultimately supporting the planning and control module. Different levels of autopilot have different requirements for map refinement. High precision map not […]

  • State Estimation & Localization


    The goal of Localization is to determine the position (Position) and direction (Orientation) of the autonomous vehicle in the global coordinate system. The precise Localization system is a key component of any self driving vehicle. In order to achieve accurate localization system, state estimation is needed to find the optimal solution from the measurement results […]

  • 5.5 common vertical centering methods


    CSS slag, if there is any error, please correct. 1 .parent { height: 400px; background: cyan; line-height: 400px; } .child { width: 100px; height: 100px; background: black; display: inline-block; vertical-align: middle; } Parent element settingsline-heightandheightSame, so that the baseline is in the middle, and then the child element is setvertical-align: middleMake the baseline of the […]

  • Successfully obtained the right to use airtag trademark? Apple anti lost device is expected to be launched soon


    Recently, it was reported that the Russian RFID Technology Service Company ISBC has sold the airtag trademark to apple, but ISBC did not disclose the details of the relevant transaction. According to foreign media, ISBC is Russia’s leading manufacturer of smart cards and RFID tags. It announced the sale of airtag on its official website, […]

  • Positioning style


    Detailed explanation of positioning style usage method:Use the position property to set the location A base point used to establish the position of an object According to this reference, the position is shiftedOptional value Static static positioning the default value element is static and positioning is not turned on Relative turns on the relative positioning […]

  • Re install Ubuntu software in Ubuntu


    After changing the theme, I found that my Ubuntu software has become transparent, which… This… Is not easy to use, so I decided to re install itDo you see the one in the middle First of all, our old friendssudo apt-get update The second step is to uninstallsudo apt-get remove software-center Step three, reloadsudo apt-get […]

  • CSS centers elements horizontally and vertically


    1. Use flexible layout //Parent element settings display: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center; 2. Position absolute positioning position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; margin: auto; 3. Position localization and translate transform are used position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); 4. Know the width and height of elements, and […]

  • The IOS keyboard pops up, resulting in the header positioning failure at the top


    When the IOS phone keyboard pops up, the fixed position of the header is suspended ===>Solution: my approach is to directly monitor the IOS keyboard bounce event, hide the header when it pops up, and the keyboard is folded and displayed <van-nav-bar v-if=”isShowNavBar” /> document.body.addEventListener (‘focus’, () = > {// soft keyboard bounce event console.log […]

  • Error state extend Kalman filter


    1. Error State EKF Es-ekf is a variant of EKF. Its basic idea is to divide state into two parts: nominal state and error state. As follows: $$ x = \hat{x} + \delta x $$ Where $x $is a true state, $\ hat {x} $is a nominal state and $\ delta x $is an error […]

  • Investigation of Oracle instance occupying high CPU


    Main functions of CPU: processing instructions, executing operations, requiring actions, controlling time and processing data. Combined with the database instance, the CPU consumption is high. The possible reason is that the database is performing a lot of operations (full table query, large amount of sorting, etc.). As the company does not have DBA, you can […]

  • Use Tencent IP query – determine IP address


    Using IP to obtain geographic location information Recently, my blog has just written a function of geographic information statistics. I want to see where the netizens who visit my blog come from. This requires IP geographic information query interface. There are many large factories on the Internet (such as Tencent, Taobao, etc.), Sohu, etc.) or […]