• Vue basic introductory notes 02: event modifier


    Vue learning notes 2 Event modifier . stop stop bubbling . prevent block default events . once executes only once . self fires only when the event is on the element itself . capture use event capture mode when adding event listeners <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 68


    course Text classification using tensorflow Lite plug-in in fluent Exploration and practice of flutter package size management Explore the memory leak of fluent from the rendering principle (super detailed) Exploration on decoupling of flutter native hybrid engineering by idle fish Dart: sound Air Security Overview Deep understanding of dart empty security The way of flutterdojo […]

  • How to use the arrow function as a callback to the event listener


    Arrow function ES6 introduces the concept of arrow function, which is a new method to define and write functions. Although it looks like a syntactic sugar of conventional functions, the key difference between them is the rightthisBinding method of. This article does not coverthisA lot of details Event listener callback When writing JavaScript to browsers, […]

  • Emacstalk: a programmer chat program focusing on the Emacs community


    ______ _______ _ _ | ____| |__ __| | | | | |__ _ __ ___ __ _ ___ ___| | __ _| | | __ | __| | ‘_ ` _ \ / _` |/ __/ __| |/ _` | | |/ / | |____| | | | | | (_| | (__\__ \ […]

  • Vue learning record I


    install Vue can be installed in two ways: one is direct use<script>Tag is introduced into vue.js. If you use this method, you’d better download the source code and deploy it yourself. <script src=”https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/[email protected]″></script> Another way is also a way recommended by the officialcliCommand line tools are used to quickly build scaffolds, but there will be […]

  • Vue learning record II


    Style and class binding There are three methods for binding styles and classes: object mode, array mode, and a combination of object array mode. <div id=”app”> <div :class=”{active:isActive}”></div> <div :class=”[activeClass,errorClass]”></div> <div :class=”[{active:isActive},activeClass, errorClass]”></div> </div> <script> const app = new Vue({ el:’#app’, data:{ activeClass:’proper’, errorClass:’tip’, isActive:true, } }); </script> conditional rendering When it comes to conditional […]

  • Windows Server 2012 build SQL server always on full record


    Windows Server 2012 build SQL server always on full record Environmental information: Windows Server 2012 R2Sql Server 2012 The whole process is divided into three steps 1. Configure the pre control and add the machine to the domain. 2. Configure windows fail over cluster 3. Configure SQL server always on high availability group (Ag) Full […]

  • The perfect solution of Oracle database server ‘TNS listener’ remote data poisoning vulnerability (cve-2012-1675)


    Environment: Windows 2008 R2 + Oracle After applying the latest bundle patch, the scan still reports the vulnerability of Oracle database server ‘TNS listener’ remote data poisoning vulnerability (cve–2012–1675) 1. Identify solutions Application solutions 3. Verify the repair •4.Reference 1. Determine the solution Solutions given by the safety manufacturer: Link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/security/alert-cve-2012-1675-1608180.html Follow this link […]

  • How to manually implement the restize event listener for DOM elements


    Basic introduction We all know that browsers don’t have native domresize events. The only object that can detect the restore event is the global object window. However, this event will only be triggered when the window size changes. When we need to do something when the size of the DOM element changes, we can’t do […]

  • Configure SQL Server 2019 Ag in azure CentOS VM – (next)


    Configure internal load balancer Most public clouds do not support directly configuring the floating IP of cluster resources. In azure, it is necessary to use the IP of load balancer as the listener. In case of failover, VIP resources can be started on the correct primary replica.Internal load balancer only allows intranet access to AG’s […]

  • Spring boot Kafka overview, configuration and elegant implementation of publish and subscribe


    This article is original, reprint and indicate the source, welcome to pay attention to wechat appletXiaobai AI blogWeChat official accountXiaobai AIOr website https://xiaobaiai.net [TOC] 1 foreword The content of this article is very complete, very long, very detailed! Don’t worry, take your time! I’ve written all of them. I’m sure you can read them. If […]

  • How to use Oracle listener log resolution tool


    Preface When we deal with database problems, sometimes we can’t see the abnormal waiting on the database side, but the application reports the connection exception. In this case, it is possible that the pressure has not been transferred to the database, and problems have occurred at the network level. If the connection storm occurs, the […]