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  • Talk about HTML5 local storage technology


    Local caching is a new technology in HTML5, which makes the development of mobile web possible. We all know that speed is the key to building a high-performance mobile application. Before HTML5, only cookies could store data, and the size was only 4KB. This seriously limits the storage of application files, resulting in a long […]

  • Explore the application skills of HTML5 local storage function


    Let’s implement a simple application. In this application, the user enters the user name and mobile phone number. The relevant inheritance can be saved locally, and basic operations such as search and display can be carried out.The following only gives me the key code, project structure, basic code and CSS styles. You can add them […]

  • Web storage for HTML5 local storage


    Before the advent of HTML5, if developers need to store a small amount of data in the client, they can only use cookies to achieve it, but there are several shortcomings in cookies The size of the cookie under each domain name is limited to 4KB.· cookies are included in each HTTP request, which results […]

  • An example of HTML5 web local storage


    Web storage is a very important function introduced by HTML5. It can store data locally on the client, similar to html4’s cookie, but its realizable function is much more powerful than cookie. The cookie size is limited to 4KB. The official recommendation of web storage is 5MB for each website. There are two types of […]

  • Use of HTML5 local storage localstorage operation


    1. Several storage forms of HTML5 Local storage & session storage Application cache Indexeddb and websql 2、localStorage && sessionStorage Expiration time: localstorage is permanent storage and never fails unless manually deleted The session storage browser disappears when it reopens Size: 5m per domain 3. The localstorage API is consistent with the sessionstorage API Getitem / […]

  • Implementation method of storing and reading JSON data in local storage of HTML5


    Localstorage is a method of local storage provided by HTML5, but the localstorage method can only store string data. Sometimes we need to store objects locally, such as JSON. How can localstorage store and read JSON data? Idea: since localstorage can only store string data, we can first convert the JSON object into a string, […]

  • HTML5 localstorage local storage refresh value


    The biggest difference between the two storage technologies of H5 is the life cycle. 1. Localstorage is a local storage with unlimited storage period; 2. Session storage session storage, data will be lost when the page is closed. usage method: localStorage.setItem (“key”, “value”) / / store localStorage.getItem (key) / / value by key localStorage.valueOf () […]

  • IOS local storage nsuserdefaults encapsulation code


    Direct code #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> @interface NSUserDefaultUtil : NSObject +(void)PutDefaults:(NSString *)key Value:(id)value; +(id)GetDefaults:(NSString *)key; @end #import “NSUserDefaultUtil.h” @implementation NSUserDefaultUtil +(void)PutDefaults:(NSString *)key Value:(id)value{ if (key!=NULL&&value!=NULL) { NSUserDefaults *userDefaults=[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]; [userDefaults setObject:value forKey:key]; } } +(id)GetDefaults:(NSString *)key{ NSUserDefaults *userDefaults=[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]; id obj; if (key!=NULL) { obj=[userDefaults objectForKey:key]; } return obj; } @end usage method [NSUserDefaultUtil PutDefaults:@”key” Value:str]; self.str […]

  • Indexeddb of HTML5 local storage


    Indexeddb is a low-level API for clients to store large amounts of structured data (including files / blobs). The API uses indexes to achieve high-performance search of this data. Recently, there is a business requirement that data can be stored offline, and forms and pictures can be uploaded when there is a network signal. So […]

  • Detailed overview of HTML5 localstorage local storage (multi Figure)


    When it comes to local storage, it’s really hard to get to HTML5. The previous history is as follows:   As we all know, the first cookies are too small, about 4KB. Moreover, IE6 only supports 20 cookies for each domain name, which is too small. The advantage is that everyone supports it, and the […]

  • Details of HTML5 local storage and local database instances


    Local storage 1.1 background of the origin of local storage Due to the size, format and data format of cookies in the era of html4, web applications can only rely on cookies if they want to store part of users’ information in the browser. However, these limitations of cookies lead to the fact that cookies […]

  • Git strategy: Establish local and remote branches and associate them


    Git branch /// View local branch Git branch – a /// View all branches Git branch – R /// View remote branch Git branch – VV /// View the relationship between local branch and remote branch Git checkout A // Switching Local Branches (A: Branch Name, the same below) Git checkout-b// Create local branches and […]