• Day5 gender change


    This question uses MySQL 8 0, not on mysql5 It has been tested in version 6 and is not guaranteed to be correct. subject Title Source:Gender change Transfer all datasexoffandmSwap, using only a singleupdateStatement, and no intermediate temporary table is generated create table salary ( id int primary key, name varchar(255), sex varchar(255), salary int […]

  • Leetcode-1220 counts the number of vowel sequences


    Source: leetcodeLink: https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/count-vowels-permutation Title Description Give you an integer ; n, please help us count how many strings with length ; can be formed according to the following rules: Each character in the string should be a lowercase vowel (‘a ‘,’ e ‘,’ I ‘,’ o ‘,’ U ‘)Each vowel ‘a’ can only be followed […]

  • 1638 graphics


    I’ve been cooing for so long… I’ve finally got some time to write a blog recently. I haven’t changed for a long time. I don’t know what to send. After thinking for a while, I finally decided to take a look at some of the more difficult questions I have done recently. (leaders, please give […]

  • Leetcode-017 – letter combination of telephone numbers


    Letter combination of telephone number Title Description: given a string containing only numbers 2-9, return all the letter combinations it can represent. The answers can be returned in any order. The mapping of numbers to letters is given as follows (the same as telephone keys). Note that 1 does not correspond to any letter. See […]

  • LeetCode Daily 13


    2022-1-17 T1220. Count the number of vowel sequences   Title Description: Give you an integer ; n, please help us count how many strings with length ; can be formed according to the following rules: Each character in the string should be a lowercase vowel (‘a ‘,’ e ‘,’ I ‘,’ o ‘,’ U ‘) […]

  • Strings function commonly used by golang


    Strings function commonly used by golang function brief introduction len(str) 1. Statistics string length, by byte len (STR) 2. String traversal, processing Chinese R: = [] run (STR) 3. String to integer n, err: = strconv Atoi(“12”) 4. Integer to string STR = strconv Itoa(12345) 5. String to [] byte var bytes = [] byte […]

  • 05. Kubernetes notes labels


    Introduction to kubernetes labels The key name in the label is usually composed of “key prefix” and “key name”. Its format is like “key prefix / key_name”. The key prefix is an optional part. The key name can use up to 63 characters, and supports letters, numbers, connection numbers (-), underscores (_) Point number (.) […]

  • 2021 ICPC Shenyang station (questions E and F)


    2021 ICPC Shenyang station questions E and F In the first regional game, I know my strength. If I say two questions in the team, I will win. Finally, I do have two questions. Post the code of the game, and then fill in the questions. E sign in Violence string, find the number of […]

  • IOS algorithm (basic) — delete all adjacent duplicates in the string


    Given the string s composed of lowercase letters, the duplicate deletion operation will select two adjacent and identical letters and delete them. Repeat the deduplication operation on s until the deletion cannot continue. Returns the final string after all deduplication operations are completed. The answer is guaranteed to be unique. example Input:“abbaca” Output:“ca” Explanation:For example, […]

  • Shell command line parameter parsing tool: getopts


    Shell command line parameter parsing tool: getopts stayshellIn the script, for simple parameters, we use$1 $2 It can be handled as follows: #!/bin/bash SOFT_DIR=$1 MAVEN_DIR=$2 echo $SOFT_DIR echo $MAVEN_DIR —————– $ sh test.sh /home/soft /home/soft/maven /home/soft /home/soft/maven However, if you have a lot of script parameters, the above method is very inappropriate. You can’t clearly […]

  • [idea] common skills


    Add Bookmark CMD + F11 Choose numbers or letters where they pop upRight click to cancel This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article

  • Leetcode-125 – validate palindrome string


    Validate palindrome string Title Description: given a string, verify whether it is a palindrome string. Only alphanumeric characters are considered, and the case of letters can be ignored. Note: in this topic, we define an empty string as a valid palindrome string. See leetcode’s official website for an example. Source: leetcodeLink: https://leetcode-cn.com/probl…The copyright belongs to […]