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  • Lazy network programming entry (12): quickly read the HTTP / 3 protocol, one is enough!


    The Chinese translation is published in the official account of the “High Availability Framework” by the author “ably.io”. The original title: “thoroughly understand the principle and application of HTTP3”, the original English Title: “HTTP/3 deep dive” (link to the original text and the original text). There are a few changes in the instant messaging network […]

  • Singleton pattern of Java design pattern_ Sluggard style


    Singleton mode   First knowledge: Singleton pattern is one of the simplest design patterns in Java. This type of design pattern is a creative pattern, which provides the best way to create objects. This pattern involves a single class that is responsible for creating its own objects while ensuring that only a single object is […]

  • Singleton in multithreading


    Hungry man style class Single { private static final Single s = new Single(); private Single (){} public static Single getInstance() { return s; } } Sluggard style class Single { private static Single s = null; private Single(){} public static Single getInstance() { if(s == null) { synchronized(Single.class) { if(s == null) s = […]

  • Go singleton mode


      Wiki Encyclopedia: Singleton pattern, also known as singleton pattern, is a common software design pattern. When applying this pattern, the class of singleton object must ensure that only one instance exists. Most of the time, the whole system only needs to have one global object, which helps us coordinate the overall behavior of the […]

  • Go unlocks the singleton pattern of design pattern


    preface Hello, everyone. I’m asong. This is my 16th original article. Thank you for your attention. Today, I’d like to share with you the singleton pattern of design pattern and implement it with go language. The students who are familiar with Java must be familiar with singleton pattern, which is a very common software design […]

  • Code fragment using Vue in vscode


    Usage scenarios Lazy people must initialize Vue file How to use it Click the settings in the lower left corner and select the user code fragment. Enter the code fragment name and enter. Copy the following code to save. { “Print to console”: { //Prefix: trigger code, set at will. For example, if you enter […]