• Redis (1)


    Redis About redis Remote dictionary server (redis) is a key value storage system. Redis is an open source log type, key value database written in ANSI C language, complying with BSD protocol, supporting network, memory based and persistent, and providing API in multiple languages. It is often referred to as a data structure server, because […]

  • Test markdown’s syntax


    This syntax is quoted from the homework tribe’s CMD online markdown editor readerhttps://www.zybuluo.com/mdeditor?url=http://www.zybuluo.com/static/editor/md-help.markdown A concise grammar manual for CMD markdown 1. Italics and bold Use * and * * for italics and bold. Example: This isItalicsThis isbold。 2. Graded title Use = = = to indicate the first level title, and — to indicate the […]

  • Java merge list method code example


    This article mainly introduces the Java merge list method code example, the article through the example code introduction is very detailed, to everybody’s study or the work has certain reference study value, needs the friend may refer to List includes the list interface and all implementation classes of the list interface. Because the list interface […]

  • Do you really know the load method?


    Pay attention to the warehouse and get updated in time: IOS source code analyzeFollow: Draveness · Github Because the runtime of objc can only be compiled under Mac OS, the code in this article is in Mac OS, that is to sayx86_64Architecture, for the code running in arm64 will be specially described. Write it at […]

  • The use of JSON in Python


    Introduction to JSON JSON (JavaScript object notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. Easy to read and write. It is also easy to machine parse and generate. It is based on JavaScript programming language, a subset of standard ecma-262 3rd Edition – December 1999. JSON uses a completely language independent text format, but also uses […]

  • Five different ways to load data in Python


    Data is the foundation of data scientists, so it is important to understand many methods of loading data for analysis. Here, we will introduce five Python data entry technologies and provide code examples for your reference. As a beginner, you may know only one use_ P andas.read_ csv_ Function to read data (usually in CSV_ […]

  • How to quickly develop an IOT app based on app SDK?


    1、 Background and outline In today’s era of Internet of things, the Internet of things has become a trend. Controlling intelligent devices through app and realizing scene linkage is not a choice, but the key to the end-to-end solution of enterprises. Intelligent hardware manufacturers are springing up like mushrooms. However, the big framework of the […]

  • High overhead missing index


    select c.unique_ The number of compilations and recompilations that compiles as will benefit from the missing index group, c.user_ The number of possible uses of lookups after indexing, c.user_ The number of scans that can be used after the index is created, c. Statement as table name, c.equality_columns, c.inequality_columns,c.included_columns, c. Name as library name, c.avg_ […]

  • Easy combination of IOS interface with dcframe


    summary DCFrameIt is a swift composite interface framework, which has been iterated online for two years and is relatively stable at present Easy combination and management of complex UI modules; Zero cost migration and reuse of UI module; There is no coupling communication between modules. This document will use three examples to introduce how to […]

  • The difference between “+” and append() in Python, and test their running speed with code.


    In fact, if there is no obvious difference between the two in terms of memory usage, it should not be very easy to understand. Let’s look at “+”, which means adding elements to the list. Strictly speaking, “+” does not really add elements to the list, but creates a new list, and copies the elements […]

  • What is redis? It’s enough to read this one


    introduction At the beginning of the development of web application, relational database was widely concerned and applied at that time, the reason is that web site access and concurrency were not high and interaction was less. Later, with the increase of access, web sites using relational databases began to have some performance bottlenecks, and the […]

  • Android power optimization (2) — alignment wake up


    survey Many applications installed on Android phones will frequently wake up the phone (wake-up system, wake-up screen), resulting in the phenomenon of mobile phone power consumption. A good alignment wake-up management scheme is to wake up the background application infrequently when it is standby, so as to save power intelligently. Implementation principle: APK is the […]