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  • FlexGrid — a table control based on Devops


    What is FlexGrid? FlexGridIt is a lightweight, easy-to-use, flexible and fast high-performance table control launched by grape city. As one of the four lightweight controls of. Net full-function control package componentone, it has been widely recognized by the industry for 20 consecutive years. FlexGrid is mainly applied to more than 10 platforms such as WPF, […]

  • Lightweight bidirectional binding tool — ukulelejs


    What is ukulejs A lightweight two-way binding tool, you can temporarily understand it as a simplified version of angular. (hereinafter referred to as ukujs) Let’s take a look at the simplest example of two-way binding <div uku-application> <input type=”text” uku-value=”myCtrl.message”> <input type=”text” uku-value=”myCtrl.message”> <textarea rows=”4″ uku-value=”myCtrl.message”></textarea> </div> //Register ViewModel var uku = new Ukulele(); uku.registerController(“myCtrl”,new […]

  • Several common JS libraries, don’t build wheels again


    It’s the end of the year. Let’s summarize some interesting JS wheel used this year (just list some interesting libraries, each title is a hyperlink, you can click to check it by yourself)Hope to be useful to you! If you are interested, you can discuss it together in the comments color ==Function = =: Javascript […]

  • Web development technology


    HTML HTML: a technology for developing web pagesCSS: a technique for modifying and rendering web pages #HTML Radio: Radio Check box / multiple choice box: check box Button: button Submit button: submit Drop down box: select option Multi line text input: textarea #CSS Link link can introduce external CSS file, which is equivalent to calling […]

  • Flutter mobile version of cry


    Flutter mobile version of cry Let’s first review the web and Android versions of cry Built a website with the immature flutter web Android jetpack version of cry No picture, no truth: The UI is basically the same as the Android version, except for “photos”, which directly copies the code on the web side and […]

  • A brief discussion on the cooperative process of “swoole”


    Reading this article requires the following knowledge points Understand the process, thread related foundation Proficient PHP output of Hello World Can spell the word “spool” Introduction of Xiecheng What is Xiecheng? A coroutine is a function that can suspend its execution (yield) until the given given YieldInstruction finishes. To put it simply, a coroutine is […]

  • Application of computing storage separation in message queue


    Guide to Yunmei: With the continuous development of the Internet, high concurrency of big data is no longer far away, which is a necessary ability for most projects. Among them, message queuing is almost a necessary skill. There are many mature message queuing tools. This article introduces a self-developed message queuing tool of JD Zhilian […]

  • Rapid deployment of blog based on alicloud lightweight application server


    brief introduction This tutorial introduces how to build and manage a website with WordPress as the mirror image on a lightweight application server. background knowledge Lightweight application serverLightweight application server is a new generation of computing services for stand-alone application scenarios. It provides services such as application one click deployment, one-stop domain name resolution, website […]

  • use betty.js Storing JavaScript code to localstorage


    preface betty.jsIt’s a very lightweight, easy to uselocalStorageA tool for storing JavaScript code. There are already a lot of similar tools on the market: for example, recently released by the hungry? Teambowl.js, wechat team’sMOON(not open source), and the originator of this ideabasket.js。 But why do we have to “re build wheels”? Becausebetty.jsIt’s lightweight enough, simple […]

  • [front end knowledge of web development] – Web2.0 (1)


    Web1.0 Web 1.0 refers to the first stage of the development of the world wide web, from 1991 to 2004. “In Web 1.0, there are few content creators, and the vast majority of users are just consumers of content.” (in the era of Web 1.0, people can only browse content passively. )。 Web2.0 Introduction to […]

  • Implementation of markdown editor based on Vue


    introduce V-md-editor is a markdown editor component based on Vue Related links Online examples Official documents Effect display GitHub theme Vuepress theme Lightweight editor The left editing area of lightweight edition editor is implemented by textarea. advantage: Light enough Disadvantages: It does not support the extension of richer editing area functions. For example, you cannot […]

  • NPM cool Library: pify promises asynchronous functions


    NPM cool library, two minutes a day, learn about a popular NPM library. All Node.js The interfaces provided by the standard library and many third-party libraries are callback style. In the era of ES7 standards, using async / await with promise is the best practice. Yesterday, we learned that we can use the bluebird library […]