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  • [front end algorithm] effective complete square number, traversal once


    Given a positive integer num, write a function that returns true if num is a complete square, otherwise returns false. Note: do not use any built-in library functions, such as sqrt. Example 1: Input: 16 Output: true Example 2: Input: 14 Output: false Problem solving code /** * @param {number} num * @return {boolean} */ […]

  • Ida flirt use


    IDA FLIRT/FLAIR Flirt is a function identification technology provided by IDAFast library identification and recognition technology。 This technology enables IDA to automatically find the calling functions in a series of compiler standard library files, and makes the disassembly list clear. Like oneMFCLibrary function. It may be disassembledcall 40a936However, IDA can identify the feature of the […]

  • Catalogue of virtual instrument development practice


    Summary Words written in the front Chapter I overview of virtual instrument Chapter II introduction to C 2.1 Microsoft’s routine The third chapter starts with the simplest virtual instrument design Chapter four: asynchronous programming Chapter V Communications Chapter VI dealing with equipment 6.1 drive Chapter 7 developing virtual instrument with WPF Chapter 8 measurement dataflow […]

  • C language pointer to function


    Definition form:Type (* pointer variable name) (parameter list);For example:int (*p)(int i,int j); Here int is the return type of the function, * P is the pointer to the function, (int i, int j); it is the parameter of the function Note: intf(int i, int j); int (p)(int i, int j);The former is a function whose […]