• Method of connecting SQL Server database with Perl under windows and Linux system


    This article will provide some examples of Perl connecting to Microsoft SQL server databases. Perl scripts run on windows and Linux platforms. Windows platform If you run Perl script on Windows platform, it is recommended to use two module packages that rely on DBI to provide standard database interface modules. DBD::ODBC DBD::ADO Using DBD:: ODBC […]

  • Instance of grep command under Linux


    Grep command parameters Grep ‘word’ file nameGrep ‘word’ file 1 file 2 file 3… File nGrep ‘string 1 string 2’ file nameCat file name “grep” string“Command | grep “string”Grep – color “string” file name How to use the grep command to search the contents of a file? To find out whether the user user1 exists […]

  • Parameters used by the Linux sleep command


    Permission: all usersUsage: sleep [– help] [– version] number [smhd]Note: sleep can be used to delay the current action for a period of timeParameter Description:–Help: display auxiliary messages–Version: displays the version numberNumber: length of time, followed by s, m, h or DWhere s is seconds, M is minutes, h is hours and D is daysexample:Delay […]

  • Linux cat command parameters


    Usage: cat [- abeensttuv] [– help] [– version] filenameDescription: connect the file string and transfer it to the basic output (screen or add > filename to another file)Parameters:-N or — number numbers the number of rows of all outputs starting from 1-B or — number nonblank is similar to – N, except that blank lines […]

  • Several methods of automatically generating MAC address in Linux


    There are many ways to generate MAC address under Linux. In addition to the common shell generation method, it can also generate MAC address through Perl, ruby and other methods. The following small series makes a simple summary of the automatic generation methods of MAC address. 1、 Shell generation method Shell generation is the most […]

  • Using the command line to overwrite files in Linux


    I’m used to CP / RM / MV and other commands in FreeBSD. When I encounter a file with the same name, I can directly overwrite it, In Linux (not all of them, but some of them I use). When using the CP / RM / MV command to overwrite a file, you are always […]

  • How to solve the problem of too many open files under Linux


    The reason is that the process has opened more files and communication links than the system limit at a certain time. You can view the maximum number of handles set by the current system through the command ulimit – A core file size          (blocks, -c) 0 data seg size      […]

  • Linux kill close process command


    The safest way to kill a processIt simply uses the kill command without modifiers and flags.  First use the PS – EF command to determine the PID to kill the process, and then enter the following command:   # kill -pid   Note: the standard Kill Command usually achieves its purpose. Terminate the problematic process […]

  • How to change the root password and how to forget the root password in Linux MySQL


    When it comes to the root password, many people think of the root account password of the computer system. In fact, MySQL also has the root password. How can MySQL modify the root password in the Linux system? In particular, what should I do if I forget the root password? Password of the user (root) […]

  • Summary of basic Linux shell skills


    1、 Automatic replenishment: [tab] Many people should know this technique, that is, press the [tab] key when entering a command, directory or file name. The system will help you fill in the things you may need to enter. If there are multiple choices, the system will list them. You can enter one or more more […]

  • linux ultrasphinx Anonymous modules have no name to be referenced by


    After installing ultrasphinx on Linux today, I’m going to run rake ultrasphinx: configure to generate the configuration fileResults the prompt anonymous modules have no name to be referred by appears during operationAccording to the rake trace prompt, find the error, modify it, and then you can run itI was able to fix the problem by […]

  • Six practical linux commands


    1. Switch back to the previous directory     Copy code The code is as follows: cd – The horizontal bar represents the path of the previous directory -It’s actually the built-in variable $owd 2. Replace a phrase from the previous command     Copy code The code is as follows: ^foo^bar^ The original style of this […]