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  • Reactv16.7.0-alpha. 2 hooks learning


    The source of hooks Hooks = > hook, as the name implies, in order to solve the problem of using state and life cycle in function component, and improve business logic reuse. Function component = = pur render function function component is equivalent to a pure function specially used for rendering. We know that in […]

  • Method interworking between H5 and native app


    Recently, I have done mixed development with app, and learned the method interworking between H5 and native app First, we define methods for app side to use (take Vue as an example) Define a method name in methods VContent() { console.log (“method for app”) }, Then we can mount this method to window in the […]

  • In golang sync.Pool object


    There is one in golang Sync.Pool Object, from the name, looks like an object pool, but it is essentially different from the actual object pool. This object will be described in detail below. Sync.Pool Object scalability, concurrent security; data structure type Pool struct { Nocopy nocopy // identifies a non replicable object local unsafe.Pointer //Fixed […]

  • 6 project management tools supporting agile development to help developers drive into the development fast lane


    With the rapid change of the market and the rapid development of the software industry, the traditional waterfall software development model, due to its long development and feedback cycle, is losing its competitive advantage in seizing the market opportunity and quickly meeting the needs of users. At the same time, agile development, with its rapid […]

  • ASP. Net core dependency injection


    Why use dependency injection? With dependency injection, we can manage the dependencies between classes, help us follow the design principles when building applications, and ensure code maintainability and scalability ASP.NET In the whole core architecture, the dependency injection framework provides the core capabilities of object creation and life cycle management. The components cooperate with each […]

  • Maven Basics


    2 functions Manage dependencies: dependencies refer to jar packages Project construction: it is a project management and construction tool Common commands MVN compile compiles files in the home directory MVN clean clears the files (class files) in the compiled target directory MVN test compiles and runs the code of the test directory MVN package MVN […]

  • Android Foundation: fragment, this is enough


    Welcome to cloud + community to get more Tencent’s mass technology practice dry goods~ Released by the daily P-map siege lion in the cloud + communityAbout the author: damonxia (summer and winter), Android Engineer of p-chart every day The source code address of demo in the following: https://github.com/xiazdong/F… 。 Basic concepts Fragment, or fragment for […]

  • [Android studio java learning notes] activity


    1. Creation and completion of general activities //Activity creation Intent intent = new Intent(MainActivity.this,A01Activity.class); startActivity(intent); //End activity finish(); When an activity activity01 is created, the following content is added automatically: Activity01 is created in Java class Activity added to layout file_ 01.xml Register the activity < activity in the manifest file android:name= “.Activity1”></activity>   2. […]

  • Initial knowledge of Vue — life cycle


    Just learn from Vue and write some notes to avoid forgetting. Thank you for pointing out the shortcomings!!! This article can directly copy and create an HTML page to view the results. life cycle click Destruction {{msg}} new Vue({ el: “#app”, data: { MSG: “I love learning Vue!!! ” }, /*Before creation, $el (no app […]

  • #A journey to uncover the secrets of react practice, a must for middle and advanced front end (Part 2)


    introduction In the last article, we mainly implementedJSXstayWebGLRendering and updates on, forVirtual DOMandDiffWith a deeper understanding, but compared to theReactThere is a lack of a very important link—Component mode。 I think you can agree, react component(Component)WithPowerful function, high expansibility and high decoupling, based on whichUIComponent framework has completely changed the traditional web development mode, and […]

  • 03 electron makes Hello world application


    03 electron makes Hello world application In the last section, we built an electron environment. In this section, we simply built a hello world application 1、 Modification package.json 1. The main field indicates the startup script of the application. We change it to main.js 2. Create start command in “scripts” The code is as follows: […]

  • Learning from the project from the shallow to the deep react (2)


    Serial article Learning Vue, wechat applet and fast application from the project (1) preface This paper introduces the use of react from two projects: PC (DVA + UMI) and mobile (native react)Understand these two projects, and get started with react code so easy 1. React Mobile 1.1 renderings React mobile project, welcome star 1.2 technology […]