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  • Spring built in searchable dependencies


    Abstractapplicationcontext has built-in searchable dependencies Bean name Bean instance Usage scenarios environment Environment object External configuration and profiles systemProperties java.util.Properties object Java system properties systemEnvironment java.util.Map object Operating system environment variables messageSource Message source object International copywriting lifecycleProcessor Lifecycle processor object Lifecycle bean processor applicationEventMulticaster Applicationeventmulticast object Spring event broadcaster Annotation driven spring application context […]

  • Rust life cycle – lifetime in struct


    come from:www.zhihu.com/column/rust-shen Last time I talked about the use of lifecycles in functions. Now let’s look at the structure, why do we use this thing. In short, if we need to refer to an external variable in our structure item, we must ensure that the life cycle of the referenced variable is longer than our […]

  • Rust life cycle – lifetime in FN


    come from:www.zhihu.com/column/rust-shen Life cycle? What is it? How come I haven’t heard of programming for so many years? Rust is a real problem. Mom, I hate it! Take it easy. Come on, tie it up, get an injection, and listen to me《Wei Wei Dao Lai。 In fact, this should rise to the height of philosophy. […]

  • About maven


    Although Maven has been used before, it relies on IDE’s Maven plugins. Recently I took some time to decide that the system needs to learn. What is Maven Maven is a project building tool developed with Java. As for its role, there are numerous articles on the Internet, which will not be repeated here. If […]

  • Creating a kubernetes web application from scratch


    preface From how to create aPHP WebStart with the application and bring you into theKubernetesMy world. Basics Environmental Science CentOS 7.5 (Kernel 3.10) Minikube (Kubernetes 1.10.0) What’s required of you I assume that you have mastered the following basic skills: Docker & can write dockerfile How to Google Have a dockerhub account Manually compiled LNMP […]

  • Interview series (4): spring related


    Spring related Brief introduction of spring working principle Circular dependence problem Spring / spring boot starts the loading process? How does springboot work? What are the benefits of using springboot? Describe the IOC and AOP of spring How is spring task implemented? How do you use spring transactions? With @ transitional annotation, what does spring […]

  • “Do. 034” explore compatible fragment lazy loading mode


    Official account No.Hacker 567Author:Elm of XianyuIf you like, pleasePay attention, appreciate and watchReading time: 1738 words, 6 minutes Lazy loading of fragments is usually a mode used when multiple fragment interfaces are managed through viewpager in an activity. When each fragment is very complex, in order to ensure the fluency of the whole activity, we […]

  • 004 rust asynchronous programming, detailed usage of async await


    We briefly introduced the usage of async /. Await before, and we will introduce async /. Await in more detail in this section. Usage of Async There are two main uses of async: async function and asyn code block. These usages will return a future object, as follows: async fn foo() -> u8 { 5 […]

  • Your development tool spring custom annotation


    preface    custom annotation is a sharp tool in development, which is often used. It was mentioned in the last articleCustom verification notesThe usage of. However, recently received such a demand, mainly for some interfaces return data need to be encrypted. So it’s natural to think of itUser defined annotation + AOPTo achieve such a […]

  • Don’t understand mybatis first level cache? Let me tell you these five questions


    L1 cache Main contents: The first level cache is also called local cache. The first level cache of mybatis is cached at the session level. Mybatis’s first level cache is on by default. We don’t need to make any configuration in the development project, but if you want to close the first level cache, you […]

  • Five stages of API life cycle


    API helps various software products work together. At the same time, API is also software, providing communication or interaction between other software components or systems. Each API has a life cycle. API often plays an important role in iterative software development process, which develops rapidly. Developers must maintain the stability of the API, and the […]

  • Trust learning life cycle


    When it comes to life cycle, the most classic problem is null pointer fn main() { { let r; { let x = 5; r = &x; } println!(“r: {}”, r); } } It can be seen that the scope of X does not work before printing, but r makes a reference to it, so […]