• Introduction to iptraf, a tcp/udp monitoring tool under Linux


    iptrafIt is an IP LAN Monitor Based on ncurses, which is used to generate statistical data including TCP information, UDP count, ICMP and OSPF information, Ethernet load information, node status information, IP checksum errors and so on. Its user interface based on ncurses can save users from memorizing cumbersome command-line switches.features IP traffic monitor is […]

  • Using Ctop to detect Linux container performance on the command line


    Ctop is a new command line based tool that can be used to monitor processes at the container level. The container provides a virtualized environment at the operating system level by using the resource management function of the controller group (CGroup). The tool collects data related to memory, CPU, block input and output, as well […]

  • Summary of methods to disable IPv6 under Linux


    Pv6 is considered as an alternative to IPv4, the traditional 32-bit address space on the Internet. It is used to solve the problem that the existing IPv4 address space is about to be exhausted. However, since a large number of hosts and devices have been connected to the Internet with IPv4, it is almost impossible […]

  • Tutorial of using nmcli command to manage network in Linux of RedHat system


    The default network service in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and CentOS 7 is provided by NetworkManager, which is a daemon for dynamically controlling and configuring the network. It is used to keep the current network devices and connections in working state, and also supports traditional ifcfg type configuration files. NetworkManager can be used for […]

  • Setting the method of sending email reminder after SSH login on Linux server


    Enabling SSH service on virtual private server (VPS) exposes the server to the Internet, providing an opportunity for hacker attacks, especially when VPS also allows root direct access. VPS should configure an automatic email warning for each successful SSH login attempt. The owner of the VPS server will be notified of various ssh server access […]

  • Tutorial for upgrading the Linux kernel


    Hello everyone, today we learn how to install the latest Linux kernel 4.0 from elrepo or source code. The Linux kernel 4.0 code named ‘hurr DURR i’m a sheet’ is the latest backbone kernel so far. It is a kernel released after the stable version 3.19.4. April 12 is a big day for all open […]

  • Method of printing IP addresses within a specified range using prips under Linux


    Prips is a tool that can print all IP addresses within a specified range. It can enhance the availability of tools that can only work on one host at the same time.Install prips on Ubuntu Open the terminal and enter the following command     Copy code The code is as follows: sudo apt-get install prips […]

  • Tutorial of installing instant messaging application telegraph messenger in Linux system


    Telegram is a real-time communication application similar to WhatsApp. It has a huge user base and many unique features. Telegram Messenger for Linux This article lets you know about the telegraph application and the detailed installation commands on Linux box.Characteristics of telegram Support mobile devicesDesktop version availableThird party developers can access the application program interface […]

  • How does the Linux system copy all the files under the folder to another folder?


    We can use CP or copy command to copy or copy files in Linux system, but how to copy all files in one folder to another folder? Here is a brief introduction. Copy command 1. Copy, CP, the function of this command is to copy the given file or directory to another file or directory. […]

  • Common ports and unauthorized access vulnerabilities


    ​ 1、 Introduction It is used to quickly locate ports and find open port vulnerabilities, which is conducive to external network penetration 1.1 specific port Port number use weakness 21 telnet 22 SSH 28 backspace vulnerability, OpenSSL vulnerability 25 SMTP protocol 53 DNS Service 67&68 DHCP service 143 IMAP protocol 161 SNMP protocol DHCP hijacking […]

  • Detailed installation diagram of redhat9


    At the beginninginstallBefore Linux, please collect relevant hardware information first. If you are not suresystemThe compatibility of hardware can reachhttp://hardware.redhat.comQuery. Prepare a partition with a space of more than 5g (recommended value) for Linux. Then we can start our Linux Installation journey. First step   First, we have three tickets readyinstallCD, boot the computer with […]

  • What if the Linux system uses the CP command to report an error cp:submitting directory?


    When using CP command to copy folders or directories in Linux system, sometimes the error prompt of cp:submitting directory will appear. How is this going on? Let’s explain it briefly and give the solution. Problem diagram: cp:submitting directory. For example: CP /test/test1 /test/test2 This is because there are directories under test1 directory, which cannot be […]