• Python? Deep copy and shallow copy


    Deep copy and shallow copy import copy v = 123 V1 = copy.copy (V) V2 = copy.deep copy (V) × deep copy **Copy only copies variable data types, shallow copy only copies the first layer, and deep copy copies all layers Immutable data type: int STR bool tuple Variable data type: list set dictionary Dict […]

  • Windows Server 2016 – command line bulk export ad user list information


    This chapter brings you how to export domain user list information through PowerShell or ldifde command line, which is convenient for you to use in daily operation and maintenance work. A list of all user information under the staff directory appears in PowerShell mode: Get-ADUser -Filter * -Properties * -SearchBase “DC=staff,DC=azureyun,DC=com” |Select-Object name,SamAccountName,Givenname,surname,Displayname,title,mobile,CanonicalName,Created,Department,DistinguishedName,EmailAddress,homeMDB,mail,mailNickname,MemberOf,msExchCoManagedObjectsBL,msExchHomeServerName,PasswordLastSet,PrimaryGroup,proxyAddresses,UserPrincipalName,whenCreated,whenChanged,MobilePhone,telephoneNumber,employeeNumber,postalCode,company |Export-Csv C:\AllADUser20190226.csv […]

  • Windows Server 2016-ps filter export user mailbox property contains a field list


    In the production environment, we often encounter the situation of ending with multiple mailbox aliases. How to quickly export the user list information of the current domain user mailbox ending with a certain field or suffix becomes particularly important. In this example, how to quickly filter out the user list of the current mailbox information […]

  • 10 minutes to start Vue component Vue draggable


    Vue combines the advantages of Angualr and react. Because of its easy to use and lightweight, it is widely used. It has become a hot front-end framework, attracting more and more front-end developers! In this article, we will take you to Vue draggable component quickly through a simple drag and drop example. First, you need […]

  • Analysis of interview questions


    ACL (access control list) access control list It includes three aspects: I. scheme 1. IP: permission control from IP address granularity 2. Digest: the most commonly used permission ID, similar to Username: password, is used for permission configuration to distinguish different applications for permission control 3. World: the most open way to control permissions is […]

  • [Objective-C] explore the essence of the bottom layer of category


    No matter how perfect a class design is, there may be some unpredictable situations in the future requirements evolution. How to extend the existing classes? In general, inheritance and composition are good choices. However, in Objective-C 2.0, category is also provided, which can dynamically add new behaviors to existing classes. Today, category has been found […]

  • Flutter learning notes (25) — listview realizes pull-up refresh pull-down loading


    For reprint, please indicate the source:Flutter learning notes (25) — listview realizes pull-up refresh pull-down loading   We have written about the use of listview before: flutter learning notes (12) – list component. When there is a lot of data in the list, you need to use a long list, such as the order list […]

  • Python basic data type


    1, figures 1. Boolean (bool) Type bool has only two values: true and false           a = False           b = True 2. Shaping Int type               n = 12               a = “12” Convert string type to int method: int (a) default to decimal Decimal system in type ‚ int can also be converted […]

  • Windows 2008 opens SNMP service


    Now many enterprises and companies use network monitoring software to monitor the status of the server when they manage the server. Most of them use SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol) for monitoring. Then we need to open this service and make simple settings on our server side. The following is how to start and […]

  • Element-ui Upload Upload Component Source Code Analysis and Tidy Notes (14)


    Some comments are simply written. The source code of upload-dragger.vue (show this component when dragging and uploading), upload-list.vue (list of uploaded files) hasn’t added many comments yet. Please make a note of them if you have time. index.vue import UploadList from ‘./upload-list’; import Upload from ‘./upload’; import ElProgress from ‘element-ui/packages/progress’; import Migrating from ‘element-ui/src/mixins/migrating’; function […]

  • Compression and decompression of cab files by CMD


    Makecab: 1. Single file compression makecab ip2.txt ip2.txt.cab   2. Multi-file compression makecab /f c:\list.txt /d expresstype=mszip /d expressmemory=21 /d maxdisksize=1024000000 /d diskdirectorytemplate=C:\cab\ /d cabinetnametemplate=test.cab Among them: / F specifies c; list.txt (path customization) is the list of files you want to compress, which cannot contain folders. Files with the same file name cannot be […]

  • Based on wanAndroid-Project Practice


    # Qzs Wan Android