• What is the difference between effective user group and initial user group in Linux system?


    This article explains the effective user group and initial user group in Linux 1. The structure of / etc / group file 2. / etc / group file Section 1 is the account name, which matches the section 1 in the / etc / passwd file Section 2 is a group password, which generally does […]

  • Operation method of batch adding file prefix in Linux


    You need to add “GT” before the file names of all txt files in the folder_ “; It’s from the original file“ xxx.txt ”To “GT”_ xxx.txt ”: The scripts found on the Internet are as follows: for i in `ls`; do mv -f $i ‘echo “gt_”$i`; done 1. First, the Linux command line switches to […]

  • Linux Installation and uninstall tomcat8 detailed text tutorial


    [Linux install tomcat8] Uninstall Tomcat – pause Tomcat first # systemctl stop tomcat # yum remove tomcat                                  RPM installed can be removed by using Yum remove Tomcat Install Apache tomcat8 and download with open source image of Huazhong Normal University of science and technology         # wget http://mirrors.hust.edu.cn/apache/tomcat/tomcat-8/v8.5.37/bin/apache-tomcat-8.5.37.tar.gz          Unzip Tomcat and delete the installation […]

  • Explain the process of installing and configuring haproxy in Linux system


    1、 Haproxy concept Haproxy provides high availability, load balancing and proxy based on TCP and HTTP applications. It supports virtual hosts. It is a free, fast and reliable solution. Haproxy is especially suitable for web sites with heavy load, which usually need to maintain or seven layers of processing. Haproxy runs on current hardware and […]

  • Error report of xhost command under Linux: the solution of unable to open display


    In Linux, an error is reported when executing xhost command: unable to open display. The solution is that when you enter the graphical interface through xhost under Linux, the error “unable to open display” often appears The operation steps under Linux are as follows: 1. Copy code: Copy content to clipboard [[email protected] ~]# vncserver               New ‘localhost:1 (root)’ desktop is localhost:1 […]

  • How to configure Qt development environment of go language on Ubuntu Linux


    goLanguage is highly efficient and runs at close speedCThe modern programming language of programs,qtCross platform excellenceguiKuo, the combination of the two works very well. This article talks about two things. The first is installationgoLinguisticqtBundle, the second is installationgoLanguage integrated development environment. install github.com/therecipe/qt package This section describes how to install and configuregithub.com/therecipe/qtDevelopment package, which is […]

  • How to install SVN server under Linux


    1、 Yum install yum install subversion 2、 Configuration 1. Create warehouse We set up a repository named SVN under / home. After that, all the code will be placed under it. After the creation, several more folders will be added under SVN. [[email protected] /]# cd /home [[email protected] home]# mkdir svn [[email protected] home]# svnadmin create /home/svn […]

  • Compression and optimization of JPG and PNG images in Linux


    JPEG otim compress JPG imageInstall JPEG otimIf you have an EPEL Yum source, use the following command Copy code The code is as follows: # yum install jpegoptim Compress picture command Copy code The code is as follows: # jpegoptim ttlsa.jpg ttlsa.jpg 1425×823 24bit N JFIF  [OK] 1074449 –> 853514 bytes (20.56%), optimized.You can see […]

  • How to deploy. Net core webapi on Linux server


    Pigeon for a long time, finally have a time to continue to write, followed by the last one, and wrote (water) an article, there are any shortcomings, please point out, thank you very much. Here are two softwares that need to be used, putty and PSCP. I have uploaded them to the blog Garden. Please […]

  • How to use the rename command in Linux system


    Under DOS / windows, rename the file. And the book says that under Linux, MV should be used to rename files or directories. I’ve been doing this all the time, but I’ve ignored that there’s also a rename command under Linux. They are all rename, but there are some differences in function. Rename under Linux […]

  • MySQL 8.0.18 installation and configuration method graphic tutorial (Linux)


    This paper records the Linux MySQL 8.0.18 installation and configuration tutorial, for your reference, the specific content is as follows 1. Download address of installation package on official website 2. I upload the installation package to the Linux server through xftp 3. Decompression Decompression command:tar -xvf mysql-8.0.18-linux-glibc2.12-x86_64.tar Continue to unzip the one you need Command:tar […]

  • How to compile and install Samba server in Linux and how to write configured macro


    Compile and installQuery whether Samba is installed on the system Copy code The code is as follows: # rpm -aq | grep samba yast2-samba-client-2.13.36-0.8samba-client-3.0.24-2.23yast2-samba-server-2.13.22-0.8samba-3.0.24-2.23 Uninstall the original Samba  Copy code The code is as follows: # rpm -e samba-3.0.24-2.23 Get Samba source codehttp://samba.org/samba/ftp/Get the samba source file package (samba-3.0.24 tar.gz Do experiments, path / home […]