• Final width calculation of sub elements in flex layout


    I used to have a colleague who liked to use it in layoutflexLayout, can use flex, he uses flex, and he is using itflexI always like the layoutLayout of side gateIt’s hard to figure out the final width of elements, such as: .box{ display: flex; width: 600px; height: 300px; } .box .left { flex: 1 […]

  • [permanent open source] pear admin layui background management template based on layui


    Pear admin layui is based on layui It extends the native UI style of layui, integrates the third-party open-source components, provides a convenient and fast development method, continues the design style of layuidmin, continuously improves the maintenance of style and components, builds the menu based on asynchronous Ajax, and provides a relatively perfect development scheme […]

  • Secondary development of UAV SDK based on Dajiang


    Secondary development of UAV SDK based on Dajiang In the near future, the company needs to develop a mobile app based on Dajiang UAV SDK to cooperate with the background to realize the management of UAVs. Of course, Dajiang itself also provides us with a management platform – Dajiang Sikong. Through the official app of […]

  • CSS page layout waterfall flow layout


    First of all, let’s take a look. What is waterfall? Waterfall flow, also known as waterfall flow layout. It is a popular web page layout. The visual performance is uneven multi column layout. As the page scroll bar scrolls down, this layout will continue to load data blocks and attach to the current tail. For […]

  • Detailed explanation of HTML5 div layout and table layout


    This paper analyzes the layout of HTML5 div and table for your reference Div layout:HTML + CSS to achieve simple layout. #Height in container cannot be written as a percentage. It must be a specific height. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head lang=”en”> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> < title > div layout <style type=”text/css”> body{ margin:0; padding:0; } #container{ […]

  • CSS: the fun of focus within


    I believe some people have seen this picture of station B entering the password to cover their eyesHere we play with: focus within The layout is like thisThere is a CTN outside that can be ignored, just a fixed position in the middleThe image of “Suo” in xpassword is hidden before clickingThe “R6m” after xpassword […]

  • Fast layout of CSS viewport unit


    **CSS viewport units * * have appeared in the past few years, and as time goes on, more and more developers begin to use them. The advantage of them is that they provide us with a way to dynamically adjust the size without using J avascript. Moreover, if it fails, there are many alternatives. In […]

  • JavaScript learning notes Interview Part 1 CSS


    1、 HTML interview questions 1. How to understand semantics? My answer:Semantic is to achieve the same function, try to use HTML section, main, these conventional structures to write DOM structure. It’s easy to understand. Answer after optimization:Write the main structure using main, section, footer, title, H2, H3, list using UL, Li, text using P tag. […]

  • The grammar of BFC


      Let’s talk about BFC (block formatting contexts) BFC: block level formatting context (independent rendering area). Generally speaking, it’s block level element layout logic or rule. If you want to trigger BFC, you should use block level element, or turn it into block level element( display:block; )   The trigger condition of BFC. 1. BFC can be […]

  • Android serial 12 – improve news app content area


    1. Write a class to start the activity. First, load the news we just created in the oncreateview() method_ content_ Frag layout is not easy to explain. Next, a refresh () method is provided, which is used to display the news title and content on the interface. As you can see, you can get the […]

  • Is the enterprise interface too old? Do you want to beautify the interface? 2021 is coming. Maybe you can use the latest function of this tool!


    Click to get Tools > >[devexpress WinForms] can perfectly build smooth, beautiful and easy-to-use applications. It can be competent for office style interface, analysis and processing of large quantities of business data!In this article, we will summarize the new features that will be available in the v20.2 release of the devexpress WinForms layout / data […]

  • Tips for using top layout guide and bottom layout guide in IOS development


    preface The concept of layoutguide has always been unfamiliar to me in the process of IOS development. Until recently, if you want to understand this detailed knowledge point, you can check it by hand and find that this concept is introduced from the top / bottom layoutguide of ios7 to the uilayoutguide class of ios9, […]