• Android serial 41 – review four basic layouts


    Explain four basic layouts in detail LinearLayout Linear layout android:orientation= Vertical vertical arrangement Horizontal horizontal android:layout_ Gravity = used to specify the alignment of text in the control top center_vertical bottom Note that if orientation is horizontal, the control can only be aligned in the vertical direction android:layout_ Weight this is a kind of proportion. […]

  • 2021, you still can’t waterfall layout? (three reliable JS schemes + n unreliable CSS schemes)


    In the spirit of practicality, let’s share it todayWaterfall flow layout(Yesterday, a little brother asked me how to do it. I looked for it for a long time and didn’t find it. It was written on the intranet)。Demo address: http://www.lilnong.top/static/html/waterfall.html What is the waterfall layout? for instancePetal net、Mushroom Street(I’ll map it below). These websites use […]

  • Google Chrome 97 launched the keyboard map API, which again caused controversy: the “home” in the industry resisted one after another


    On January 5, Beijing time (later on January 4, us time), Google officially released the stable version of chrome 97 browser, which has been launched through the browser’s automatic update system. It is noteworthy that a keyboard API (keyboard map API) updated during the release of the new version of chrome 97 has caused a […]

  • Android smartrefreshlayout + coordinatorlayout + appbarlayout can refresh / pull down and fold


    Integrate the effect of collapsingtoolbarlayout + smartrefreshlayout The address of GitHub is also provided:https://github.com/KennyChaos7/SmartRefreshLayout-CoordinatorLayout-AppBarLayout.git device-2021-06-08-104734.png device-2021-06-08-104753.png device-2021-06-08-104824.png device-2021-06-08-104941.png Of course, in accordance with international practice, the last renderings CoordinatorLayout AppBarLayout CollapsingToolbarLayout Toolbar The above four layouts are actually in addition toToolbarBesides, it may not be a common layout of the scene, so I will post […]

  • Vue3 + vite + TS + element plus construction project (III)


    Continue to build the previous project. This phase mainly focuses on configuring environment variables, element plus references, cross domain settings, overall layout, etc1、 Environmental variablesIn the actual development, the domain names used in the development environment, test environment and production environment are different, and it is troublesome to modify the URL every time. Configuring different […]

  • Masa blazor introduction is enough


    1. What is blazor? What are the advantages? ASP. Net core blazor introduction Blazor is a framework for generating interactive client Web UI using blazor: Use c# instead of JavaScript to create an informative interactive UI. Shared use Net. Render the UI as HTML and CSS to support many browsers, including mobile browsers. Integration with […]

  • Jsliang job series – 43 – CSS series summary


    One directory II. Review knowledge points  2.1 Foundation  2.2 box model  2.3 mobile terminal III. references  3.1 interview  3.2 layout  3.3 Flex  3.4 mobile terminal  3.5 CSS  3.6 CSS3  3.7 cascading context  3.8 BFC block formatting context  3.9 others II. Review knowledge points Return to directory There are three parts to review the knowledge points. […]

  • Using Android viewbinding


    After the recent Android studio upgrade, butterknife has a warning: Resource IDs will be non-final in Android Gradle Plugin version 5.0, avoid using them as annotation attributes Check the official website and find: Butterknife deprecated png Butterknife has been deprecated and is recommendedview bindingReplace. 1、 What is view binding Official introduction: With the view binding […]

  • Flex layout: Flex layout


    1. Differences between flex layout and traditional layout Traditional layout: Good compatibility but cumbersome layout Limitations, the mobile terminal can no longer have a good layout Flex layout: Convenient operation, simple layout and wide application of mobile terminal However, ie11 or earlier does not support flex layout Scope of use:1. If the traditional page layout […]

  • Asynchronous refresh of uitableview reloaddata


    Introduction: Reloaddata of uitableview is asynchronous. After calling this method, it will continue to execute other codes (such as tableview layout, cell display, height calculation and other proxy methods, or some of its own codes), and will not block the main thread; That is, reloaddate does not wait for the tableview to be updated before […]

  • Explain the front-end development process based on react + Redux with examples


    In the current front-end industry, react and Redux are developing in full swing. The number of stars of react in GitHub is 42000 +, which exceeds 39000 + of jQuery, and will soon exceed 49000 + of angular 1, which is popular in previous years; The star number of Redux is also close to 20000, […]

  • Android-Material Design


    Material DesignAndroid5. 0’s most attractive material design style Z axis In the material design theme, the concept of height is introduced into UI elements. The height of the view is represented by the attribute Z, which determines the visual effect of the shadow. The larger the Z, the larger and softer the shadow. However, the […]