• Knowledge points that must be mastered about database index


    MySQL index is a very important knowledge point of database. Have you mastered all these knowledge points? If you can help, you can like the collection. Recommended reading:Have you mastered all these necessary computer network knowledge points catalogue What is an index? Advantages and disadvantages of indexing? Index data structure? What is the difference between […]

  • Vue uses CSS encapsulation to load animation loading components


    1、 Starting knowledge reserve:1.transform: rotate(1turn)transform: rotate(1turn);` Equivalent to ` transform: rotate (360DEG);2.transform-originThe transform origin attribute allows you to change the position of the transform element. It is used to set the base point of element motion, that is, the starting point CSS code: <style lang=”less” scoped> //Sets the size of the element component to the […]

  • MySQL advanced optimization


    Series articles: MySQL – new to MySQL Operation database Modify delete table Create database tables MySQL data management and DML statements DQL (date query language) database query statement affair Indexes JDBC Database operation Database connection pool affair MySQL advanced optimization Index (ALI protocol) Index data structure B + tree Hash Take col2 as an example. […]

  • Literacy data structure – Introduction to binary tree


    What is a binary tree There is a root nodeExpand two child nodes downThe two child nodes can expand downward. A structure similar to this becomes a binary tree <img style=”zoom:50%;” /> The above is enough to be a binary tree. Of course, if there is a binary tree, there are Trident trees and Quad […]

  • Balanced tree


    1、 DefinitionBalanced tree is the combination of search tree and heapA balanced tree is an empty tree or the height difference between its left and right subtrees is no more than 1, and both the left and right subtrees are balanced binary trees.Difference between balanced tree and binary search tree: the balanced tree itself is […]

  • Calculate font width and text component adaptation


    using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; public class ChatView : MonoBehaviour { #region RectTransform private RectTransform ChatContent; #endregion #region GameObject private GameObject LeftChatObj; private GameObject RightChatObj; #endregion private void Awake() { InitGetComponent(); } private void Start() { Test(); } private void InitGetComponent() { #region RectTransform […]

  • Tree structure series (III): B tree, B + tree


    The article begins with “Chen Shu Yi” official account and personal blog shuyi.tech. The search efficiency of balanced binary tree is very high, and the search efficiency can be improved by reducing the depth of the tree. However, when the amount of data is very large, the number of elements stored in the tree is […]

  • It’s design — why does MySQL use B + trees?


    introduction I believe every background development engineer has been asked “what is the default storage engine of MySQL? What data structure is MySQL index? ” Such a problem. I believe everyone who is well prepared (familiar with the eight part essay) can easily answer “the default storage engine of MySQL is InnoDB, and the MySQL […]

  • MySQL underlying index depth unwrapping


    Author: Wang Xinhua Why index?In a word: the emergence of index is actually to improve the efficiency of data query. 1、 Index common models Model: hash table, ordered array and search tree Hashtable Hash table is a structure that stores data in key value. We can find its corresponding value, that is, value, as long […]

  • An article helps you understand the things of binary pile


    [recommended reading of series articles] [sequence table of data structure] use diagrams and codes to make you understand the linear table of sequence structure [linked list of data structure] after reading this article, I finally understand the linked list [stack of data structure] understand the “stack” with detailed graphics and text (principle chapter) [queue of […]

  • B-tree and B + tree


    B-tree and B + tree [TOC] reference resources:Detailed explanation of B-tree and B + tree preface B + tree is a kind of storage structure, which is often used in database indexing. Prepare knowledge M-order tree: the maximum bifurcation of the tree is m, that is, the maximum number of child nodes is m; Root […]

  • SQL Optimizer – save as much as you can


    Please consider a question, how does SQL optimizer work? #Create table SQL create table why_index( id int unsigned primary key auto_ Increment comment ‘Auto increment primary key ID’, K1 int unsigned not null default “0” comment ‘an index will be added to this field’, C1 varchar (32) not null default “” comment ‘cross reference field’ […]