• A list of rust books on GitHub


    A series of articles: awesome rust Mongodb officially released mongodb rust driver Rust organization on GitHub Learn rust through examples Rust implementation of common algorithms Lightweight Windows GUI tool library based on Rust Chinese English comparison of rust language terms Official weekly diary of rust Small and fast rust asynchronous runtime SMOL Microsoft open source […]

  • Algorithm backtracking problem solving framework


    1. Introduction to backtracking Backtracking problem is the traversal process of decision tree. The following problems need to be considered for backtracking problem Path: the choice that has been made, that is, the path from the root node to the current node Selection list: what other choices can be made in the current situation, that […]

  • Some areas have banned fireworks, programmers can only use Python code to achieve an environmentally friendly and pollution-free fireworks show


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time This article is from Tencent cloud by Python sophomoreFireworks, invented by ancient Chinese people, are […]

  • C + + overload editbox default ContextMenu


    Background of the problem In the development of C + + client program under windows, we often encounter the development of function point of user-defined right-click menu.At this time, we generally only need to deal with WM in the window event process_ ContextMenu message. When processing, you can create a pop-up menu by using create […]

  • 13-1-3 password management


    Password management in Django Password management is not reinvented when it is not necessary. Django is committed to providing a set of secure and flexible tools to manage user passwords. This document describes how Django stores passwords and hash storage method configurations, as well as some examples of using hash passwords. See also Even if […]

  • 【leetcode】127. Word Ladder


    Main idea: Give a start word beginword and an end word Endword, and then give a word list wordlist. From beginword to Endword, only one letter can be changed at a time, and the word is wordlist. Solutions: In fact, it is a disguised BFS. It looks for the adjacent words that can be transformed […]

  • Oracle interval ‘1’ year reported an error today


    2.28, the customer WeChat official account updated the bill list function: the account records found in the owners’ feedback group were not their own, and the users’ numbers were written and killed after verification and speculation. ok Working from home is a little sloppy. Let’s understand. On February 29, Saturday, I didn’t wake up from […]

  • Full guide to using fuzzy Finder (FZF + VIM)


    brief introduction Fuzzy finderIs an interactive UNIX command line tool written in go language. Can be used to find anylistContent, file, GIT branch, process, etc. All command line tools can generate lists, and the output can be searched and searched on FZF through pipe advantage Go language, compiled to generate executable files without any dependency […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 4-2-1 Django template language


    Django template language This article introduces the syntax of Django template system. If you need more technical details about how the system works and want to extend it, please visit_The Django template language: for Python programmers_. Django template language is designed to achieve a balance between performance and simplicity.It’s designed to allow people who are […]

  • Layout of Android (how to realize the layout of hollow circle effect)


    Layer list: in short, layer list means layer list, which is used to create layer drawable. Layer drawable is a kind of drawableresource. Therefore, layer list creates “layer list”, which is a drawable graphic

  • Configuring pipenv virtual environment with Python of vscode


    pipenvLike glasses, you know when to use them Let’s make it easypipenvThe installation and use of #Installation pip install pipenv #New project directory mkdier project #Enter project directory cd ./project #Installation虚拟环境 pipenv install #Enter isolated virtual environment pipenv shell Let’s talk about itvscodeConfiguration switch in WindowspipenvVirtual environment of First, look at thepipenvVirtual environment path # […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 7-2 management operation


    Management operation In short, the basic process of Django managing the background is to “select an object and change it.”. In most cases, this is very appropriate. However, when you have to make the same changes to multiple objects at one time, the process is very tedious. In these examples, the Django administration background allows […]