• Wechat applet development practice (1): rolling component


    This paper mainly introduces various common functions of scroll view component, such as vertical and horizontal scrolling, scrolling events, etc., and demonstrates the use of these functions through example code1. Vertical scroll viewScroll view is a container component. If the sub components of the component exceed the height or width of scroll view, the component […]

  • Springboot integration – springboot integration log4j2


    Log4j2 introduction Log4j2 was originally designed for audit. Log4j2 is an upgraded version of log4j 1. X. it refers to some excellent designs of logback and fixes some problems, which has brought some significant improvements. Compared with log4j and logback, log4j2 has great performance doubles. Log4j2 can automatically reload the configuration. Through parameter configuration, log4j2 […]

  • How to handle null values in ASP. Net core MVC


    Translation link:https://www.infoworld.com/art… The traditional asp.net MVC corresponds to the asp.net core MVC in. NETCORE. Asp.net core MVC can be used to build cross platform, scalable and high-performance web applications and API interfaces. Programmers have some cleanliness habits. Many times, we want to perfectly wrap some error messages, such as some request requests that return an […]

  • [high performance mysql learning notes] transaction


    Thorough understanding of MySQL transactionsLet’s not talk about atomicity, consistency, isolation and persistence. Let’s talk about the transactions under InnoDB storage engine 1、 Isolation level The default isolation level of MySQL is repeatable-read, which can be viewed and modified by the following command show variables like ‘%tx_ Isolation% ‘// view set global transaction isolation level […]

  • Piziheng embedded: design and implementation of automatic baud rate identification program for UART (polling)


    Hello everyone, I’m a ruffian Heng. I’m a serious technical ruffian. What I want to share with you today isDesign and implementation of automatic baud rate identification program for UART in embedded system。 This article is aboutDesign and implementation of UART automatic baud rate identification program (interrupt)In the last article, we used the falling edge […]

  • Do a good job in self defined forecast and explore the growth momentum of products


    “Even the most powerful companies will be in trouble if they don’t take action for the future.” ——Peter Drucker With the rapid development of mobile Internet, product homogenization is serious, but it also brings more fierce competition. Only by paying attention to the user‘s session path of each page and guiding them to have a […]

  • Android application version compatibility to understand (understand minsdkversion, targetsdkversion)


    preface As we all know, Android is suitable for many types of devices, from mobile phones to tablets and TVs. In order to run smoothly on all these devices, when Android system is applied to devices, it is necessary to deal with the compatibility with Android applications. There are two concepts involved hereDevice compatibilityAndapplication compatibility […]

  • [translation] some theories of modern go


    Translated from < a theory of modern go > by Peter bourgon 2017 / 06 / 09 Original link The conclusion is as follows Global state has huge side effects — > package level variables and init functions need to be avoided Part1 Go is easy to read The only best attribute of the go […]

  • Business affairs


    preface I haven’t updated my blog for some time. Recently I’m learning some knowledge about business. To sum up, this article will cover the following knowledge points: MySQL transaction Spring transactions Distributed transaction What is a business A transaction is a unit of work composed of a series of operations. The operations in the unit […]

  • Go third party logrus


    Log is an essential part of the program. Because the built-in log library function of go language is relatively simple, we usually choose to use the third-party log Library in the actual development. This paper introduceslogrusThe basic use of this log library. Introduction to logrus Logrus is a structured logger of go (golang), which is […]

  • Accessing internal classes in other assemblies


    preface This article describes how to access methods of internal classes in other assembliesFirst, we create a new solution, which creates two class libraries at the same timeFooALibrayandFooALibray, as follows: amongFooAThe class code is as follows: internal class FooA { public void Print() { Console.WriteLine($”I am {nameof(FooA)}”); } } And then we’re inProgramClass callFooAOfPrintmethod: static […]

  • Springboot integration – springboot integration logback


    Introduction to logback Logback is another logging framework after log4j. Logback is the logging framework of springboot. Logback distinguishes logs of different levels according to strict log level (other logs inherit the log level of the previous level, such as log4j2 and log4j). Logback is divided into three modules: logback core, logback classic and logback […]