• Data structure – hashtable


    @This article was first published at https://yeqown.github.io background Recently, I’ve been watching the design and implementation of redis, which describes the data structures used in redis, such as:sds, ziplist, skiplist, hashtable, intset, linkedlistAnd so on. After reading the first part, combineOn GitHubBased on the idea that good memory is better than bad handwriting, redis is […]

  • CSS (3) BFC and cascading context


    This article mainly introduces the knowledge of BFC and cascading context. Block format context (BFC) 1、 Definition of BFC  BFC (block formatting context): is an independent rendering area, the layout of the elements inside the box will not affect the outside of the box. It belongs toOrdinary flow。 2、 Those methods create a block formatting context   […]

  • In depth understanding of computer system Chapter 7 links


    link Definition: 1. The process of collecting and composing code and data into a single file so that the file can be loaded into storage and executed. 2. Links can occur at compile time, load time, or run time. 7.1 compiler driver 7.2 static links A static linker such as a UNIX LD program generates […]

  • Three ways of horizontal and vertical


    1 absolute positioning + conversion Absolute positioning + conversion .parent { position: relative; width: 400px; height: 400px; background: skyblue; } .child { position: absolute; left: 50%; top: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); width: 200px; height: 200px; background: pink; } 2 elastic model Elastic model .parent { display: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center; width: 400px; height: 400px; […]

  • Module mechanism of node.js


    The article is original in the public number: program ape Zhou Xiansen. This platform is not updated regularly, like my articles, welcome to pay attention to my WeChat public number. In fact, in the development of JavaScript, it is widely used in the browser front-end. Because in practical application, the performance of JavaScript mainly depends […]

  • Summary of efficient Linux bash shortcut key and alias


    Bash shortcut Being used to editing shortcut keys can greatly improve efficiency. In the process of memory and learning, we should consciously ignore function keys, direction keys and number keypad. The following shortcuts apply when Bash is in the default Emacs mode. If you haveset -o viIn VI mode, it doesn’t apply.In addition, the following […]

  • Horizontal and vertical centering in front page layout


    Preface Two years ago, I started my blog when I was working. I wrote two blog posts a year ago, and then I just started again now. There are two reasons: one is the lack of conscious technology, the other is laziness. Recently, I met a table in which the column order can be adjusted […]

  • The plug-in development of the legend of IOS bow and arrow


    1. After the IPA is exported and decompressed, locate to the executing program archero. After IDA is loaded, it is found that many of them start with sub ﹣ XXX.   2. After searching the data, the original program written by unity can use il2cppdumper to restore the symbol table. Download il2cppdumper to restore payload […]

  • Nuxt v-bind binding img SRC does not display


    Question: Using the V-for loop,: SRC = “item. URL”, the bound image cannot be displayed, but can only be written as a static structure; Reason: Written as static directly, it will be compiled by webpack, so as to get the real path of the packed image.If you write it as dynamic, webpack will not compile. […]

  • Five different values of CSS position


    Position property positionAttribute specifies the type of positioning method (static, relative, fixed, absolute, or sticky) to use for the element. There are five different values: static relative fixed absolute sticky Then usetop,bottom,leftandrightAttribute to locate the element. However, unless set firstpositionProperties, otherwise they will not work. They work differently depending on the location value. position:static; By […]

  • IOS realizes analog positioning function


    Preface More and more functions in app depend on the actual location of users, such as providing recommended data based on user location and judging whether some functions are available based on location. However, Xcode does not provide user-defined simulation location function in development and debugging, so the main purpose of this paper is to […]

  • Develop a simple running app with weex 300 lines of code


    Weex, as it aims, A set of cross platform development scheme for building high-performance and scalable native applications What weex brings to you is undoubtedly the improvement of client development efficiency. We can run on three platforms of web, Android and IOS through a set of code. Recently, I tried to develop lbs related applications […]