• The tutorial of turning page command more and less in Linux system


    moreMore – filter to read files on the display [[]]Synopsis (Synopsis) more[-dlfpcsu] [-num] [+/ pattern] [+ linenum] [file …][[ ]] Description More is a filter for paging (one screen at a time) text. This version is very basic. Users should know that less (1) provides more (1) simulation and makes enhancementsOption Command line options are […]

  • Example code of implementing star animation with CSS 3 Advanced less


    This paper introduces the example code of implementing star animation by CSS3 advanced less, which is shared to you as follows: The rendering is as follows:   Preview links and code in my codepen: https://codepen.io/lio-mengxiang/pen/yzkrede  Preview of knowledge points This article’s less skills + CSS skills knowledge points include: How to write a loop How […]

  • Building single page application based on vue.js and WordPress rest API


    Preface Vue.js is a library for building interactive web interfaces. It provides MVVM data binding and a composable component system with simple and flexible API.Axios is an HTTP client based on promise for browsers and nodejs, which we will use to request APIs.WordPress rest API provides an API endpoint for WordPress data type, allowing developers […]

  • Baidu yunqu Xianping: how to systematically solve operation and maintenance problems with operation and maintenance data in the age of aiops?


    This article is based on the sharing content of the 13th Meizu technology open day “Baidu cloud intelligent operation and maintenance practice” speech hosted by Qu Xianping, the head of Baidu cloud intelligent operation and maintenance, in msup, together with Meizu, flyme and Baidu cloud on October 20. Content introduction: This paper mainly introduces Baidu […]

  • IView modify subject error (nuxt.js, Vue)


    Inline JavaScript is not enabled. Is it set in your options? When vue-cli3.0 changes the theme of iView, an error is reported: // https://github.com/ant-design/ant-motion/issues/44 .bezierEasingMixin(); ^ Inline JavaScript is not enabled. Is it set in your options? New configuration needs to be added However, vue-cli3 did not expose the webpack.base.conf.js file at 2. X to […]

  • CSS media query aspect ratio less usage


    CSS media query has a width height ratio, which is very convenient. Aspect ratio can be directly used for page adaptation. Examples are as follows:   //The width height ratio is within (320 / 50) + (728 / 90)) / 2 the middle value of two dimensions is suitable for 320 * 50 design drawing […]

  • File content and function analysis of less folder in bootstrap 3. X


    The name of bootstrap must have been heard by all front-end developers. I won’t go into details here. You can get a deeper understanding here:http://www.bootcss.com/ First of all, let’s talk about why we should write this article. In the company’s recent projects, we are required to use bootstrap for style reconstruction. However, we have our […]

  • 2019electron + Vue + ant design Vue imitating Netease cloud music Windows client practice sharing


    Characteristic Drag and play Desktop lyrics Mini mode Custom tray right-click menu Taskbar thumbnail, song operation Audio visualization Automatic / manual check for updates Nedb database persistence Customize the installation path and beautify the installation interface Launch client in browser Travis Cl, appveyor auto build Skin changing, downloading, local song matching, network change desktop notification, […]

  • Share a page smooth scrolling tips


    background Today, I found a small optimization point when writing requirements: after the user selects some data, the data in the corresponding list needs to be highlighted. Sometimes the list is very long. In order to improve the user experience, we need to add a scroll to automatically scroll to the target location. After a […]

  • Data analysis of Yezi E-commerce


    Yezi electric competition data official website revised https://www.xxe.io/new debut1. General introduction to data analysis, such as aarrr (pirate model)Get users – > increase activity – > increase retention rate – > get revenue – > autobiography 2. Process of data analysisGo deep into the business > build indicator embodiment > Event Design > Data Collection […]

  • The transverse time axis is encapsulated based on antd;


    It’s hard at the beginning. I always want to write a blog and share my own things. The Department is busy with work, and I don’t know what to write. It’s too shallow. I don’t think it’s interesting. It’s too deep. I don’t know. Just because the company recently asked us to encapsulate a batch […]

  • Multiline text beyond ellipsis – less implementation


    It’s not hard to have multiple lines of text, where a pit is encountered,-webkit-box-orient: vertical;When compiling web pack, this property will be killed by autoprefixer, resulting in style failure. The solution is as follows: /** *Multiline ellipsis (the container can not set the height) *When compiling webpack, autoprefixer will omit the – WebKit box original […]