• Hire MLP of vision MLP: vision MLP via hierarchical arrangement


    Hire-MLP: Vision MLP via Hierarchical Rearrangement Original document:https://www.yuque.com/lart/pa… This article is very easy to read. There are no complex words and sentence patterns. It is very smooth from beginning to end. I like this writing style very much. Learn about the article from the summary This paper presents Hire-MLP, a simple yet competitive vision MLP […]

  • Study day 9


    C language Nested Loop A loop body contains another loop statement 99 multiplication table of for statement int a, b, c; for (a=1;a<=9; a++) { for (b = 1 ; b <= a ; b++) { c = a * b; printf(“%d*%d=%d ” , a, b, c); } printf(“\n” ); } Comparison of circular statements […]

  • PHP local outlier factor algorithm – specific implementation and analysis of local outlier factor (LOF) algorithm


    In the past two days, in the process of improving their own system, they wanted to realize a function of finding exceptions, so they learned and realized a basic algorithm of finding exceptions under the guidance of their friends, “local outlier factor algorithm local outlier factor (LOF) algorithm”. First of all, look for the relevant […]

  • Vue throttling global instruction is super simple


    Recently, most background project management systems have been throttling with local instructions, which is troublesome. A global text box is posted here. The throttling instruction of the method is executed 0.8 seconds after the user enters 1、 New debounce JS file, content: import Vue from ‘vue’ //Custom anti shake Vue.directive(‘debounce’,{   inserted: function (el, binding) {     let timer     el.addEventListener(‘keyup’, () => {       if (timer) {         clearTimeout(timer)       }       timer = setTimeout(() => {         binding.value() […]

  • How to import files in sass


    In CSS, we [email protected] instruction will be acssImport file to anothercssFile. But it has one thing to pay attention to, that is, it can only be [email protected], the browser will download other commandscssFile, which causes the page to load very slowly, so it is not used very often. Sass also [email protected] use of instructions is […]

  • Configure webpack + react from zero


    Although we can create a react project now, the packaged configuration has been configured, and we only need to run the corresponding packaging command, but it is still necessary for us to know how to configure the configuration required for packaging. Let’s go through it nowwebpackReact the whole process of packaging the project. Create a […]

  • The usage of Vue awesome wiper in Vue should avoid detours


    Today, I used the rotation chart in the project, and then there were some problems when I introduced it. Now I’ll sort it out to prevent problems in the future.At present (January 22, 2022), according to the data collected by consulting various data, I list here: The best version to use isv3.1.3。The instruction to download […]

  • [mindspire: machine learning with little MI] univariate linear regression (2)


    Little MI, learn and be positive! In the last machine learning article, Xiao MI has introduced you to the mathematical model of univariate linear regression and the graphical interpretation of the corresponding cost function. Xiao Mi also mentioned that what we really need is an effective algorithm, which can automatically find out the parameters that […]

  • After upgrading from Android 10 to Android 11, the exception handling method for starting the application with startactivity


    Recently, after the project was upgraded to Android 11, the Dou APK, which used to run normally on Android 10, fell flat on Android 11 and threw an exception at the place where the app was pulled up through debug, resulting in the failure of Dou operation. By consulting others, it is found that the […]

  • Leetcode – > linked list inversion


      This is a very basic topic. Today, I handled it. It can be handled by double pointer iteration, recursion and other methods, but it also makes this topic more typical. Sword finger offer 24 Reverse linked list – leetcode (leetcode CN. Com) https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/fan-zhuan-lian-biao-lcof/solution/fan-zhuan-lian-biao-yi-dong-de-shuang-zhi-zhen-jia/790541 00 topic       Tips: The number range of nodes […]

  • 2021.8.13


    I’ve always believed in this quote. I’ve always believed that No matter who you’re with. Whoever you meet He is the one you’re destined to meet in your life. He is the person you should appear in your life It’s never an accident. It’s no accident he’s surely teach gonna you something. He will teach […]

  • Vuex namespace


    Mapstate, mapgetters, mapmutations, mapactions the first parameter is a string (namespace name), and the second parameter is an array (no renaming required) / object (renaming required). Mapxxxs (‘namespace name ‘,’ attribute name 1 ‘,’ attribute name 2 ‘]) Mapxxxs (‘namespace name ‘{   ’new name in component 1’: ‘original name in vuex 1’,   ’new name in […]