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  • Jsliang job series – 21 – browser cache


    A catalogue What’s the difference between the front end and salted fish catalog A catalogue 2. Foreword Three main texts Four strokes 2. Foreword Return to directory [x] LRU algorithm[Reading suggestion: 20 minutes] [x] Front end advanced algorithm 3: learning LRU algorithm from browser cache elimination strategy and Vue’s keep alive[Reading suggestion: 30 minutes] Three […]

  • Linear list (array, linked list, queue, stack) detailed summary


    Linear table is a very basic and important data structure array Linked list queue Stack Next, I will make a detailed summary of these four data structures, in which the linked list is implementedMore than ten kindsCommon operations. Hope to help you. 1. Array Array is a linear table data structure. It uses a group […]

  • Algorithm double pointer problem solution


    The use of double pointer in the algorithm sometimes feels very clever and solves a lot of problems. It is necessary to sum up. First of all, double pointer is a very broad concept, which is similar to traversalI and jBut the difference is that the two pointers move at the same time, that is, […]

  • Dewu (poison) app, 8-digit lottery code demand, this is not the math homework left for me by the product!


    Author: Xiao Fu GeBlog:https://bugstack.cnGithub:https://github.com/fuzhengwei/CodeGuide/wiki Precipitation, sharing, growth, so that they and others can gain! 1、 Preface Why is your code a mess? In fact, there are so many from you, why do you write code like this! Why do you have so many for loops in your code? Because there is no reasonable data structure […]

  • Leetcode interview question 02.01. Python implementation of removing duplicate nodes


    Title Requirements: Thinking: Open a dictionary to remove duplicate words Open a new linked list to return Traverse the linked list. If the current value is already in the dictionary, traverse the next one directly. If it is not in the dictionary, add the value to the dictionary and add it to the new linked […]

  • Go memory allocator


    readNotes on the touranddravenessSummary of memory management of go technological processThe user program obtains new memory space from heap through allocator,Reclaim space through collector distributorGo uses free list allocator to allocate memory, and adopts isolation adaptation method Free list allocatorWhen the user program applies for memory, the free list allocator will traverse the free memory […]

  • Qixi also need to learn, hash!


    preface This article is included in the album:http://dwz.win/HjK, click to unlock more knowledge of data structure and algorithm. Hello, I’m brother Tong. In the last section, we learned how to build a high-performance queue in Java, which involves a lot of underlying knowledge. I don’t know how much get you have?! In this section, I […]

  • Data structure and algorithm — linked list


    Linked list basic First knowledge of linked list struct Node{ int data; Node * next; }; The above is the most basic structure of the linked list: a place data, a save pointer. The pointer here is just a term for C / C + +. It’s actually to index a coordinate of the next […]

  • Java three years interview summary, gold nine silver ten, are you ready?


    network Why shake hands three times? Three handshake TCP protocol connection process.The reason or purpose is to prove that both the client and the server have the ability to send and receive. principle:The first time: the client sends syn package to the serverThe second time: after receiving, the server sends the sequence number + 1 […]

  • Algorithm – list operation topic routine


    0. Preface Simple topics, but without practice or recitation, may not be able to write out. In an interview, you often finish them in a short time. You don’t have time to draw pictures and deduce them. These can only be quickly completed in your mind. Sometimes after a long time, you feel that you […]

  • Basic summary of linked list


    1. Brief introduction Linked listChain storage structure of linear listThe linked list uses a set ofarbitrarilyTo store data elements. If two data elements are adjacent in logical position, they are in physical positionnot alwaysAdjacent. As shown in the figure: But it’s too messy to look at. In order to look comfortable and convenient, we changed […]

  • Algorithm training phase 2 – linked list


    Reverse linked list Sword finger offer 24 Define a function, input the head node of a linked list, invert the linked list and output the head node of the inverted linked list. Example: Input: 1 – > 2 – > 3 – > 4 – > 5 – > null Output: 5 – > 4 […]