• Yunxi database selects art tree as data search algorithm


    1、 Data search related definitions Data search is a technology to extract the required data from a computer file or database according to the query requirements. If all the data to be searched are placed in the computer memory, this search is called internal search; If the data to be searched is not in memory […]

  • [database] detailed explanation of MySQL index


    1. Basic knowledge of index 1.1 what is the index Index is a data structure used for fast query and retrievalFor exampleB tree、B + treeandHash table。 Index similarcatalogueFor example, when looking up a dictionary, you can quickly find the position of words according to the directory. Advantages and disadvantages of index advantage: ① index can […]

  • Clustered index and secondary index


    A MySQL optimization problem was dealt with some time ago, involving cluster index and secondary index. Today, let’s simply say that because our MySQL uses InnoDB index, this paper is based on InnoDB index Endorsement first Clustered index Clustered indexThrough tablePrimary keyBuild aB + tree ConstructedB + treeofLeaf nodedepositAll field data for each rowLeaf nodes […]

  • Composite composite mode


    >>Return to c# common design mode 1. Introduction 2. Examples 3. Applicable environment 1. Introduction definition Combine multiple objects to form a tree structure to represent a hierarchical structure with part whole relationship. The combination mode allows the caller to treat single objects and combined objects in a unified way case For example, the folder […]

  • Event driven hotstuff protocol


    Introduction to hotstuff Hotstuff is a BFT consensus agreement: Basic HotStuff ->Chained hotstuff // pipeline improves throughput ->Event driven hotstuff // safety and liveness are decoupled for simpler implementation A proposal proposed by the leader in basic hotstuff can only be submitted for execution at the following stages:Prepare -> PreCommit -> Commit -> Decide, the […]

  • Detailed explanation of index data structure and index optimization of MySQL tuning


    Series articles: Query optimization of MySQL tuning Index optimization of MySQL tuning Partition table of MySQL tuning Show profile for MySQL tuning performance monitoring Show processlist for MySQL tuning user monitoring Performance schema for MySQL tuning performance monitoring Detailed explanation of index data structure and index optimization of MySQL tuning How to use the federated […]

  • MySQL | MySQL index


    1. What is the index 1.1 introduction to index An index is a table of contents. It is a data structure in a database designed to help users quickly query data. Similar to the directory in the dictionary, when looking up the contents of the dictionary, you can find the storage location of the data […]

  • Week 5 arts template


    Algorithm。 Mainly for programming training and learning Inverts the substring between each pair of parentheses https://leetcode-cn.com/probl… var reverseParentheses = function(s){ var stack =[], str= ”; for(let i =0;i <s.length;i ++){ let currentChar = s.charAt(i); if(currentChar === ‘(‘){ stack.push(str) str =” }else if(currentChar === ‘)’){ str = str.split(”). reverse(). Join (”) // reverse character str = […]

  • Combination mode of PHP design mode


    Flat management is popular in Internet companies, that is, the management level should be less than or no more than three layers. As a code farmer at the bottom, your CEO and your rank are within three layers. However, many traditional enterprises have very deep hierarchical relationships. From the perspective of data structure, this organizational […]

  • 0502 calculation diagram


    0502 calculation diagram catalogue 1、 Calculate gradient manually 2、 Reverse propagation using torch to find gradient 3、 Using the characteristics of dynamic graph to construct computational graph in forward propagation 4、 Grad attribute of variable and grad of backward function_ Differences between variables parameters 5、 Summary of characteristics of calculation chart Pytorch complete tutorial Directory:https://www.cnblogs.com/nickchen121/p/14662511.html […]

  • MySQL index details


    1、 Introduction Indexes are used to quickly find rows with a specific value in a column. Without using an index, MySQL must read the entire table from the first record until the relevant rows are found. The larger the table is, the more time it takes to query the data. If the query column in […]

  • Database accumulation: index related


    preface When using the database, the most important knowledge point to understand is the index. Therefore, I hope to sort out some knowledge points for the index and make a simple summary. index structure B + tree B + tree has been briefly introduced in previous articlesMultiple tree structure analysisThe B + tree is finally […]