• HTML web page list markup tutorial


    HTML web page list markup tutorialIn the HTML page, the list can play the role of outline writing. There are two types of lists: one is a sequential list, and the other is an unordered list. The former uses bullets to mark unordered items, while the latter uses numbers to record the order of items.The […]

  • What is web slices


    IE8 new features web slicesMicrosoft released the official version of IE8 on March 20. The new function web slices is something that interests me very much.What is web slices? Slice refers to a certain part, and web slices refers to a certain part of the content on the web page. For example, if you care […]

  • How to write beautiful HTML code


    What beautiful HTML code looks likeAn article written by a foreigner: what beautiful HTML code looks like how to write beautiful HTML code? I feel it’s very good. Reprint it and share it with you:PS: original address: http://css-tricks.com/what-beautiful-html-code-looks-like/1.DOCTYPE Properly DeclaredDon’t forget the header statement, which tells the browser how to render your HTML.2.Tidy Head SectionSet […]

  • Web page HTML code explanation: ordered list and unordered list


    This section studies the list elements in HTML. The list form accounts for a large proportion in website design. The displayed information is very neat and intuitive for users to understand. In the later CSS style learning, we will use a lot of advanced functions of list elements.List for organizing data After learning so many […]