• This vs code plug-in is enough for developing react and rax styles


    We through react andRaxDeveloped a large number of front-end applications. When developing JSX files, the development efficiency of page logic is well improved based on code prompt and completion, code fragment, typescript and so on. However, we often ignore the efficiency of style development. I believe you must encounter many inconveniences in the process of […]

  • Nginx notes – (1) – Comparison between alias and root


    Use separatelyaliasAnd root configuration accessb.html 1.1 root – > URL is added to root and located Root configuration in nginx: location ^~ /app1/ { root /web; } #Access: localhost / app1 / b.html b. HTML directory on the server: / Web / app1 / b.html What is the URL when accessing? localhost/app1/b.html Where does the […]

  • Front end learning notes (III) CSS box model and CSS positioning


    In these two days, I mainly learned CSS box model and CSS positioning. The study notes are as follows: CSS box model Box model is also called box model, and its structure is as follows:W3school has a good translation. It translates margin and padding into outer margin and inner margin to avoid confusion. The following […]

  • Vue + amap salted fish turning over what to eat today


    Why There are three ultimate philosophical problems in human life: What do you have for breakfast What do you have for lunch What’s for dinner I don’t know how many philosophers like me are bothered by this problem. They are thinking about this philosophical problem in the middle of their work every day.Lu XunSaid: People […]

  • How does Android achieve simulated positioning


    catalogue 1、 Android simulation permission on configuration 1) Enable analog positioning switch under Android 6.0 2) Android 6.0 above code configuration selects the application of simulated positioning 2、 Android analog positioning implementation 1) Analog positioning switch check 2) Settestproviderlocation call In the navigation test scenario, positioning simulation and route playback are often required. Record the […]

  • Position: several ingenious applications of sticky sticky positioning


    Background:position:stickyAlso known as sticky positioning, the element of sticky positioning depends on the user’s scrollingposition:relativeAndposition:fixedSwitch between positioning. The element is positioned according to the normal document flow and then scrolls relative to its nearest ancestor(nearest scrolling ancestor)Andcontaining block(nearest block level ancestor)nearest block-level ancestor), includingtable-relatedElement, based ontop, right, bottom, andleftOffset the value of. Viscous localization can […]

  • Laravel log


    Log configuration file location:config/logging.php。 Log::emergency($message); // System unavailable information Log::alert($message); // Alarms and reminders must be handled immediately Log::critical($message); // serious error Log::error($message); // Runtime error Log::warning($message); // Warning and exception Log::notice($message); // Reminders, important information Log::info($message); // General information Log::debug($message); // debug information Log::info(‘User failed to login.’, [‘id’ => $user->id]);

  • Through the open API of Gaode map, real-time weather can be obtained according to IP positioning


    A real-time weather display problem was encountered in the recent project. It was solved through the open API of Gaode map;Leave your thoughts behindIt has been encapsulated into a function. It can be used directly. However, it’s best to test it before use;Idea: First, by calling the API of Gaode map IP location; http://lbs.amap.com/api/webservice/guide/api/ipconfig The […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (114): LDD


    Command introduction The LDD command prints shared library dependencies for programs and libraries. Note: LDD is not an executable program, but just a shell script. Syntax format ldd [OPTION]… FILE… Option description –Version # print instruction version number -V # print all relevant information -U # print unused direct dependencies -D # perform relocation and […]

  • IOS implementation of analog positioning function example code


    preface More and more functions in the app depend on the user’s actual location, such as providing recommended data based on the user’s location and judging whether some functions are available based on location. However, Xcode does not provide a user-defined function of simulating location in development and debugging. Therefore, the main purpose of this […]

  • Position: fixed position based on parent element


    position: fixed Location is based on browserTo set the positioning based on the parent element, you need to set the style for the parent elementtransform:translate(0)It can also be given to the parent element’s superior, superior… It can be on the upper level of the element, and the personal test is effective.

  • Oracle view blocking (lock) information


    The SQL part for monitoring is sorted into a column to output the main content. I don’t like to disassemble it myself or add other column information that needs to be used. Resolution:1. Only the blocked and blocked persons are output, and the blocking time > = 60s;2. Chr (10) line feed output, the effect […]