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  • Thingjs provides the basic method of light configuration to save development energy!


    3D software can create the freedom of any type of light at will, but the realistic effect still takes a lot of effort. Thingjs provides the basic method of light configuration to save development energy!Lighting helps to express an emotion or guide the audience’s eyes to a specific position. Light can reflect a tone, which […]

  • Three.js learning 4_ Light source related


    Three.Light catalogue Three.Light lighting 1. Light 2. AmbientLight 3. DirectionalLight 4. HemisphereLight 5. PointLight power : Float 6. RectAreaLight 7. SpotLight Auxiliary object 1. DirectionalLightHelper 2. HemisphereLightHelper 3. PointLightHelper 4. RectAreaLightHelper 5. SpotLightHelper shadow 1. DirectionalLightShadow First of all, it shows the effect of using hemispherical light reference. The light source is directly placed on […]

  • ISP Foundation (06): AWB algorithm


    1. AWB overview People’s vision and nervous system have color constancy. When they see white objects, they are not affected by the environment. For example, in cloudy, sunny, indoor, outdoor, fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp and other environments, the color of white paper in human vision basically remains unchanged, but image sensor, an electronic device, has […]

  • Lighting rendering — simulating lighting effect with canvas


    illumination We can see objects because light shines on them and then reflects back into our eyes. There are many influencing factors: the position of the observer, the position of the light source, the color of the light, the color of the surface of the object, the material and the roughness, etc. In the future, […]

  • Three.js to realize the simulation migration of Globe Earth City


    The overview is as follows:1. The earth with rotation realized by sphereometry;2. The.imageutils.loadtexture load map map material;3. Theree.math.degtorad, math.sin, and math.cos realize the transformation between the latitude and longitude of the map and the three coordinate X, y, Z;4. According to the number of segments and the corresponding national GDP value in the track to […]