• NVIDIA’s latest image generator stylegan2, GitHub’s number one trend list, makes images vivid and perfect


    Since INVISTA launched stylegan in December 2018, synthetic face has been hard to distinguish. Especially at the beginning of this year, NVIDIA opened the stylegan code, and a large number of real and fake faces were “created” by developers. This machine learning technology is to generate new images that simulate real images. With stylegan, unlike […]

  • Four characteristics and isolation level of transaction


    1、 What is businessDefinition: a logical unit in the process of database execution, consisting of a limited sequence of database operations.Nature: consists of one or more SQL statements. These SQL statements are regarded as a whole during the execution, either all of them succeed or fail. No part of the execution succeeded and some failed. […]

  • Filtering out logs that the ABP framework does not need to record


    This article is one of a series of articles based on the. NETCORE and ABP framework on how to let Windows services perform quartz scheduled jobs. problem ABP. Windowsservice / demo. Myjob / 4.0.0 this project not only contains job service, but also a web site service automatically generated by ABP project. The logging of […]

  • C ා log with NLog


    1、 Install using nuget   2、 Configure nodes Default nlog.config modification     3、 Program call ILogger logger = NLog.LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger(); private void Index_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Logger.info (“log details”); Logger.total (“different log levels”); } Log output  

  • Android process scheduling


    In Linux system, processes are divided into real-time processes and ordinary processes. The priority range of real-time processes is 0-99, and that of ordinary processes is 100-139. Moreover, the scheduling strategies of the two processes are also different. Android system is developed on the basis of Linux system, which makes full use of some features […]

  • On the level of transaction isolation and communication of spring


    This article starts with a question. If you know the answer, you can skip [email protected] Q: In the process of executing a batch task, when calling multiple subtasks, if some subtasks are abnormal, just roll back those abnormal tasks instead of the whole batch task, how can transactions in spring be configured to achieve this […]

  • Seven implementation methods of CSS horizontal center


    Preface In front-end development, element centering is the most common and frequently used CSS technique. It is not only often used in development, but also sometimes asked by interviewers when they come up with the examination basis. This paper mainly introduces the method of horizontal center. I hope I can help you. 1、text-align: centerRealization If […]

  • How to judge the intelligence of a dialogue robot?


    Preface With the development of intelligent dialogue technology, more and more dialogue robots appear in people’s daily work and life. From the perspective of enterprises, the use of dialogue robots in appropriate business scenarios can greatly improve service efficiency and user experience. Therefore, the introduction of dialogue robots has gradually becomeImportant strategies in the digital […]

  • MySQL foundation 04 query


    Relational query 1. Internal connection: realize a ∩ B Select field list From a table inner join b table On Association condition Where and other clauses; 2. Left outer connection #The query result is a Select field list From a table left join b table On Association condition Where and other clauses; #Realize a – […]

  • Reactnative full screen (Android) adaptation problem


    Now it’s the era of comprehensive screen. Android mobile phone is also a variety of comprehensive screens, such as “Liu Haiping”, “pop-up camera”, “water drop screen” and “dig hole screen”. With the rapid development of science and technology, various schemes to improve the proportion of screen are emerging in an endless stream. It’s a bit […]

  • Questions that the front-end interview will definitely ask


    Constantly updated, this is a super long article, which is my summary while interviewing. Also, this is a preliminary level (1-3 years) front-end interview, which may not involve too many algorithms. It can be summarized in several aspects: HTML CSS JavaScript Frame class Small program Other 1. HTML New features of H5 Semantics of labels […]

  • Android linear layout


    Vertical layout Horizontal layout