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  • Glide lifecycle management


    Glide lifecycle management 1. Glide features Easy to use High configurability and high adaptability Support common image formats (jpg, PNG, GIF, webp) Support multiple data sources (network, local, resources, assets, etc.) Efficient caching strategy (memory and disk image caching are supported, and rgb_565 is adopted as the default bitmap format, with small memory) Lifecycle integration […]

  • Complete app jetpack MVVM learning


    Source address Project address:zskingking/Jetpack-Mvvm Introduction: Android community app and music player realized by jetpack family bucket + kotlin. Don’t write obscure code, mark each line of comments as clearly as possible, strictly abide by the six basic principles, and make extensive use of design patterns. This project can quickly help you start kotlin and jetpack. […]

  • Application scenario of SAP BTP MTA application


    The latest trends and advances in programming languages, software design architectures (such as microservices), protocols (such as OData), and the diversity of multi-layer and distributed deployment platforms have accelerated the trend of building applications from more, smaller, decoupled and diversified modules. Under the microservice architecture, more and more business applications tend to be composed of […]

  • Architecture pain points solved by SAP BTP MTA application


    SAP BTP MTA specification solves the life cycle and choreography complexity of cloud and local platforms. Its official definition is as follows: Multi target application (MTA) consists of multiple parts(modules)Composition, created and deployed to different targets using different technologies, but with a single and common life cycle. MTA connects developers with native tools specific to […]

  • Lifecycle of jetpack components


    For a long time, Android development has been full of a large number of nonstandard operations and repetitive code, such as life cycle management, repetition of development process, selection of project architecture and so on. At the Google IO conference, Google officially launched jetpack to enable developers to develop high-quality applications better, faster and more […]

  • Vue life cycle summary


    Vue life cycle summary Life cycle: 1. Also known as: life cycle callback function, life cycle function, life cycle hook. 2. What is it: some functions with special names that Vue calls for us at critical moments. 3. The name of the life cycle function cannot be changed, but the specific content of the function […]

  • Java thread life cycle


    java. lang.Thread. In the state enumeration type (in the form of internal class), several states of threads are defined, and their codes are: public enum State {     /**     * Thread state for a thread which has not yet started.     */     NEW,     /**     * Thread state for a runnable thread. A thread in the runnable     * […]

  • Activity life cycle analysis under Android non abnormal conditions


    The life cycle of an activity without exception refers to the change in the life cycle of the activity when the user normally participates in UI interaction; In general, an activity will go through the following life cycles. 1. Oncreate(): indicates that the activity is being created. This is the first method in the life […]

  • Rust announced the 2024 roadmap: focusing on three directions


    Recently, the Lang team, the rust language design team, announced the updated roadmap of the rust language in 2024 in the official blog. The rust 2024 is the fourth version of the programming language roadmap after the rust 2015, the rust 2018 and the rust 2021. Lang team said that the roadmap is just a […]

  • Android imitation app naked eye 3D effect


    Recently, I heard from my colleagues that the naked eye 3D effect of free banner is very creative. I downloaded the app and experienced it. I think the effect is really very good, so I imitated it immediately. The code has been uploaded to the GitHub warehouse,AndroidUiDemo Address:https://github.com/SHPDZY/AndroidUiDemo The following is the effect comparison between […]

  • The rust life cycle you don’t know


    Rust – life cycle Original text:https://hashrust.com/blog/lifetimes-in-rust/ Translator: Han Xuanliang (a go developer who loves open source and rust) introduce For many rust beginners, life cycle(lifetime)Is a difficult concept to grasp. I also struggled for some time before I began to understand how important they are for the rust compiler to perform its duties (move / […]

  • High frequency react interview questions and detailed explanation


    The following interview questions are from the GitHub projectFront end interview guide, there are more than 200 high-frequency front-end interview questions and answers. At present, there are 1400star Why choose to use a framework instead of native? Benefits of the framework: Componentization: among them, react’s componentization is the most thorough, even to function level atomic […]