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  • Everything about hashing!


    preface This article is on the album: http://dwz.win/HjK , click to unlock more knowledge of data structures and algorithms. Hello, this is tongge. In the last section, we learned how to build a high-performance queue in Java, which involves a lot of low-level knowledge. I don’t know how much you get?! In this section, I […]

  • On JavaScript data structure (double ended queue)


    A double ended queue is an ordered collection of items similar to a queue. In fact, it is a queue in essence. It is only a queue with both front-end and back-end supporting insert and delete operations, which is more practical. Therefore, there is no such statement as FIFO. We can do this through arrays, […]

  • Queue chain storage


    Linked list realizes queue Create three files: queuelinked. H, queuelinked. C, queuelinkedtest. C queueLinked.h #ifndef QUEUE_LINKED_H_ #define QUEUE_LINKED_H_ #ifdef __GNUC__ #define DEPRECATED __attribute__( (deprecated) ) #elif defined(_MSC_VER) #define DEPRECATED __declspec( deprecated ) #else #define DEPRECATED #endif #ifndef PTOI #define PTOI( p ) ((int32_t)(int64_t)(p)) #endif #ifndef ITOP #define ITOP( i ) ((void *)(int64_t)(i)) #endif #define ADT […]

  • Face to face Manual Chapter 9 what is a queue? What is double end queue, delay to column, blocking queue, all knowledge blind area! “


    Author: little brother FuBlog: https://bugstack.cn Precipitation, sharing, growth, let yourself and others can have a harvest! 1、 Preface The most important thing to buy a house is the house pattern! If you can accept the geographical location and square meter price, the most important thing is the housing pattern.what? mother-in-law! You A kind of Get […]

  • Linked list of JavaScript data structure


    Linked list data structure To store multiple elements, arrays may be the most commonly used data structure in JS, but inserting or removing items from the beginning or middle of an array is costly because elements need to be moved.A linked list stores an ordered set of elements, but different from an array. The elements […]

  • Linked list and stack


    Linked list Summary:1. The time complexity of adding, deleting and searching elements in the head of the linked list is O (1). If it is in other positions, the time complexity of the above operations is O (n).2. The efficient operation of the head element of the linked list meets the requirements of stack construction.

  • Linked storage structure of linear list single linked list and circular linked list


    1. Definition of chain storage In order to represent the logical relationship between each data element AI and its direct successor AI + 1, for data element AI, in addition to its own information, it also needs to store an information indicating its direct successor. We call the domain where the data element information is […]

  • Peep into the world of data structures – ES6


    1. What is data structure? Data structure is a special way to organize and store data in computer, which makes data access and modify efficiently. More precisely, data structure is a collection of data values, which represents the relationship between data, and also includes functions or operations acting on data. 1.1 why do we need […]

  • Detailed explanation of [golang] defer


    characteristic Let’s go through it brieflydeferThe basic use of keywords, let us have a basic cognition 1、 Delay call func main() { defer log.Println(“EDDYCJY.”) log.Println(“end.”) } Output results: $ go run main.go 2019/05/19 21:15:02 end. 2019/05/19 21:15:02 EDDYCJY. 2、 Last in, first out func main() { for i := 0; i < 6; i++ { […]

  • Read the source code and review the basics through LinkedList


    catalog preface Class signature generic paradigm Serializable and clonable Deque List and abstractlist Randomaccess interface (not implemented) variable Constructor common method Methods in list system: add(E e) Linklast (e e) method The basic form of double linked list Adding an empty linked list Adding non empty linked list add(int index, E element) node(index) linkBefore Add: […]

  • Detailed explanation of [golang] panic


    As a gophper, I believe you arepanicandrecoverIt’s no stranger, but have you ever thought about it. When we execute these two statements. What happened at the bottom? A few days ago, I just talked to my colleagues about this topic. I found that we still have a vague understanding of this topic. I hope this […]

  • Redis source code learning (1) – Implementation of double ended linked list in redis


    RedisIt’s an open source useANSI CIt is written in language, supports network, can be based on memory or persistent log typeKey-ValueDatabase, and provides a variety of languagesAPI。RedisThe source code is relatively compact and compact, the early version only has more than 20000 lines of code, even if it is used in this series5.0.8Version of the […]