• The most complete pytorch data scientist’s Guide (1)


    All the pytorch features you’ll need for deep learning. From an experimental / research point of view. PyTorchIt has become one of the de facto standards for creating neural networks, and I like its interface. However, it is difficult for beginners to get it. I remember choosing pytorch a few years ago after extensive experiments. […]

  • Linear regression and logistic regression (likelihood parameter estimation)


    From machine learning alchemy Linear regression is to solve the regression problem, and logical regression is to solve the classification problem on the basis of linear regression. 1 Formula It goes without saying what linear regression is. The format looks like this:$f_{w,b}(x)=\sum_i{w_ix_i}+b$ What about logistic regression?$f_{w,b}(x)=\sigma(\sum_i{w_ix_i}+b)$ The first thing to remember:Logistic regression can be understood […]

  • Algorithm engineering 5. Exponential distribution family


    1. Definition Exponential distribution family refers to a kind of distribution function with a specific form$$p (Y | [ETA) = B (y) e ^ {ETA ^ TT (y) – A ([ETA)}) = [dfrac {B (y) e ^ {ETA ^ TT (y)}} {e ^ {a ([ETA)}}} {begin {cases}} ETA: parameter vector / natural parameter, usually real […]

  • Linear regression: the realization of least square method


    catalog 1、 Linear regression 2、 Least square method 3、 Least square method (vector representation) 4、 Python implementation 1、 Linear regression    given the sample x = (x0, x1, X2,…, xn) described by N attributes,linear modelTry to learn a suitable linear combination of sample attributes to perform the prediction taskf(x) = w1x1 + w2x2 + … […]

  • Linear regression: principle and implementation of gradient descent method


    catalog 1、 Linear regression 2、 Mathematical principle of gradient descent method 3、 Optimization of gradient descent method 4、 Python implementation 1、 Linear regression    for a detailed introduction of linear regression, please refer to my last blog postLinear regression: the realization of least square method. In “linear regression: the realization of the least square method”, […]

  • Creating linear regression model with Excel


    By ram dewaniCompile VKSource: analytics vidhya summary You can perform modeling in Excel in just a few steps Here is a tutorial on how to build a linear regression model in Excel and how to interpret the results introduce Can excel really build a prediction model? This is usually my first reaction when I bring […]

  • Leetcode – Search in 2D array


    Leetcode – Search in 2D array Blog description The information involved in this article comes from Internet collation and personal summary, which means personal learning and experience summary. If there is any infringement, please contact me to delete it. Thank you! explain Jianzhi offer, 4 questions, main station 240 questions Searching in two dimensional array […]

  • Grasp the soul of computer programming, matrix application and graphic conversion


    The author of this article: Le byte – Keng Wang Lao Xue Matrix transformation of two dimensional graphics (1) — basic concepts The basic two-dimensional transformation includes rotation, scaling, twisting, and translation, These geometric operations can be transformed into some basic matrix operations These transformations are linear, but the translation operation is not linear and […]

  • 7. Linear regression algorithm for machine learning


    What is linear regression We may have been exposed to it in junior high school. Y = ax, X is the independent variable, y is the dependent variable, and a is the coefficient and the slope. If we know the coefficient a, then give me an X, and I can get a Y, which can […]

  • The interpolation of any two colors is calculated by canvas


    Canvas can help us to do a lot of color calculation aids, such as color conversion, gradient color calculation. For color conversion, I wrote an article before:Color conversion to RGBA format via canvas and performance issuesReaders can refer to this article to understand.This paper focuses on the color interpolation calculation of gradient calculation. Calculate the […]

  • Implementation of linear fitting by Python


    One dimensional linear fitting The data is y = 4x + 5 plus noise result: import numpy as np from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D from matplotlib import pyplot as plt from torch.autograd import Variable import torch from torch import nn X = torch.unsqueeze(torch.linspace(-1, 1, 100), dim=1) Y = 4*X + 5 + torch.rand(X.size()) class LinearRegression(nn.Module): def […]

  • A simple linear regression algorithm based on Python


    Recently, I listened to Mr. Zhang Jiang’s deep learning course and used Python to realize neural network prediction. I had a little knowledge of tensorflow when I did the prediction of Titanic survival rate. I heard that the pyrorch that tensorflow can do can be done, and it is more convenient and fast. I tried […]