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  • Five minutes to quickly grasp the core concepts of maven


    Focus on “Java back end technology stack” Reply to “interview” for full interview information Two days ago, in a technology group, someone was still asking about the meaning of the keywords groupid, artifactid and version in Maven. Therefore, I think it is necessary to talk about these core concepts in Maven. Success is not only […]

  • On the set state of react


    This article refers to the Zhihu column of react official document State and props State (state) and props (properties) are the data needed for react component rendering. The difference is that state is private to the component and is completely maintained by the component itself; props is passed from the parent component to the current […]

  • Master Maven plug-in in three minutes


    Yesterday afternoon, old fellow asked me what time I would like to talk about Maven plug-in: So, in the middle of the night, Laotian finally wrote a maven plug-in, which he shared with you today. If you want to have a more detailed chat, please add my wechat tj20120622 to join the group and chat […]

  • Vue ssr


    Component lifecycle hook function Should be avoided inbeforeCreateandcreatedCode that has global side effects during the lifecycle.For example:In whichsetIntervalSet timer. In the client side only code, we can set a timer, and thenbeforeDestroyordestroyedIt is destroyed at the end of its life cycle.However, since the destroy hook function is not called during SSR, the timer will remain […]

  • Hilt, the official new Di Library of Android


    Hilt, the official new Di Library of Android Hilt is a newly recommended dependency injection tool for Google AndroidAdded to official document:Dependency injection with HiltAt present, it is alpha release stage Hilt is above dagger. The word “hilt” means: handle, handleCode base or thisgoogle/dagger. The appearance of hilt reminds me of a flash in the […]

  • Horn > ResourceManager


    function Unified management and scheduling of cluster resources Nodemanager (Management): receive resource report information Applicationmaster: allocating resources Client (response): processing requests signal communication (three role communication)1. Communicate with nodemanager (resourcetracker) Register, heartbeat (report node health status), container running status Receive execution instruction (start / clean / delete container) 2. Communication with application master protocol Registration, […]

  • Webpack 4.0 breaking down (7) plugin


    1、 Overview of plugin 1.1 function of plug pluginThe mechanism iswebpackIt is based on the event flow frameworktapable, you can refer to the[DOM event model],[life cycle hook in spa model]Or in the node environment[EventEmitter module]To understand its role.pluginThe system is provided for developers to monitorwebpackThe ability to lifecycle and perform specified actions when a specific […]

  • Elasticsearch index lifecycle management scheme


    1、 Preface stayElasticsearchIn our daily life, there are many things like storagesystem log、Behavioral dataThese scenarios are characterized by a large amount of data, and with the growth of timeIndexesHowever, in these scenarios, only the data of the latest period is valuable or frequently used (hot data), while historical data is almost useless or rarely used […]

  • What’s the difference between the code written in the constructor of angular and ngonit?


    Reference to the discussion of stack overflowDifference between Constructor and ngOnInit More than 1000 answers: The Constructor is a default method of the class that is executed when the class is instantiated and ensures proper initialisation of fields in the class and its subclasses. Angular, or better Dependency Injector (DI), analyses the constructor parameters and […]

  • Reforming laravel application with spool


    Reforming laravel application with spool Tags (space delimited): PHP 1. Overview 1.1 introduction to swote Swoole is a production level asynchronous programming framework for PHP. He is a pure C development extension, he allows PHP developers to write high-performance, scalable concurrent TCP, UDP, UNIX socket, HTTP, websocket services in PHP, without having too much non […]

  • Re learning react — state and life cycle


    1、 Foundation of react The react class component is responsible for logical control, such as modifying data = = > vdom Reactdom is responsible for rendering, vdom = = > dom Babel loader can convert JSX = = > vdom <h1>React is so cool</h1>==> React.createElement (‘h1 ‘,’react really handsome’) 1、setState (1) Foundation this.state={ count:0 } […]

  • Core concepts of laravel


    1、 Dependency management and service container 2、 How to bind classes and services (binding) 3、 How to resolve objects or services without dependency injection 4、 Service container 5、 Service provider 6、 Custom service provider 7、 Improve service provider to improve maintainability and extensibility of code 8、 How to use facade 9、 What’s going on with […]