• The paging mechanism of memory addressing in Linux system


    The paging mechanism is implemented after the segment mechanism to complete the linear to physical address conversion process. The segment mechanism converts the logical address into a linear address, and the paging mechanism further converts the linear address into a physical address. Paging in hardware Paging mechanism is enabled by PG bit in CR0. If […]

  • On the significance of Ctrl + C, Ctrl + D and Ctrl + Z in Linux


    Both Ctrl + C and Ctrl + Z are interrupt commands, but their functions are different CTRL + C is to forcibly interrupt the execution of the program. The function of Ctrl + Z is to interrupt the task, but the task is not finished. It is still in the process. It just maintains the […]

  • Installing and using Memcache on Linux server


    The server side mainly installs the server side of Memcache, and the latest version is memcached-1.3.0.Download: http://www.danga.com/memcached/dist/memcached-1.2.2.tar.gzIn addition, Memcache uses the library libevent for socket processing, so it also needs to install libevent. The latest version of libevent is libevent-1.3. (if you have installed libevent on your system, you don’t need to install it.)Official website: […]

  • Full analysis of SED command in Linux


    1、 About sedSed: stream editor stream editor is also known as line editor, which only edit one line at a time. Sed works in “schema space” and does not operate on source files. No harm to source files. 2、 Sed usage formatThe common formats of the SED command are as follows:(1)Sed [options] ‘script’ input_file…(2)Sed [options] […]

  • Linux virtual machine modify IP address, view gateway, network environment configuration tutorial


    Modify the IP address of the virtual machine: Enter the following interface and directly modify the subnet IP. View gateway: Linux network environment configuration: The first method (automatic acquisition) Note: after logging in, set the interface to automatically obtain IP address Let’s go to settings: Tick the auto link and click apply. After that, every […]

  • The basic command arrangement of user management in Linux system


    Let’s get to know the privilege management of Linux. What we recognize is not your user name and password, but your uid and GID. To put it bluntly, it’s your user ID and group ID Copy code The code is as follows: >cat /etc/passwd</p> <p>root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bashdaemon:x:1:1:daemon:/usr/sbin:/bin/sh The top 0 is the user ID, and the group […]

  • Analysis of vsftpd service configuration (anonymous, user, virtual user) in Linux


    Overview of vsftpd Vsftpd is the abbreviation of “very secure FTP daemon”, and security is one of its biggest characteristics. Vsftpd is the name of a server running on a UNIX like operating system. It can run on systems such as Linux, BSD, Solaris, HP-UNIX and so on. It is a completely free and open […]

  • Examples to explain the Linux system server DNS related configuration


    The running environment is RedHat 9.0, IP address is, and the domain name is jb51.net 1. Install the software package required by DNSCheck whether the bind software is installed, and input it in the terminal Copy code The code is as follows: [[email protected] root]# rpm -qa|grep bind redhat-config-bind-1.9.0-13bind-9.2.1-16bind-utils-9.2.1-16ypbind-1.11-4  If the above words appear, it […]

  • Summary of 73 commands commonly used in Linux shell


    preface Using Linux shell is the basic work of some programmers every day, but we often forget some useful shell commands and techniques. Of course, I can remember the command, but I can’t say I can remember how to use it to perform a specific task. It should be noted that there are some uses […]

  • Linux system basic memory management knowledge explanation


    Memory is one of the most important resources managed by Linux kernel. Memory management system is the most important part of the operating system, because the physical memory of the system is always less than the amount of memory the system needs. Virtual memory is a strategy to overcome this contradiction. The virtual memory of […]

  • Talking about the difference between Linux script SH and. /


    If. Is not in the path, to execute the executable file in the current directory, use the full path: ./executable-file Path is an environment variable. If the current directory “.” / “is added to the environment variable, you can directly enter the executable file with executable permission in the current directory without”. “/” If you […]

  • Details of Gentoo system installation steps


    With so many online tutorials or resources, what else do you write? The main reason is that the technology update is too fast, there are a lot of things have been changing, so I write out the latest, which will surely make your installation successful~Download ImageGenerally, I use domestic image sources. Whether it’s CentOS, Ubuntu […]