• How do technical people grow up?


    By Xiao Yi, senior technical expert of Ali culture and entertainment Introduction:In the twinkling of an eye, half of 2020 has passed. It’s time to make a mid year summary. In this article, Xiao Yi, senior technology expert of Ali entertainment, summarizes his growth and harvest in the past six years in Ali, and shares […]

  • Xie Yuan, chief scientist of pintou, was elected ACM fellow


    On December 12, the Association for computing machine, ACM (short for ACM) officially announced the list of ACM fellows in 2019, and Xie Yuan, the chief scientist of Alibaba pinhead and senior researcher of Damo academy, was elected, which also means that Xie Yuan has become the fellow of IEEE (Institute of electrical and Electronic […]

  • Experiment simple SQL injection 1, simple SQL injection


    Follow the blog above. Experiment simple SQL injection 1 Topic link: http://ctf5.shiyanbar.com/423/web/   Similarly, enter 1 directly with quotation marks, and an error will be returned below the result, there is a mistake, so it’s estimated that it should be closed here, character line injection, but this title, what exactly is filtered, at present I […]

  • Stook: a minimalist react state management library


    From hooks A year ago, in September 2018, react hooks was just released. At that time, hooks was not stable API, and could only be used in version 16.7.0-alpha.0. At that time, I had a hunch that the state management solution based on hooks would gradually rise. At that time, I created an ideal state […]