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  • React hook | 9 necessary hooks


    React hook guide What is hook? HookIt is a new feature of react 16.8. It allows you to use state and other react features without writing class. HookIn essence, it is a function, which simplifies components and has its own state management, life cycle management and state sharing. useState useEffect useContext useReducer What did hook […]

  • Guanxuan Maui’s latest progress in. Net preview 3


    We delivered the latest progress in mobile and desktop development of. Net multi platform application UI in. Net   6   preview   3. This version adds the windows platform and winui   3, improves the basic application and startup builder, adds native lifecycle events, and adds more UI controls and layouts. We also introduce […]

  • React source code analysis 11. Life cycle call sequence


    React source code analysis 11. Life cycle call sequence Video course (efficient learning): enter the course Course Directory: 1. Introduction and interview questions 2. Design concept of react 3. React source code architecture 4. Source directory structure and debugging 5. JSX & Core API 6. Legacy and concurrent mode entry functions 7. Fiber architecture 8. […]

  • “Thinking” the design philosophy of react hooks


    background React hooks has been out for some time, and many little friends have used them more or less. Today, let’s look back at this thing and think about why this thing appears, what problems it solves, and the design concept behind it. text If you have experience with hooks, you can think about these […]

  • How to understand bean objects in the spring framework?


    Definition of bean object? In the spring framework, the objects of objects created and managed by spring are called bean objects. Characteristics of bean objects? In order to manage and apply bean objects more scientifically, spring framework designs relevant features for bean objects, such as lazy loading, scope and life cycle methods. Lazy load In […]

  • Front end interview classic: react core knowledge


    preface: If you want to systematically learn the front-end interview questions, it is highly recommended to browseOnline ebook(mobile version is supported and updated continuously). Features of this book: comprehensive system (covering front-end core technology points), concise and targeted (designed for interview scenes). Welcome togithubComment feedback on How does react implement keep alive? Keep alive is […]

  • How many skills do you know about playing in the R environment on sagemaker?


    Many children’s shoes may already know that Amazon sagemaker has pre installed the R kernel in various service regions around the world. This function is available out of the box, and the retegulate library is pre installed. The library is responsible for providing R interface for Amazon SageMaker Python SDK, allowing you to call Python […]

  • 10 Vue quick development skills to help you become an intermediate front-end engineer!


    preface Routing parameters are generally used in components. Most people do this: Praise before you see, form a habit~ Today, I’d like to share ten Vue development skills with you, intermediate front-end engineers 1. Route parameter decoupling export default { methods: { getParamsId() { return this.$route.params.id } } } Using $route in a component will […]

  • Android comprehensive analysis of activity life cycle


    preface Nice to meet you ~ welcome to read my article. There are many articles about the life cycle of activity on the Internet, and many blogs speak quite well. It can be seen that the importance of activity is very high. In fact, I guess the first Android component that every Android Developer touches […]

  • Fluent — Android initialization process


    FlutterView Inheriting the surfaceview, it has two internal threads, the main thread and the rendering thread. Using the rendering thread to draw on the screen can avoid the blocking of the main thread and improve the response speed of the program. Double buffering mechanism is used. Implement binarymesaenger interface, which defines the direct communication mode […]

  • The rust lifecycle bound is a reference for generics


    In actual programming, generic reference may occur. We will write the following code: struct Inner<‘a, T> { data: &’a T, } Compilation errors will occur: error[E0309]: the parameter type `T` may not live long enough –> src/main.rs:16:5 | 15 | struct Inner<‘a, T> { | – help: consider adding an explicit lifetime bound `T: ‘a`… […]

  • Delve into Android – fragment


    After working for so many years, I have been taking notes and haven’t published anything. I always feel that there is already something on the Internet, so I don’t bother to write.Finally, I thought about it, starting from the most basic, gradually analyze the principle, test my understanding, and hope all the great gods to […]