• Collection! 17 programmer specific Wallpapers (frequently used)


    1. Think twice before writing code!!! 2. Search for people who like you from the world!!! 3. The code is not finished, where have the face to sleep!!! 4. Programmer’s home key!!! 5. Programming is an art!!! 6. Cloud ~ ~ ~ rain!!! 7. Program life!!! 8. Only geeks understand!!! 9. Hacker world!!! 10. Black […]

  • Programmers in Shenzhen see it – 30 free introduction to algorithms, first come, first served!


    All over the country, I make complaints about the work of the one or two days, and I cannot read it. Among them, my favorite is someReadme of successful code farmers, or life experience sharing is not too much. In these readme stories, someoneCollege background, I still insist on getting up at six o’clock every […]

  • Fixed investment life class


    The fixed investment life class is a community supporting Li Xiaolai’s book fixed investment changes destiny. There is a blockchain fund product that can be fixed investment, which is composed of seven blockchain targets, namely BTC, ETH, EOS, dot, mob, Xin and uni. Fixed investment can be used everywhere in life except in the field […]

  • Record a number and string comparison error


    Look at the code below $app_name=$request->input(‘app_name’,0); if($app_name==’MyName’){ echo ‘true’; }else{ return ‘false’; } Output results The result is true analysis We may find it strange that if the two are not equal, why does it output true? Here, the code makes a low-level error when the app_ When the name parameter is not passed, the […]

  • MySQL updates different fields in the same table


    SQL update diag_product_list_ios as a join (select soft_package_id,soft_name from diag_product_list_ios where pdt_code=’ThinkDiag’ ) as b on a.soft_package_id=b.soft_package_id set a.soft_name=b.soft_name where a.pdt_code=’EASYDIAG4′ and a.soft_name is null mysql Synchronous update This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article The meaning of life lies in the courage to bear the meaninglessness of […]

  • User Registry statistics according to time accumulation, application group by and sub query


    demand One day, my little sister told me that I want a report to analyze the monthly registration number of users from online to now, and make statistics according to the month. And I want to know the total number of users as of this month. analysis To get this requirement, let’s take a look […]

  • It’s true that IOS sliding off the background will affect battery life, but it won’t damage your battery


    Not long ago, # Apple suggested not to slide to close the background program # this topic became the hot search of microblog. The source of this topic is because a report in the sun in the UK wrote that “if you close the app frequently, the iPhone will slow down and lose its battery.” […]

  • Investment story


    1、 Reading American Literature in the morning1. Two ways of thinking make you poor: https://dwz.cn/Q7KxjFPi2. Yu’ebao has great risk? : https://dwz.cn/Pn6m8IYb3. One story makes it easy to understand the essence of insurance: https://dwz.cn/h9LSBJUU4. How does an average person make a million dollars in stocks https://dwz.cn/ShjKxnib5. Your “circle” is your future: https://dwz.cn/r6SJMgX56. The girl who can […]

  • “Giving back to fans” self discipline and life changing


    The effect of self-discipline to change the first phase of life is not so ideal, and the number of participants has not reached the expected effect. I hope that in the next “self discipline changes life” sign in program, we can actively participate in it, improve our self-discipline learning ability, and spend more than ten […]

  • Analysis of PHP parsing JSON


    Recently, I came into contact with the file types of JSON and thought it was very powerful and efficient, so I studied it and summarized my understanding.Create a JSON file with the following contents (the content is the content after the hbuilder is opened). You can see that the content is nested with two groups […]

  • Python from getting started to giving up


    Getting started with Python, everything feels so simple. I never thought that I could have such a good treatment in my life. It’s all because of my contact with Python that I feel that life is full of hope again

  • Poor Time View, Low Efficiency | January 2019 Summary


    This blog, Uncle Cat’s blog, reprinted please state Preface A month has passed in 2019. I don’t know how you are doing this month. Since 19 years ago, I have tried my best to use the data model to build a character model for myself. At the same time, I have found some problems. January […]