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  • The interviewer just wants to ask me the source code of spring MVC. I can’t stand it!


    The online interviewer series has been serialized22Article!Deep and funnyNew series! [Online interviewer] Java notes [Online interviewer] Java generic [Online interviewer] Java NiO [Online interviewer] java reflection && dynamic agent [Online interviewer] multithreading Foundation [Online interviewer] CAS [Online interviewer] synchronized [Online interviewer] AQS & & reentrantlock [Online interviewer] thread pool [Online interviewer] ThreadLocal [Online interviewers] countdownlatch […]

  • maven-source-plugin


    maven-source-plugin Where is the source code? 1. Introduction When we view the code of Maven package in idea, there will be a download source code in the upper right corner, so that we can obtain the source code corresponding to the jar package from the warehouse. To obtain the source code, first upload the source […]

  • Custom spring Kafka consumer thread pool


    order This article describes how to customize the consumer thread pool of spring Kafka KafkaMessageListenerContainer spring-kafka-1.2.3.RELEASE-sources.jar!/org/springframework/kafka/listener/KafkaMessageListenerContainer.java protected void doStart() { if (isRunning()) { return; } ContainerProperties containerProperties = getContainerProperties(); if (!this.consumerFactory.isAutoCommit()) { AckMode ackMode = containerProperties.getAckMode(); if (ackMode.equals(AckMode.COUNT) || ackMode.equals(AckMode.COUNT_TIME)) { Assert.state(containerProperties.getAckCount() > 0, “‘ackCount’ must be > 0”); } if ((ackMode.equals(AckMode.TIME) || ackMode.equals(AckMode.COUNT_TIME)) && […]

  • Cassandra and kubernetes


    This article will introduce how to integrate Cassandra with distributed applications and manage it with kubernetes. We will also provide many ready-made resources to help you learn quickly.       Cassandra and kubernetes   Are you developing applications on the cloud? Then you must belong to one of these two camps: you are using […]

  • It’s time to update your weapon


    preface Android JetpackI think you’re all familiar with it,Android KTX,LiveData,RoomWait, a series of libraries are all fromJetpack。 that JetpackIn the end what is it? What are the things you haven’t used yet?GoogleWhat’s the reason for this? Today, we’re going to work together to improve our brainJetpack composition。( It’s a long space. I suggest you like […]

  • Vue optimization tips


    Internal use of hook monitoring life cycle <template> <div> < H5 > life cycle hook usage: < / H5 > <p> <span v-for=”item in arrList”>{{item}},</span> <br> < El button @ Click = “addfruit” > start < / El button > </p> </div> </template> <script> export default { data(){ return{ arrList:[ ‘Apple’, ‘Apple’, ‘Banana’, ‘grape’, ‘add […]

  • The past and present of Android project framework


    Hi, everyone. It’s sunny today. It’s a wonderful start.This article tells you about the three popular frameworks of Android, the past and present of the architecture, and my understanding and views on these frameworks. Differences among the three frameworks MVC Architecture introduction Model: data model, for example, we get data from database or network View: […]

  • Detailed explanation of angular component life cycle (1)


    catalogue summary 1、 Call order of hook 2、 Onchanges hook 3、 Change detection mechanism and docheck() hook summary Component declaration cycle and angular change discovery mechanism The red method is executed only once. The green method of change detection execution and the green method of component initialization phase execution are two methods. There are nine […]

  • Thinking and solution of ViewModel and livedata


    Hi, everyone, here comes the interview questions series. Today we talk about the two components of MVVM architecture: ViewModel and livedata.It’s the same old way, asking questions and giving answers. What is ViewModel? Why is ViewModel designed and what problems are solved? Let’s talk about the ViewModel principle. What is livedata? Why is livedata designed […]

  • Explain the life cycle of angular component (2)


    catalogue 1、 View hook 1. Notes when implementing ngafterviewinit and ngafterviewchecked hooks 2. It is forbidden to update a view after it is assembled in a change detection cycle 2、 Content hook 1. Call order example of content hook 2. The template content can be modified in the content hook 3、 Summary 1、 View hook […]

  • Re learn react — state and life cycle


    1、 Foundation of react React class components are responsible for logical control, such as modifying data = = > vdom Reactdom is responsible for rendering, vdom = = > dom Babel loader can transform JSX = = > vdom <h1>React is so cool</h1>==>React. CreateElement (‘h1 ‘,’react is so handsome’) 1、setState (1) Foundation this.state={ count:0 } […]

  • Communication between WebView and JS layer of IOS in react native uiwebview


    preface The last article in 9012 describes the communication principle of Android WebView in RN. As the first article in 0202, we continue to discuss the rest of last year’s WebView communication in RN. Background: For WebView, people who know it well know that there are two types of WebView (UI WebView and wk WebView) […]