• Atom editor plug in: px2rem plus converts PX (pixels) to REM units


    For the development of mobile web pages, at present, using REM unit may be a relatively perfect solution. In normal development, it is often necessary to convert PX to rem. Because I mainly use atom editor to develop and use some similar transformation plug-ins, but I am not satisfied with them (I also submitted PR […]

  • [SQL] advanced SQL recursion (1)


    Recursive This article adopts and introduces the SQL recursion syntax of PostgreSQL.Recursion is also a place where syntax syntax is different in a database. Maybe every database implements recursion, but key wordskey wordDissimilarity. For example, one.OracleSQL for: UsingCONNECT BYKeywords to implement recursion. This article (or my SQL article series) mainly introduces how to use SQL […]

  • PHP format display time date function


    Format time ##The date() function is used to format the time and return a string. Syntax: string date( string format [, int timestamp] ) The parameter format indicates the method of time format. The possible methods are as follows: Format Description: Formatting method Explain Y Four digit year, y is two digit year, such as […]

  • [VB.NET Tips] Tips for Basic Data Types


    1. Type CharactersSometimes it is necessary to add type characters after direct quantities to specify the type. Here are the commonly used type characters. type character Short S Integer I Long L Decimal D Char c Single F Double R Octal number system Leader & O Hexadecimal Leader & H 2. Decimal data typeDecimal data […]

  • Perl deletes leading and trailing blanks (left and right blanks, blank characters)


    In other programming languages, functions ltrim and rtrim are used to remove spaces and tabs from the beginning and end of a string, respectively. Some provide the function trim to delete the blank characters at both ends of the string. Perl doesn’t have these functions because simple regular expression substitution can do this (though I’m […]