• Two parallel lines


    Python Foundation Summary of this week’s study (11 / 09) 1, class int 1.1 common methods   1.1.1 int (num,base=2)               1.2.3 int.bit_length()                  2, class str 2.1 some features of STR class 1) It cannot be modified by itself (due to sequential storage), #eg: str_1 = “abcdefg” […]

  • Hellodjango Article 15: optimize the details of blog functions and improve the use experience


    By hellogithub-Dreamer The sample code involved in this article has been synchronously updated to the hellogithub team warehouse In the previous series of tutorials, we have implemented the following functions: article publishing, presentation, review, etc. maybe serious partners have found that some of these functions are not well designed. Today, we will optimize some experience […]

  • Jgit —- embed git into your app


    If you want to use git in a java program, there is a full-featured git library, which is jgit. Jgit is a relatively sound implementation of GIT written in Java, which is widely used in the Java community. The jgit project is maintained by eclipse, its home page. Dependency adding There are many ways to […]

  • Markdown: a necessary skill for programmers to write


    As a programmer, in addition to the hard skills of coding programming, writing software can also be cultivated, and writing is inseparable from markdown, such as GitHub’s readme document. Although markdown’s grammar is not difficult, there are still many skills and norms. I summarized them and shared them with you. God can make a detour […]

  • 【tf.keras】tensorflow datasets,tfds


    Some of the most commonly used data sets, such as MNIST, fashion MNIST and cifar10 / 100, can be found in tf.keras.datasets, but for other commonly used data sets, such as svhn, caltech101 and tf.keras.datasets, we can find them in tensorflow datasets. List of datasets included in tensorflow: https://www.tensorflow.org/datasets/catalog/overview ා all # datasets Tensorflow? Datasets […]

  • The Vue keep alive list page cache details page returns to the previous page without refreshing, and locates to the previous location


    Original link: HTTPS: / / dsx2016. COM /? P = 716 WeChat official account: Senior brother 2016 Demand: Browse the product list page, enter the product details, click to return to the previous browsing location Realization: UsevueOfkeep-aliveOfincludeProperty to dynamically cache components, return unchanged from details page, and refresh when entering list page from other pages […]

  • The basic principle and implementation of trie tree


    Preface Theoretical knowledge What is a trie tree Advantages and disadvantages of trie Application scenario of trie Encoding implementation Reference articles Contact me Preface In the process of user query understanding, there are many processes that need to use dictionaries to “identify”. In the meantime, the data structure of trie tree cannot be avoided. So […]

  • An example of list implementation in golang


    Preface In order to quickly review the basic grammar knowledge of go, we intend to use the basic grammar and characteristics of go to realize some common data structures and sorting algorithms. By analyzing how to realize some basic data structures, we can quickly learn the grammar characteristics of go. The memory is more profound […]

  • Flink weekly | weekly community update-12 / 24


    The main contents of this issue are sorted out by Hequn Cheng, including: releasing the updates of Flink 1.10 and Flink 1.9.2, discussing the integration of Flink docker image publishing into the Flink publishing process, discussing the new features of pyflink in the later stage and some blog articles. Author: Cheng Hequn (commander) The Flink […]

  • Excel export, add validity


    #Region add validity Datatable DT = labll. Logisticsaccounts (deptid); / / query data If (DT. Rows. Count < 20) / / validity character limit 255, a group of characters 12 plus separator = 13 {  string[] strs = {};   for (int l = 0; l < dt.Rows.Count; l++)   {     string[] sigle = { “” + dt.Rows[l][“XXX”].ToString() […]

  • How to use and implement Android multidex


    How to use and implement Android multidex In Android, a DEX file can store up to 65536 methods, which is a short type range. However, with the increasing number of application methods, when the DEX file breaks through the number of 65536 methods, an exception will be thrown during packaging. To solve this problem, Android […]

  • I wrote a very low code


    I don’t know what the problem is. Do you have a great God to teach me? It’s paid var socket = null, Online_users = [], // list of online tourists Current UUID = ‘; // the current tourist. Here is the information to be processed. If it is not the current tourist’s window var client […]