• Tutorial on using local storage in HTML5


    What is localstorage I found it strange to operate cookies in the old project a few days ago. I consulted to cache some information to avoid passing parameters on the URL, but I didn’t consider the problems caused by cookies: ① the cookie size is limited to about 4K, which is not suitable for storing […]

  • Parsing new features in HTML5 local storage localstorage


    The local storage of HTML5 is the data stored locally through the browser.The basic usage is as follows: JavaScript CodeCopy contents to clipboard <script type=“text/javascript”>      localStorage.firstName = “Tom”;      alert(localStorage.firstName);      </script>     In this way, the data is saved locally, but in what form is the local data saved? After tracking, it is found that in Chrome […]

  • Implementation method of storing and reading JSON data in local storage of HTML5


    Localstorage is a method of local storage provided by HTML5, but the localstorage method can only store string data. Sometimes we need to store objects locally, such as JSON. How can localstorage store and read JSON data? Idea: since localstorage can only store string data, we can first convert the JSON object into a string, […]

  • HTML5 localstorage Usage Summary


    1、 What is localstorage, sessionstorage In HTML5, a new local storage feature is added. This feature is mainly used as local storage to solve the problem of insufficient cookie storage space (the storage space of each cookie in the cookie is 4K). In the local storage, the general browser supports 5m size, which will be […]

  • HTML5 localstorage local storage refresh value


    The biggest difference between the two storage technologies of H5 is the life cycle. 1. Localstorage is a local storage with unlimited storage period; 2. Session storage session storage, data will be lost when the page is closed. usage method: localStorage.setItem (“key”, “value”) / / store localStorage.getItem (key) / / value by key localStorage.valueOf () […]

  • Explain how to get the maximum storage size of local storage


    Introduction of local storage, session storage and cookie Local storage: only on the client side, the storage does not participate in the server communication. The storage size is generally 5m. If it is not cleared manually, it will still exist even if the browser is closed. Sessionstorage: it is only stored on the client side […]

  • Analysis of three ways of data storage cookie session storage local storage


    1、 There are usually three ways we store data Cookie sessionstorage localstorage, what’s the relationship between the three kinds of data storage? Let’s have a look Cookie: save cookie value: var dataCookie=’110′; document.cookie = ‘token’ + “=” +dataCookie; Gets the cookie value for the specified name function getCookie(name) {// gets the cookie value of the […]

  • Very comprehensive front-end local storage explanation


    I’ve been working on basic things recently. I’ve got a continuously updated GitHub note. I can go and have a look at it. It’s a sincere work (originally written for myself…) Link address: front end Basics Address of this article: three local storage methods GitHub address of basic notes: https://github.com/qiqihaobenben/front-end-basics, which can be either watch […]

  • Several browser storage methods and their advantages and disadvantages


    In the process of project construction, we often encounter the situation that we need to store the information locally, such as the token of authority authentication, user information, embedded point count, skin information or language type configured by the customer, etc. we can temporarily save it to avoid unnecessary requests and redundant operations of the […]

  • Preparing for interview / written examination: http knowledge that front-end programmers should not know


    This article takes two days and is based on some interview questions that front-end interviewers often askPlease forgive me for any shortcomingsIf you think it will help you, please don’t be stingy with your praise^_^ 1. Http / TCP / IP / port overview The old rule, start with a story Mr. Gong went across […]

  • Localstorage and sessionstorage usage records (recommended)


    By reading the usage analysis of lockstorage and sessionstorage by various gods, I have tried it for myself and left a note here. In a project, if you use storage many times and want to store a lot of data, you need to encapsulate it as a function: (this function is written by an Unknown […]

  • React develops markdown text compiler


    I developed a markdown text editor with reactMainly used:marked github-markdown-csslibraryHttps://github.com/ilvseyinfo… The address is here After the big fish helped me review, my harvest: The project is to introduce eslint eslint config BCD react Stateful component, only write JSX structure in render The intermediate reusable JSX structure is written as a stateless component. It does not […]