• Usage scenario of Vue calculation attribute computed and listener Watch


    Original link: HTTPS: / / dsx2016. COM /? P = 679WeChat official account: Senior brother 2016 Features and differences vueOfcomputedOption is mainly used to synchronize data processing, whilewatchOption is mainly used for event dispatch, asynchronous Both of them can achieve the same effect, but based on their respective characteristics, there will be some differences in […]

  • Kafka operation of spring boot series


    Kafka operation of spring boot series Kafka introduction Apache Kafka ® is a distributed streaming platform. There are three key functions: Publish and subscribe record flows, similar to message queuing or enterprise messaging systems. Stores the record stream in a fault-tolerant, persistent manner. Process flow when records occur. Kafka is commonly used in two broad […]

  • Vue 2.0 listener watch property code in detail


    usage ——————————————————————————– Let’s first take a look at the introduction of the official website: The official website introduced a good understanding, that is, to monitor the changes of a data, when the data changes to execute our watch method, watch option is an object, the key is an expression (function) to be observed, can also […]