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  • Gaussdb (DWS) application practice load management and job queue processing method


    Abstract:This paper is used to summarize the various job queues that may occur in the practical application of gaussdb (DWS), and how to judge whether the queue is normal and adjust some parameters to make resource allocation and load management more in line with the current business; Or when the job is blocked, how to […]

  • Using channel to realize communication (message queue) between corollaries in spool


    passageway Coroutine\ChannelUsing local memory, memory is isolated between different processes. It can only be carried out in different processes of the same processpushandpopOperation. Co::set([‘hook_flags’=> SWOOLE_HOOK_ALL]); Co\run(function(){ //Set a channel with a capacity of 1 $chan = new Swoole\Coroutine\Channel(1); Swoole\Coroutine::create(function () use ($chan) { for($i = 0; $i < 100000; $i++) { co::sleep(1.0); //Write data to […]

  • Several implementation cases of golang connection pool


    Because of the three handshakes of TCP and other reasons, establishing a connection is a relatively high cost behavior. Therefore, in a program that needs to interact with a specific entity many times, it is necessary to maintain a connection pool, in which there are reusable connections for reuse. To maintain a connection pool, the […]

  • Talking about nexttick again from vue3 source code


    Before we start, let’s take a look at the official definition Definition: performs a delayed callback after the end of the next DOM update cycle. Use this method immediately after modifying the data to get the updated dom Is there a lot of question marks after watching? We find out the key words that produce […]

  • Queuing for meals: Fair lock and unfair lock (interview)


    The concept of fair lock and unfair lock Fair lock:Take a simple example, there are five students who have to line up to have dinner every day. For the sake of simplicity, we define a number for each of the five students, which areNo. 001reachNo. 005,The five students pressfirst come , first servedThe students who […]

  • Golang connection pool you must understand


    Problem introduction As a golang developer, the online environment has encountered a number of connection explosion problems (MySQL / redis / Kafka, etc.). For this reason, golang, as a resident process, needs to manually close the connection after requesting a third-party service or resource, otherwise the connection will always exist. Most of the time, developers […]

  • #Frequently asked questions about configureawait


    Original text: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/configureawait-faq/ . net was added to the language and class library more than seven years agoasync/await。 At that time, it was as popular as wildfire, not only throughout the. Net ecosystem, but could also be replicated in many other languages and frameworks. In terms of using other asynchronous language constructs, providing asynchronous support […]

  • Overview of synchronization context


    >>Return to C ා concurrent programming 1. Overview 2. The necessity of synchronizing context 2.1. Birth of isynchronizeinvoke 2.2. The birth of synchronizationcontext 3. The concept of synchronization context 4. Implementation of synchronization context 4.1. WinForm synchronization context 4.2. Dispatcher synchronization context 4.3. Default synchronization context 4.4. Context capture and execution 4.5. AspNetSynchronizationContext 5. Precautions […]

  • Coordinated emission problem of performance testing tools


    ​ Author: Tang Liu A long time ago, I read an article of Gil God, “your load generator is probably lying to you – take the red hill and find out why”, which mentioned the problem of coordinated operation, a performance testing tool, but didn’t pay much attention at that time. These days, someone asked […]

  • Vscode shortcut key to improve productivity


    1、 Open / view 1. Open command tray MacOS: Shift+Cmd+P Windows: Shift+Ctrl+P 2. Open Settings MacOS: Cmd+, Windows: Ctrl+, 3. Close the current tab / window MacOS: Cmd+W Windows: Ctrl+W If no tab is open, close the current window 4. Open / close command line MacOS: Ctrl+` Windows: Ctrl+` 5. Turn sidebar on / off […]

  • Presto resource group Quick Guide


    This article is from oppo Internet technology team. Please note the author for reprint. Meanwhile, welcome to our official account: OPPO_tech, to share with you OPPO frontier Internet technology and activities. Presto, as an interactive query engine in the big data scenario, has been providing normal query services on oppo for one year. From the […]