• The rise of Chinese database from Gartner Report


    Introduction:Alibaba cloud, as a representative of China’s technology companies, has entered the leaders quadrant, the first global database camp, for the first time in 40 years. This is the first time that China’s database has entered the ranks of the world’s top databases. Recently, a number of news has aroused widespread concern in the database […]

  • Talk about the team, position and income of developer career planning


    A series of articles: Let’s talk about the career planning of developers Talk about developer career planning 2 Talk about the choice of developer career planning industry and good company Talk about the team, position and income of developer career planning Talk about 520 special of developer career planning The reputation of the trainee moderator […]

  • Can’t understand the code, can’t use the framework, novice programmers how to quickly start the project?


    Hello, I’m Liang Xu. For new employees in the workplace, especially fresh graduates, after they get an offer, they will have a period of anxiety after they enter the company. For example, do not understand the company’s project development process, code do not understand, business processes do not know, the framework will not be used, […]

  • Kafka.0.0 and Linux Installation


    Apache Kafka is a distributed publish subscribe messaging system. It was originally developed by LinkedIn and later became part of the Apache project. Kafka is a fast, scalable, inherently distributed, partitioned and replicable commit log service. Download address of official website: http://kafka.apache.org/downloads install cd /usr/local/srcwget https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/apache/kafka/2.6.0/kafka_2.13-2.6.0.tgz tar -zxvf kafka_2.13-2.6.0.tgz mv kafka_2.13-2.6.0 /usr/local/kafka cd /usr/local/kafka start-up […]

  • Apache Kafka: topic partition, replica and ISR


    Reading time: 6 minutes In an earlier blog, we introducedKafkaOfBasic termsAnd went furtherZookeeper。 Now let’s talk about topic partitions and replicas in detail. Topic partition Topic, or message queue, is where your data is stored in Kafka. The data of the topic is further divided into multiple partitions. Each partition is an ordered, immutable sequence […]

  • [Oracle] – function: recursive function (start with)


    Preface We may encounter this requirement: the field of a table is ID, PID (parent ID); we need to find all its parent nodes by ID. The recursive function operation of start with is provided in Oracle, which can meet the above requirements <br/> <br/> 1. Grammar Select… From [table name] Where [condition 3] Start […]

  • How do programmers choose a good company


    Recently, I received a private letter from a fan asking me: now there are two offers. One is a big factory, but they are doing business they don’t like, and the other is a challenging job for a start-up company, and a warm invitation from the technical director. When I asked if I knew about […]

  • Mental models driving organizational evolution


    Why do start-ups usually have a dynamic network structure and grow into bureaucratic hierarchies through the start-up stage? Two driving factors are briefly discussed here, as shown in the left cantilever (1,5) in the figure below. Figure 1: why does organizational complexity increase The first driver is the leader’s expectation of professional efficiency. After going […]

  • How to change organizational culture


    You will learn how to change your organizational culture. Yes, how to change your organizational culture. It takes effort and focus, and it’s possible. I’ve done it, and global leaders have applied the same message to change their culture. The following is an overview of the proven steps, as well as resources to support change. […]

  • Understanding Kafka replica mechanism


    preface The replica mechanism is the backup mechanism, which means that the same data backup is kept in the distributed cluster machine. So what are the benefits of replication? Provide data redundancy (main function) Provides high scalability Improving data locality In a word:Replica mechanism is an important cornerstone for Kafka to ensure high availability and […]

  • [IOS] about IOS Object-C delegate delegation


    What is delegation “Leaders want to smoke and ask you to help buy a pack of cigarettes, so you drive to the supermarket and buy a pack of cigarettes.” in this sentence, we split it up Leader: entrusted initiator Want to smoke: what the client wants to do Buy a pack of cigarettes: entrustment (Protocol) […]

  • MySQL splicing string, group_ Concat is worth having


    In the previous article, when updating across tables, I saw that the SQL I wrote was like a simple one, which wrote about updating across tables. A year passed quickly. The next two employeesFeng DaandFeng ERThey also have to face the relentless KPI assessment. They have done a good job. Their performance is 4 and […]