• CentOS install SQL Server vNext ctp1 tutorial


    Today, Microsoft officially released SQL Server 2016 Sp1. According to the previous SP1 law, it can be used in the production environment. The standard version with SP1 will have almost all the functions of the enterprise version. Only environments with more than 128GB ram or more than 24 cores or more than 4 channels ram […]

  • Proficient in nginx (1)


    Blog reference http://www.cnblogs.com/wylhome/p/6057198.html http://tengine.taobao.org/book/chapter_02.html http://blog.csdn.net/justin_yaphet/article/details/47910439 Nginx: Nginx (engine x) is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, and also an IMAP / POP3 / SMTP server. Nginx was developed by Igor sysoev for rambler.ru, the second most visited site in Russia. The first public version, 0.1.0, was released on October 4, 2004. It publishes source […]

  • A detailed explanation of several common interview questions on the basis of mybatis


    (Original link:http://www.studyshare.cn/blog… I. should resulttype or resultmap be used in development? Force to use resultmap instead of using resultclass as the return parameter. Even if the attribute name of the class corresponds to the database field one by one, you need to use resultmap to enter Row definition. On the contrary, each table must have […]

  • Six methods of executing Linux shell command in Ruby


    In ruby, it’s not surprising to execute shell commands. Ruby provides about six methods for developers to implement. These methods are very simple, this article will specifically introduce how to call terminal commands in Ruby scripts. exec Exec will replace the operation in the current process with the specified command. After the specified command ends, […]

  • How to add permanent routes for multiple network cards in Linux?


    Sometimes when there are multiple network cards in Linux, you need to add routes for other network cards to let the network cards out of the way 1. Check the local route as follows 2. The route added to a host address is as follows. You can also add a network segment route 3. If […]

  • Extundelete implementation of file folder data recovery under Linux


    Extundelete is a data recovery tool based on Linux. It can recover the mainstream ext3 and ext4 files by analyzing the logs of the file system and analyzing the inode information of all files. 1. I use CentOS system, and need to install e2fsprogs, e2fsprogs LIBS, and e2fsprogs devel before I install extundelete. Here, use: […]

  • Detailed explanation of using Yum to install redis


    introduce Redis is a key value storage system. Similar to memcached, it supports more value types, including string, list, set, Zset and hash. These data types support push / pop, add / remove, intersection, union, difference, and richer operations, all of which are atomic. On this basis, redis supports various sorting methods. Like memcached, data […]

  • The first season of Linux


    Preface Not learningLinux, how to be a hacker, never learn Linux, always be a rookie, learn Linux, er, you are still a rookie, the above are all jokes, you can have a look and smile. Haha, but what Linux brings us is an open source world. Most of the servers are Linux. The title of […]

  • Steps for Linux to start DHCP server


    DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a kind of network protocol based on UDP protocol and only used for LAN. Its main purpose is to automatically assign IP address for LAN internal devices or network providers. It is usually used in large LAN environment or there are many mobile office devices in LAN. DHCP protocol […]

  • HTTPS is enabled in CDN. Must HTTPS be configured in the origin?


    Background: before CDN, the situation of the origin server is: SSL is installed, HTTPS is configured, and it has been running normally for some time. Because you want to improve the access speed, you decide to use CDN and turn on HTTPS.At this time, the question arises: do you still need to keep the HTTPS […]

  • Nginx practice (5) – nginx proxy service proxy buffer, proxy redefine request header, proxy connection timeout


    1. Proxy buffer The proxy server can cache some response data to reduce the I / O loss. The data is stored in memory by default. When the memory is not enough, it will be stored on the hard disk. proxy_buffering This parameter is used to control whether to open the buffer of back-end response […]

  • Http / 2 server (nginx / Tomcat) configuration and test


    Http / 2 protocol introduction Http / 2 comes from spdy and its main goal is to solve the performance problem of HTTP 1. X Unlike http / 1.1’s plaintext request in a connection, http / 2, like spdy, divides a TCP connection intoSeveral streams(stream), each stream can transmit several messages, each message is composed […]