• PHP + spool + MySQL imitate webqq chat in time


    1、 Renderings 2、 Directory structure Images: store picturesJS: JS fileswoole |—-Action.php database operation class |—-Config.php database configuration file |—-Websocket.php spool create websocket protocol file Index.php: chat home pageLogin.html: login pageWebqq.sql: SQL database file 3、 Database structure 4、 Code section4.1, config.php database configuration file <?php $database = array( ‘host’=>’’, ‘user’=>’root’, ‘password’=>’4f54dd’, ‘port’=>3306, ‘database’=>’webqq’, ‘charset’=>’utf8’ ); 4.2. […]

  • Write an app from 0 to 1 with weexplus (1) – environment building and home page writing


    explain The development of app based on wexplus is a new company. Before, I only used weex to experience and write demo. At that time, I was amazed by the development experience of using Vue technology stack to develop app. This development experience is much better than react native, which is not too good for […]

  • Share a lightweight and simple full platform open source mall system


    Hello everyone, I’m a heartbroken editor for the majority of programmers. I recommend a small tool / source code every day, fill your favorites, and share a little skill every day, so that you can easily save development efficiency, and achieve the goal of not working overtime, not staying up late and not losing your […]

  • Swiftui intermediate: a searchBar


    After using the searchBar provided by apple for many years, we plan to implement one by ourselves today. Think about the composition of searchBar Address for text entry A button list Implementation plan Hstack is used to wrap a textfield and button, and the list is realized by list. code import SwiftUI struct RFSearchView: View […]

  • Netstat is not easy to use on Mac. Try lsof


    Here I mainly talk about the use of netstat and lsof, as well as the lack of many functions of netstat in the MAC system. In this scenario, lsof is a good supplement. I prefer lsof, and for netstat, even under Linux, I recommend SS instead netstat Netstat command lists the detailed information about your […]

  • Flutter: parsing JSON


    See students want to code, this inoriginal textThere are all kinds of them. I’m also developing an app, and the code is closer to the actual use than in the original. get ready Please see if you canoriginal text. I translate it according to my understanding, for reference only. If there is nothing on an […]

  • Mobile data layer (do / Bo / VO)


    Log management list data presentation **The table records in the database are encapsulated into the syslog object, and all columns are the total number of records, Syslog is also called do / PO The business layer encapsulates the syslog object into the pageobject object to calculate the total number of pages, Pageobject is also called […]

  • Easy to understand, get deep and shallow copy in Python


    Deep and shallow copy in Python Before talking about deep and shallow copy, I want to talk about it firstisand==The difference between them. We can use theisand== is:Compare whether the references of two objects are the same, that is, whether their IDs are the same == : Compare whether the values of two objects are […]

  • Use of Yii redis list


      Redis list allows users to push or pop up elements from both ends of the sequence, get list elements, and perform various common list operations. Here are some common list processing commands, and their use in Yii. RPUSH RPUSH:RPUSH key-name value [value …]Push one or more values to the right end (tail) of the […]

  • Micro service governance practice: service contract


    Introduction:With the increasing popularity of microservice architecture, more and more companies use microservice framework for development. Even more than companies, even the graduate tutors of the writers have to use the microservice framework for the transformation of the laboratory’s spring boot project. This is the fourth article in the series of “microservice governance practice”, mainly […]

  • Wamsimpledatasource, a more elegant way to write static uitableview


    Well, before we start, I’d like to present the address of GitHub project with both handshttps://github.com/WAMaker/WA… order I believe IOS developers often encounter such pages: For such a static list, we can drag it out directly with storyboard or create it directly with code. Personally, I would choose to create it directly with code. However, […]

  • HTML tag list and instructions


    List of HTML tags sign type Name or meaning effect remarks Document marking <HTML> ● Document declaration Let the browser know that this is an HTML file   <HEAD> ● start Provide overall document information   <TITLE> ● title Define the file title, which will be displayed at the top of the browser   <BODY> […]